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Churches of Norfolk

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142 : St Mary
126 : All Saints
71 : St Andrew
55 : St Peter
34 : St Margaret
30 : St Peter and St Paul
24 : St Nicholas
21 : St Michael
13 : Holy Trinity
12 : St Edmund
12 : St John the Baptist
11 : St Botolph
11 : St George
9 : St Lawrence
9 : St Mary Magdalene
8 : St Martin
6 : St James
6 : St Margaret of Antioch
6 : St Michael and All Angels
4 : Methodist
4 : St Clement
4 : St Ethelbert
4 : St Giles
4 : St John
4 : St John the Evangelist
3 : St Bartholomew
3 : St Edmunds
3 : St Helen
3 : St Remigius
3 : St Swithin
2 : Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
2 : Christ Church
2 : Christchurch
2 : Holy Cross
2 : St Andrew and St Mary
2 : St Augustine
2 : St Catherine
2 : St Faith
2 : St Gregory
2 : St Mary and St Margaret
2 : St Thomas
1 : Besthorpe
1 : Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity
1 : Catholic Church
1 : Cowper Mem. CC
1 : Holy Innocents
1 : Holy Trinity & All Saints
1 : Minster church of St Margaret
1 : Minster Church of St Nicholas
1 : Our Lady and St Margaret
1 : Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross
1 : Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St John the Baptist
1 : St Agnes
1 : St Alban
1 : St Andrew and All Saints
1 : St Andrew and St Paul
1 : St Andrew and St Peter
1 : St Benedict
1 : St Cecilia
1 : St Clement Colegate
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Edmund the Martyr
1 : St Etheldreda
1 : St Fabian and St Sebastian
1 : St Felix
1 : St Felix the Burgundian
1 : St George the Martyr
1 : St German
1 : St Helen & All Saints
1 : St James the Apostle
1 : St John the Baptist and the Holy Sepulchre
1 : St John the Baptist's Head
1 : St Julian
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Leonard
1 : St Margaret and St Remigius
1 : St Margaret de Westwick
1 : St Mark
1 : St Martin at Palace Plain
1 : St Mary and All Saints
1 : St Mary and St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : St Mary and St Walstan
1 : St Mary the Less
1 : St Mathias
1 : St Maurice
1 : St Michael at Plea
1 : St Michael the Archangel
1 : St Olave
1 : St Paul
1 : St Peter and St Paul (new)
1 : St Peter and St Paul (old)
1 : St Protase and St Gervase
1 : St Remegius
1 : St Saviour
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Theobald
1 : St Walstan
1 : St Wandregesilius
1 : St Withburga
1 : The Temple
St EdmundsAcleGrade I1372674
All SaintsAlburghGrade I1373533
St MaryAldebyGrade I1050600
St MaryAntinghamGrade I1373433
St NicholasAshillGrade I1342618
All SaintsAshwellthorpeGrade I1170251
St MichaelAslactonGrade I1170344
St MaryAttleboroughGrade I1342445
BesthorpeAttleboroughGrade I1342473
MethodistAttlleboroughGrade I1342445
St MichaelAyleshamGrade I1051583
St Felix the BurgundianBabingleyGrade I1168733
All SaintsBaleGrade I1305752
St MaryBanhamGrade I1169031
St BotolphBanninghamGrade I1172141
St MaryBarneyGrade I1152872
St Peter and St PaulBarnham BroomGrade I1050739
St MaryBarton BendishGrade I1077859
St Michael and All AngelsBarton TurfGrade I1049931
St Mary and St WalstanBawburghGrade I1050778
St MaryBeachamwellGrade I1077301
St AndrewBedinghamGrade I1050605
All SaintsBeeston RegisGrade I1049521
St LawrenceBeeston St LawrenceGrade I1049929
St Mary MagdaleneBeetleyGrade I1077362
All SaintsBeightonGrade I1051445
St PeterBelaughGrade I1050879
St PeterBillingfordGrade I1077412
St LeonardBillingfordGrade I1050112
Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy CrossBinhamGrade I1170780
St NicholasBlakeneyGrade I1039495
St Andrew and St PaulBlofieldGrade I1304595
St NicholasBracon AshGrade I1050695
St MaryBrancasterGrade I1237744
St MichaelBraydestonGrade I1152849
St MargaretBrecklesGrade I1248441
St John the BaptistBressinghamGrade I1373587
St AndrewBrettenhamGrade I1076935
St MauriceBrininghamGrade I1049422
St AndrewBrintonGrade I1049393
St BartholomewBrisleyGrade I1077461
St Peter and St PaulBrockdishGrade I1373573
St MichaelBroomeGrade I1373130
St NicholasBuckenhamGrade I1304389
St MichaelBunwellGrade I1373605
St MaryBurnham MarketGrade I1238100
St MargaretBurnham NortonGrade I1238877
St ClementBurnham OveryGrade I1239094
All SaintsBurnham ThorpeGrade I1239270
St MaryBylaughGrade I1077392
St Peter and St PaulCarbrookeGrade I1305276
All SaintsCarleton RodeGrade I1305560
St JamesCastle AcreGrade I1342386
St LawrenceCastle RisingGrade I1077602
Holy CrossCastonGrade I1076784
All SaintsCatfieldGrade I1373413
St AgnesCawstonGrade I1263465
All SaintsChedgraveGrade I1050520
St AndrewClaxtonGrade I1373099
St MargaretCley next the SeaGrade I1172407
All SaintsCockthorpeGrade I1373671
St John the BaptistColtishallGrade I1177913
St EdmundCostesseyGrade I1305980
All SaintsCoxfordGrade I1172641
St MaryCranwichGrade I1305340
St MaryCranworthGrade I1077340
St Peter and St PaulCromerGrade I1049032
St PeterCrostwickGrade I1372937
All SaintsCrostwightGrade I1169968
All SaintsCroxtonGrade I1076913
St MaryDentonGrade I1373626
St AndrewDeophamGrade I1373039
St NicholasDerehamGrade I1077067
St NicholasDersinghamGrade I1342317
All SaintsDickleburghGrade I1373199
St MichaelDidlingtonGrade I1305343
St MaryDissGrade I1049757
St MaryDitchinghamGrade I1050612
St EdmundDownham MarketGrade I1342608
St MaryEarlhamGrade I1372778
All SaintsEarshamGrade I1050403
St MaryEast BradenhamGrade I1151958
St Peter and St PaulEast HarlingGrade I1077452
St AndrewEast LexhamGrade I1342495
All SaintsEast TuddenhamGrade I1077352
St MaryEast WaltonGrade I1077667
St PeterEastonGrade I1305921
All SaintsEdingthorpeGrade I1373426
St MaryEllinghamGrade I1153134
St MaryElsingGrade I1342548
St EdmundEmnethGrade I1077736
St MaryErpinghamGrade I1172181
St Peter and St PaulFakenhamGrade I1039454
St MaryFeltwellGrade I1077715
St NicholasFeltwellGrade I1342364
St AndrewFersfieldGrade I1049662
St AndrewField DallingGrade I1049788
St MartinFinchamGrade I1077822
St MaryForncett St MaryGrade I1304627
St Peter and St PaulForncett St PeterGrade I1152619
All SaintsFouldenGrade I1305354
Holy InnocentsFoulshamGrade I1050984
St AndrewFramingham EarlGrade I1373174
St AndrewFrenzeGrade I1050244
St CatherineFrittonGrade I1373281
St NicholasFundenhallGrade I1306126
St John the BaptistGarboldishamGrade I1306996
St HelenGateleyGrade I1304679
St NicholasGaytonGrade I1077638
St MaryGayton ThorpeGrade I1077632
St MaryGillinghamGrade I1050580
All SaintsGiminghamGrade I1049804
St MaryGissingGrade I1152891
St GeorgeGooderstoneGrade I1342562
St MaryGreat BirchamGrade I1077807
St MichaelGreat CressinghamGrade I1304980
St AndrewGreat DunhamGrade I1077480
St James the ApostleGreat EllinghamGrade I1248331
Holy TrinityGreat HockhamGrade I1077572
St MaryGreat MassinghamGrade I1171571
St MaryGreat SnoringGrade I1170846
St PeterGreat WalsinghamGrade I1373997
St MaryGreat WitchinghamGrade I1076900
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary GressenhallGrade I1342555
St BotolphGrimstonGrade I1342401
St Peter and St PaulGristonGrade I1172332
St PeterGuestwickGrade I1050963
St PeterGuntonGrade I1373457
St MaryHaddiscoeGrade I1169126
St MargaretHalesGrade I1169239
St Peter and St PaulHalvergateGrade I1152737
St MaryHappisburghGrade I1169843
St MargaretHaptonGrade I1179227
St GeorgeHardinghamGrade I1342569
St MargaretHardleyGrade I1050636
St MargaretHardwickGrade I1156827
St LawrenceHarpleyGrade I1077655
St MaryHeachamGrade I 
St GregoryHeckinghamGrade I1169302
St PeterHedenhamGrade I1304292
St John the BaptistHellingtonGrade I1169361
All SaintsHembledonGrade I1051490
St Margaret of AntiochHempnallGrade I1050328
All SaintsHethelGrade I1050688
St BotolphHevinghamGrade I1250099
St Peter and St PaulHeydonGrade I1305337
All SaintsHilboroughGrade I1171997
St MartinHindringhamGrade I1049373
St AndrewHinghamGrade I1051162
St MichaelHockeringGrade I1077354
St JamesHockwold cum WiltonGrade I1077725
St PeterHockwoodGrade I1306877
The TempleHolkham HallGrade I1049515
St AndrewHolme HaleGrade I1152077
St MaryHolme next the SeaGrade I1171431
St Andrew and St MaryHorsham St FaithGrade I1372959
St MartinHoughtonGrade I1077787
St GilesHoughton St GilesGrade I1049418
Holy TrinityInghamGrade I1049353
St MaryKenninghallGrade I1168685
St NicholasKing's LynnGrade I1210545
Minster church of St MargaretKing's LynnGrade I1211336
All SaintsKirby CaneGrade I1153564
St Peter and St PaulKnaptonGrade I1306264
St AndrewLangfordGrade I1172069
St Andrew and St MaryLanghamGrade I1049495
St EthelbertLarlingGrade I1076921
St PeterLingwoodGrade I1051521
All SaintsLitchamGrade I1169244
St AndrewLittle CressinghamGrade I1077227
St MargaretLittle DunhamGrade I1342499
St MaryLittle FranshamGrade I1152560
St AndrewLittle MassinghamGrade I1171638
St AndrewLittle SnoringGrade I1373753
St MaryLittle WalsinghamGrade I1039385
St FaithLittle WitchinghamGrade I 
Holy TrinityLoddonGrade I1373159
St MaryLong StrattonGrade I1304232
St CatherineLudhamGrade I1049913
Holy TrinityMarhamGrade I1077832
All SaintsMarshamGrade I1250332
St MaryMarthamGrade I1152351
All SaintsMattishallGrade I1172400
St PeterMattishall BurghGrade I1172491
St PeterMelton ConstableGrade I1049221
St PeterMertonGrade I1172419
St GeorgeMethwoldGrade I1077730
St John the BaptistMilehamGrade I1342490
St John the BaptistMorningthorpeGrade I1154001
St MaryMoultonGrade I1051486
St PeterMundhamGrade I1305975
All SaintsNarboroughGrade I1306406
St MaryNarfordGrade I1169691
All SaintsNectonGrade I1152204
St PeterNeedhamGrade I1154114
St MartinNew BuckinghamGrade I1077529
St Mary and All SaintsNewton (by Castle Acre)Grade I1077266
St AndrewNorth BurlinghamGrade I1051522
St MaryNorth CreakeGrade I1077816
St MaryNorth ElmhamGrade I1306186
St NicholasNorth LophamGrade I1077430
All SaintsNorth RunctonGrade I1342408
St MaryNorth TuddenhamGrade I1169192
St NicholasNorth WalshamGrade I1039527
St MaryNorthreppsGrade I1049812
St AndrewNorthwoldGrade I1342348
St Mary and St MargaretNorton SubcourseGrade I1306333
St MaryNorwichGrade I1372513
Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St John the BaptistNorwichGrade I1051299
St AndrewNorwichGrade I1051891
St Mary and St MargaretNorwichGrade I1372986
St MargaretNorwichGrade I1051898
St GeorgeNorwichGrade I1206500
St Michael at PleaNorwichGrade I1051880
St StephenNorwichGrade I1051920
St MaryNorwichGrade I1372513
St EtheldredaNorwichGrade I1051209
St Martin at Palace PlainNorwichGrade I1372511
St Margaret de WestwickNorwichGrade I1051898
St JohnNorwichGrade I1290337
St John the Baptist and the Holy SepulchreNorwichGrade I1290337
St JulianNorwichGrade I1051852
St SaviourNorwichGrade I1372838
Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided TrinityNorwichGrade I1051330
St GeorgeNorwichGrade I1206500
St GeorgeNorwichGrade I1051282
St EdmundNorwichGrade I1051279
St LaurenceNorwichGrade I1372459
St GregoryNorwichGrade I1210298
St HelenNorwichGrade I1051367
St JamesNorwichGrade I1372521
All SaintsOld BuckenhamGrade I1342465
St MaryOld HunstantonGrade I1077920
St ClementOutwellGrade I1171520
St John the EvangelistOxboroughGrade I1169766
St MargaretPastonGrade I1373419
St Mary MagdalenePentneyGrade I1077623
All SaintsPoringlandGrade I1050466
St NicholasPotter HeighamGrade I1049923
St Mary MagdalenePulham MarketGrade I1155029
St MaryPulham St MaryGrade I1050185
All SaintsRackheathGrade I1050859
St HelenRanworthGrade I1154645
St MaryRedenhallGrade I1050134
St John the BaptistReedhamGrade I1152823
St PeterReymerstonGrade I1077312
St PeterRidlingtonGrade I1170258
St PeterRinglandGrade I1171129
All SaintsRockland All SaintsGrade I1248382
St PeterRockland St PeterGrade I1277935
St MaryRoughamGrade I1169479
St RemigiusRoydonGrade I1050237
St JamesRuncton HolmeGrade I1077884
St MaryRushallGrade I1050387
St John the EvangelistRushfordGrade I1076906
St GeorgeSaham ToneyGrade I1152292
All SaintsSalhouseGrade I1295085
St Peter and St PaulSalleGrade I1306145
St NicholasSalthouseGrade I1152302
St AndrewSaxthorpeGrade I1373804
St Peter and St PaulScarningGrade I1342579
All SaintsScottowGrade I1049165
Holy TrinityScoultonGrade I1342847
St MarySedgefordGrade I1172064
All SaintsSharringtonGrade I1305969
All SaintsShelfangerGrade I1373360
St MarySheltonGrade I1050096
St GeorgeShimplingGrade I1171296
St BotolphShinghamGrade I1077303
All SaintsShipdhamGrade I1342595
All SaintsShouldhamGrade I1152173
St Peter and St PaulShrophamGrade I1077578
St MarySnettishamGrade I1304420
St GeorgeSouth AcreGrade I1306357
St EdmundSouth BurlinghamGrade I1152884
St MarySouth CreakeGrade I1077798
St AndrewSouth LophamGrade I1342530
All SaintsSouth PickenhamGrade I1077235
St MarySouth WalshamGrade I1372682
St JamesSouthreppsGrade I1373493
St MarySparhamGrade I1077360
St PeterSpixworthGrade I1152695
St MarySporleGrade I1169820
St MargaretStanfieldGrade I1077388
All SaintsStanfordGrade I1172174
All SaintsStanhoeGrade I1304643
St Margaret of AntiochStarstonGrade I1050064
St John the BaptistStiffkeyGrade I1373655
St Michael and All AngelsStocktonGrade I1050593
St MaryStodyGrade I1304544
Holy TrinityStow BardolphGrade I1342291
St MichaelStrattonGrade I1304267
St MargaretStratton StrawlessGrade I1372972
St Margaret of AntiochSuffieldGrade I1049871
St Peter and St PaulSwaffhamGrade I1269628
St MargaretSwanningtonGrade I1050924
All SaintsSwanton MorleyGrade I1077337
St MarySyderstoneGrade I1153280
All SaintsTacolnestonGrade I1178820
St MaryTasburghGrade I1302231
St EdmundsTaverhamGrade I1372667
St ClementTerringtonGrade I1237112
St JohnTerrington St JohnGrade I1264266
St MaryTharstonGrade I1373411
St MichaelThe GrangeGrade I1373104
St MartinThompsonGrade I1305018
All SaintsThornhamGrade I1342296
St MathiasThorpeGrade I1306674
All SaintsThorpe AbbotsGrade I1049636
All SaintsThrextonGrade I1152169
All SaintsThurgartonGrade I1373472
All SaintsThurgartonGrade I1373472
All SaintsThurltonGrade I1050485
St EthelbertThurtonGrade I1050637
All SaintsTibenhamGrade I1049992
All SaintsTilney All SaintsGrade I1264202
St MaryTitchwellGrade I1273641
St MaryTittleshallGrade I1077435
St MargaretTivetshall St MargaretGrade I1373033
St MargaretToft MonksGrade I1373125
All SaintsToftreesGrade I1049295
St AndrewTrowseGrade I1050444
St BotolphTrunchGrade I1306175
St MaryTunsteadGrade I1152357
All SaintsUpper SheringhamGrade I1049800
St MargaretUptonGrade I1372730
St PeterUpwellGrade I1342359
All SaintsWactonGrade I1372999
All SaintsWalcottGrade I1169916
St AndrewWalpole St AndrewGrade I1264158
St PeterWalpole St PeterGrade I1264167
St Mary MagdaleneWarhamGrade I1049474
St Peter and St PaulWatlingtonGrade I1077890
All SaintsWest AcreGrade I1342409
St BotolphWest BriggsGrade I1077838
St AndrewWest DerehamGrade I1170580
St AndrewWest EndGrade I1342620
All SaintsWest HarlingGrade I1342501
St PeterWest RudhamGrade I1153338
St MaryWest ToftsGrade I1077249
St MaryWest WaltonGrade I1077676
All SaintsWeston LongvilleGrade I1372689
St BotolphWestwickGrade I1049134
All SaintsWheatacreGrade I1050598
St MaryWhinburghGrade I1152030
St AndrewWickhamptonGrade I1304784
St Andrew and All SaintsWicklewoodGrade I1152202
St AndrewWickmereGrade I1373464
St MaryWiggenhallGrade I1342293
St GermanWiggenhall St GermansGrade I1077892
St Mary MagdaleneWiggenhall St Mary MagdalenGrade I1077896
All SaintsWightonGrade I1171738
All SaintsWilbyGrade I1306460
St MaryWinfarthingGrade I1180035
Holy Trinity & All SaintsWintertonGrade I1216611
All SaintsWisbechGrade I1171765
St MargaretWitton BridgeGrade I1170243
St MaryWivetonGrade I1373501
St AndrewWood DallingGrade I1172116
St NicholasWoodrisingGrade I1172093
St MaryWorsteadGrade I1373814
St Peter and St PaulWramplinghamGrade I1152304
All SaintsWreninghamGrade I1050651
St MaryWroxhamGrade I1050868
St Mary and St Thomas of CanterburyWymondhamGrade I1297494
St PeterYaxhamGrade I1077296
St MaryYelvertonGrade I1050639
St EthelbertAlbyGrade II*1049885
St MaryAldboroughGrade II*1373470
St John the BaptistAlderfordGrade II*1076888
St MaryAnmerGrade II*1077863
St MaryAshby St MaryGrade II*1050660
St SwithinAshmanhaughGrade II*1049928
All SaintsAshwickenGrade II*1077644
St AndrewAttlebridgeGrade II*1372661
St John the BaptistAylmertonGrade II*1373639
St MaryBaconsthorpeGrade II*1049847
St AndrewBactonGrade II*1373817
St BotolphBarfordGrade II*1050737
All SaintsBarmerGrade II*1077802
St MaryBarninghamGrade II*1049180
All SaintsBeltonGrade II*1372932
St Peter and St PaulBergh AptonGrade II*1373078
St MaryBessinghamGrade II*1305371
St MaryBexwellGrade II*1077855
St SwithinBintreeGrade II*1077371
All SaintsBircham NewtonGrade II*1077805
St PeterBitteringGrade II*1342520
St WandregesiliusBixleyGrade II*1050487
St AndrewBlicklingGrade II*1171857
St AndrewBlo NortonGrade II*1077440
All SaintsBodhamGrade II*1172366
St Michael the ArchangelBootonGrade II*1342776
All SaintsBoughtonGrade II*1342335
St GilesBradfieldGrade II*1306217
St NicholasBradwellGrade II*1051006
St PeterBramertonGrade II*1050489
St PeterBramptonGrade II*1372950
St NicholasBrandistonGrade II*1076897
All SaintsBrandon ParvaGrade II*1373067
St MaryBridghamGrade II*1076909
All SaintsBristonGrade II*1049239
St PeterBrookeGrade II*1051120
St PeterBrumsteadGrade II*1049384
St Peter and St PaulBurgh CastleGrade II*1051008
St MaryBurgh next AyleshamGrade II*1372950
St MaryBurgh St PeterGrade II*1304545
St MaryBurnham DeepdaleGrade II*1237969
St MaryBurstonGrade II*1305672
St AndrewBuxtonGrade II*1249960
St EdmundCaisterGrade II*1373145
Our Lady and St MargaretCalthorpeGrade II*1049900
St MargaretCantleyGrade II*1304803
St MaryCarleton ForehoeGrade II*1172547
St PeterCarleton St PeterGrade II*1050629
St MargaretClenchwartonGrade II*1237110
St PeterClippesbyGrade II*1051017
All SaintsCockley CleyGrade II*1077261
St GilesColbyGrade II*1373434
St MaryColkirkGrade II*1077464
St AndrewColneyGrade II*1050754
St AndrewColtonGrade II*1050751
St AndrewConghamGrade II*1342438
St PeterCorpustyGrade II*1049202
St Michael and All AngelsCostonGrade II*1373066
St PeterCringlefordGrade II*1306659
St JamesCrownthorpeGrade II*1152239
St MaryDockingGrade II*1077811
St MaryDownham MarketGrade II*1342310
St MargaretDraytonGrade II*1306000
St RemigiusDunstonGrade II*1050433
St PeterDuntonGrade II*1171893
All SaintsEast BarshamGrade II*1373686
St MaryEast BilneyGrade II*1342554
St MaryEast CarletonGrade II*1306618
St MaryEast RaynhamGrade II*1172454
St MaryEast RudhamGrade II*1077780
St MaryEast RustonGrade II*1169839
All SaintsEast WinchGrade II*1342382
St EthelbertEast WrethamGrade II*1170650
St AndrewEatonGrade II*1206191
St MaryEcclesGrade II*1077510
St Peter and St Paul (new)EdgefieldGrade II*1049204
St Peter and St Paul (old)EdgefieldGrade II*1049203
St EdmundEgmereGrade II*1039409
St MargaretFelbriggGrade II*1373643
St AndrewFelminghamGrade II*1049164
St MargaretFelthorpeGrade II*1051539
All SaintsFilbyGrade II*1287564
St MaryFishleyGrade II*1051427
St MargaretFleggburghGrade II*1372907
St MaryFlitchamGrade II*1168565
St Michael and All AngelsFlordonGrade II*1172235
St MaryFordhamGrade II*1205531
St ThomasFoxleyGrade II*1169955
St AndrewFramingham PigotGrade II*1050456
All SaintsFreethorpeGrade II*1051456
St SwithinFrettenhamGrade II*1372955
All SaintsFringGrade II*1304672
St EdmundsFrittonGrade II*1372918
St MargaretGarvestoneGrade II*1305274
St FaithGaywoodGrade II*1195311
St MichaelGeldestonGrade II*1153255
St MartinGlandfordGrade II*1304919
St AndrewGorlestonGrade II*1096807
All SaintsGreat FranshamGrade II*1077471
St TheobaldGreat HautboisGrade II*1295280
All SaintsGreat MeltonGrade II*1050731
St MichaelGreat MoultonGrade II*1050319
St Protase and St GervaseGreat PlumsteadGrade II*1051528
St AndrewGreat RyburghGrade II*1305377
Minster Church of St NicholasGreat YarmouthGrade II*1096813
St AndrewGuistGrade II*1306255
St MaryGunthorpeGrade II*1305722
St MaryHackfordGrade II*1172492
St BartholomewHanworthGrade II*1049862
All SaintsHarghamGrade II*1077512
St MaryHassinghamGrade II*1303861
St MaryHawes GreenGrade II*1050642
All SaintsHelhoughtonGrade II*1305355
St MaryHellesdonGrade II*1170678
St AndrewHempsteadGrade II*1373720
All SaintsHempsteadGrade II*1049211
St RemegiusHethersettGrade II*1373115
St PeterHeveringlandGrade II*1372948
St MaryHicklingGrade II*1373694
All SaintsHilgayGrade II*1077719
St MaryHillingtonGrade II*1306957
St AndrewHoeGrade II*1077329
St WithburgaHolkham HallGrade II*1171134
St AndrewHoltGrade II*1306557
St Peter and St PaulHoningGrade II*1169952
St AndrewHonninghamGrade II*1170701
St MargaretHopton on SeaGrade II*1050972
St BenedictHorningGrade II*1305463
St EdmundHorningtoftGrade II*1304480
All SaintsHorseyGrade II*1373715
All SaintsHorsfordGrade II*1170781
All SaintsHorsteadGrade II*1178235
St JohnHovetonGrade II*1373437
St PeterHovetonGrade II*1171821
St MaryHoweGrade II*1372850
St LawrenceHunworthGrade II*1049189
St PeterIckburghGrade II*1077286
St AndrewIllingtonGrade II*1170666
St MichaelIngoldisthorpeGrade II*1342280
St LawrenceIngworthGrade II*1172575
All SaintsIntwoodGrade II*1373136
St MichaelIrsteadGrade II*1049932
St MaryIslingtonGrade II*1264178
St MaryItteringhamGrade II*1373807
St MaryKellingGrade II*1373476
St PeterKetteringhamGrade II*1373140
All SaintsKettlestoneGrade II*1049261
St AndrewKilverstoneGrade II*1342788
St PeterKimberleyGrade II*1050747
All SaintsKing's LynnGrade II*1195345
St AndrewKirby BedonGrade II*1169464
St MargaretKirsteadGrade II*1372852
St AndrewLamasGrade II*1372945
All SaintsLessinghamGrade II*1172410
St AndrewLetheringsetttGrade II*1049834
St BotolphLimpenhoeGrade II*1051451
St AndrewLittle BarninghamGrade II*1373831
St PeterLittle EllinghamGrade II*1342423
All SaintsLittle MeltonGrade II*1050541
St AndrewLongham HallGrade II*1077331
St MargaretLyngGrade II*1169125
St MaryMarlingfordGrade II*1373046
St PeterMatlaskeGrade II*1049184
St Peter and St PaulMautbyGrade II*1152350
St AndrewMettonGrade II*1049496
St MaryMiddletonGrade II*1077646
St MichaelMintlynGrade II*1342379
St PeterMorleyGrade II*1304931
St BotolphMorley St BotolphGrade II*1373064
St Mary MagdaleneMulbartonGrade II*1172267
St MaryNewton FlotmanGrade II*1050704
St PeterNorth BarninghamGrade II*1373647
All SaintsNorth BarshamGrade II*1373710
St AndrewNorth PickenhamGrade II*1077229
St John the BaptistNorwichGrade II*1372796
St Margaret of AntiochOrmesby St MargaretGrade II*1227867
St MichaelOrmesby St MichaelGrade II*1287570
St Peter and St PaulOultonGrade II*1372723
St MartinOverstrandGrade II*1049816
St John the EvangelistOvingtonGrade II*1076798
St MichaelOxneadGrade II*1050959
St Michael and All AngelsPlumsteadGrade II*1152882
All SaintsPostwickGrade II*1372681
St AndrewQuidenhamGrade II*1169567
St AndrewRaveninghamGrade II*1050483
St Peter and St PaulReppsGrade II*1051024
St PeterRiddlesworthGrade II*1077393
St Andrew and St PeterRingsteadGrade II*1171984
St MaryRocklandGrade II*1169589
St GeorgeRollesbyGrade II*1152526
St MaryRoughton (near Cromer)Grade II*1049531
All SaintsRoydonGrade II*1077627
All SaintsRunhallGrade II*1152154
St Peter and St PaulRunhamGrade II*1050977
St MichaelRystonGrade II*1077857
St Mary MagdaleneSandringhamGrade II*1077615
St MargaretSaxlinghamGrade II*1049795
St MarySaxlingham NethergateGrade II*1050666
St AndrewScoleGrade II*1156145
All SaintsSculthorpeGrade II*1049380
St Margaret of AntiochSea PallingGrade II*1049358
St Margaret and St RemigiusSeethingGrade II*1305988
St NicholasSherefordGrade II*1049293
St Peter and St PaulShernborneGrade II*1153045
All SaintsShoteshamGrade II*1050644
St MaryShouldham ThorpeGrade II*1152535
St MarySislandGrade II*1051106
All SaintsSkeytonGrade II*1373825
St BartholomewSloleyGrade II*1373826
St PeterSmallburghGrade II*1049883
St MartinSouth RaynhamGrade II*1049275
St AndrewSouth RunctonGrade II*1342289
St LawrenceSouth WalshamGrade II*1051496
St MarySouth WoottonGrade II*1077597
St AndrewSouthburghGrade II*1172040
St MaryStalhamGrade II*1172564
All SaintsStibbardGrade II*1049230
Holy CrossStoke Holy CrossGrade II*1050437
St AndrewStokesbyGrade II*1152707
St BotolphStow BedonGrade II*1077585
St MaryStradsettGrade II*1342301
St MarySurlinghamGrade II*1050438
St Peter and St PaulSusteadGrade II*1305393
St Michael and All AngelsSuttonGrade II*1172607
St NicholasSwafieldGrade II*1306194
St PeterSwainsthorpeGrade II*1169726
St MichaelSwanton AbbottGrade II*1049172
St EdmundSwanton NoversGrade II*1304415
St MarySwardestonGrade II*1050556
St LawrenceTerrington St JohnGrade II*1237259
St AndrewThelvetonGrade II*1050120
St AndrewThemelthorpeGrade II*1170136
St PeterThetfordGrade II*1219326
St Mary the LessThetfordGrade II*1297899
St CuthbertThetfordGrade II*1297899
All SaintsThornageGrade II*1373820
St Margaret of AntiochThorpe MarketGrade II*1049786
St MaryThrigbyGrade II*1152375
St EdmundThurneGrade II*1304567
St AndrewThurningGrade II*1153202
St AndrewThursfordGrade II*1049238
All SaintsThwaiteGrade II*1049886
St MaryThwaite St MaryGrade II*1372881
St MargaretTopcroftGrade II*1372884
St AndrewTottinghamGrade II*1342814
St John the Baptist's HeadTriminghamGrade II*1049787
St Peter and St PaulTunstallGrade II*1372727
St Peter and St PaulTuttingtonGrade II*1050931
St NicholasTwyfordGrade II*1170307
All SaintsWarhamGrade II*1049439
All SaintsWaterdenGrade II*1077758
St MaryWattonGrade II*1153046
St JohnWaxhamGrade II*1049359
All SaintsWeasenham All SaintsGrade II*1306499
St PeterWeasenham St PeterGrade II*1169531
St MaryWeetingGrade II*1172178
All SaintsWelborneGrade II*1304940
St AndrewWellinghamGrade II*1077456
St Peter and St PaulWendlingGrade II*1077339
St MargaretWerehamGrade II*1342376
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary West BarshamGrade II*1373673
St CeciliaWest BilneyGrade II*1077671
St NicholasWest LexhamGrade II*1077485
St PeterWest LynnGrade II*1290105
St Peter and St PaulWest NewtonGrade II*1342429
Holy TrinityWest RuntonGrade II*1049535
St MaryWest SomertonGrade II*1216608
St MaryWest WinchGrade II*1342420
St AndrewWestfieldGrade II*1077294
All SaintsWeybourneGrade II*1152481
St MaryWhissonsettGrade II*1077436
St PeterWiggenhall St PeterGrade II*1152777
St MaryWimbotshamGrade II*1205605
St MargaretWittonGrade II*1153110
St PeterWolfertonGrade II*1077588
All SaintsWood NortonGrade II*1373800
St Fabian and St SebastianWoodbastwickGrade II*1154614
All SaintsWoodtonGrade II*1170855
St MichaelWormegayGrade II*1077839
St MargaretWorthingGrade II*1342577
All SaintsWrettonGrade II*1342342
St MaryArminghallGrade II1373154
St MaryBagthorpeGrade II1077840
All SaintsBawdeswellGrade II1376613
All SaintsBillockbyGrade II1051016
St WalstanCostesseyGrade II1393711
Cowper Mem. CCDerehamGrade II1077089
ChristchurchFulmodestonGrade II1049246
All SaintsGarboldishamGrade II1168547
Holy TrinityGreat HautboisGrade II1050886
St MaryGreat PlumsteadGrade II1152889
All SaintsHainfordGrade II1372957
St John the BaptistHarlestonGrade II1373349
Holy TrinityHemptonGrade II1391769
St MaryHemsbyGrade II1227819
St George the MartyrHindolvestonGrade II1049253
St EdmundHunstantonGrade II1077950
St PaulKempstoneGrade II1077482
All SaintsKeswickGrade II1050544
St John the EvangelistKing's LynnGrade II1391201
All SaintsLittle RyburghGrade II1049267
All SaintsNorth WoottonGrade II1342413
Holy TrinityNorwichGrade II1372806
Christ ChurchNorwich [Easton]Grade II1051326
St MarkNorwich [New Lakenham]Grade II1280305
St AndrewNorwich [Thorpe St Andrew]Grade II1303850
St Mary MagdaleneOxboroughGrade II1077267
All SaintsOxwickGrade II1152486
All SaintsSanton DownhamGrade II1342616
St MichaelSidestrandGrade II1373531
St MarySoutheryGrade II1077734
St MarySoutheryGrade II1077734
Holy TrinitySpooner RowGrade II1293213
All SaintsStoke FerryGrade II1077742
St PeterStow BridgeGrade II1391486
St MargaretTatterfordGrade II1172667
St RemigiusTestertonGrade II1172192
St Helen & All SaintsWest BeckhamGrade II1172030
St Edmund the MartyrWest CaisterGrade II1287574
St MargaretWest RaynhamGrade II1049279
Christ ChurchWhittingtonGrade II1390595