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Churches of Norfolk

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142 : St Mary
127 : All Saints
70 : St Andrew
55 : St Peter
35 : St Margaret
30 : St Peter and St Paul
23 : St Nicholas
21 : St Michael
13 : Holy Trinity
12 : St Edmund
12 : St John the Baptist
11 : St Botolph
11 : St George
9 : St Lawrence
9 : St Mary Magdalene
7 : St Martin
6 : St James
6 : St Margaret of Antioch
6 : St Michael and All Angels
4 : Methodist
4 : St Clement
4 : St Ethelbert
4 : St Giles
4 : St John
4 : St John the Evangelist
3 : St Bartholomew
3 : St Edmunds
3 : St Helen
3 : St Remigius
3 : St Swithin
2 : Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
2 : Christ Church
2 : Christchurch
2 : Holy Cross
2 : St Andrew and St Mary
2 : St Augustine
2 : St Catherine
2 : St Faith
2 : St Gregory
2 : St Mary and St Margaret
2 : St Thomas
1 : Besthorpe
1 : Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity
1 : Catholic Church
1 : Cowper Mem. CC
1 : Holy Innocents
1 : Holy Trinity & All Saints
1 : Minster church of St Margaret
1 : Minster Church of St Nicholas
1 : Our Lady and St Margaret
1 : Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy Cross
1 : Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St John the Baptist
1 : St Agnes
1 : St Alban
1 : St Andrew and All Saints
1 : St Andrew and St Paul
1 : St Andrew and St Peter
1 : St Benedict
1 : St Cecilia
1 : St Clement Colegate
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Edmund the Martyr
1 : St Etheldreda
1 : St Fabian and St Sebastian
1 : St Felix
1 : St Felix the Burgundian
1 : St George the Martyr
1 : St German
1 : St Helen & All Saints
1 : St James the Apostle
1 : St John the Baptist and the Holy Sepulchre
1 : St John the Baptist's Head
1 : St Julian
1 : St Leonard
1 : St Margaret and St Remigius
1 : St Margaret de Westwick
1 : St Mark
1 : St Martin at Palace Plain
1 : St Mary and All Saints
1 : St Mary and St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : St Mary and St Walstan
1 : St Mary the Less
1 : St Mathias
1 : St Maurice
1 : St Michael at Plea
1 : St Michael the Archangel
1 : St Olave
1 : St Paul
1 : St Peter and St Paul (new)
1 : St Peter and St Paul (old)
1 : St Protase and St Gervase
1 : St Remegius
1 : St Saviour
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Theobald
1 : St Walstan
1 : St Wandregesilius
1 : St Withburga
1 : The Temple
St EdmundsAcleGrade I 
All SaintsAlburghGrade I 
St MaryAldebyGrade I 
St MaryAntinghamGrade I 
St NicholasAshillGrade I 
All SaintsAshwellthorpeGrade I 
St MichaelAslactonGrade I 
St MaryAttleboroughGrade I 
St MichaelAyleshamGrade I 
All SaintsBaleGrade I 
St MaryBanhamGrade IDetails
St BotolphBanninghamGrade I 
St MaryBarneyGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulBarnham BroomGrade I 
St MaryBarton BendishGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsBarton TurfGrade I 
St Mary and St WalstanBawburghGrade I 
St MaryBeachamwellGrade I 
St AndrewBedinghamGrade I 
All SaintsBeeston RegisGrade I 
St LawrenceBeeston St LawrenceGrade I 
All SaintsBeightonGrade I 
St PeterBelaughGrade I 
St PeterBillingfordGrade I 
St LeonardBillingfordGrade IDetails
Priory Church of St Mary and the Holy CrossBinhamGrade I 
St NicholasBlakeneyGrade I 
St Andrew and St PaulBlofieldGrade I 
St NicholasBracon AshGrade I 
St MaryBrancasterGrade I 
St MichaelBraydestonGrade I 
St MargaretBrecklesGrade I 
St John the BaptistBressinghamGrade IDetails
St MauriceBrininghamGrade I 
St AndrewBrintonGrade I 
St BartholomewBrisleyGrade I 
All SaintsBristonGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulBrockdishGrade I 
St MichaelBroomeGrade I 
St MichaelBunwellGrade I 
St MaryBurgh next AyleshamGrade I 
St MaryBurnham MarketGrade I 
St MargaretBurnham NortonGrade I 
St ClementBurnham OveryGrade I 
All SaintsBurnham ThorpeGrade I 
St MaryBylaughGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulCarbrookeGrade I 
All SaintsCarleton RodeGrade IDetails
St JamesCastle AcreGrade I 
St LawrenceCastle RisingGrade I 
All SaintsCatfieldGrade I 
St AgnesCawstonGrade I 
All SaintsChedgraveGrade I 
St AndrewClaxtonGrade I 
St MargaretCley next the SeaGrade I 
St John the BaptistColtishallGrade I 
St MaryCranwichGrade I 
St MaryCranworthGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulCromerGrade I 
All SaintsCroxtonGrade I 
St MaryDentonGrade I 
St NicholasDerehamGrade I 
St NicholasDersinghamGrade I 
All SaintsDickleburghGrade I 
St MichaelDidlingtonGrade I 
St MaryDissGrade I 
St MaryDitchinghamGrade I 
All SaintsEarshamGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulEast HarlingGrade I 
St AndrewEast LexhamGrade I 
All SaintsEast TuddenhamGrade I 
St MaryEast WaltonGrade I 
St PeterEastonGrade I 
All SaintsEdingthorpeGrade I 
St MaryEllinghamGrade I 
St MaryElsingGrade I 
St MaryErpinghamGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulFakenhamGrade I 
St NicholasFeltwellGrade I 
St AndrewFersfieldGrade I 
St MaryForncett St MaryGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulForncett St PeterGrade I 
Holy InnocentsFoulshamGrade I 
St AndrewFramingham EarlGrade I 
St AndrewFrenzeGrade IDetails
St CatherineFrittonGrade I 
St NicholasFundenhallGrade I 
St John the BaptistGarboldishamGrade I 
St HelenGateleyGrade I 
St NicholasGaytonGrade I 
St MaryGayton ThorpeGrade I 
All SaintsGiminghamGrade I 
St MaryGissingGrade I 
St GeorgeGooderstoneGrade I 
St MichaelGreat CressinghamGrade I 
St AndrewGreat DunhamGrade I 
St James the ApostleGreat EllinghamGrade I 
St MaryGreat MassinghamGrade I 
St PeterGreat WalsinghamGrade I 
St MaryGreat WitchinghamGrade I 
St BotolphGrimstonGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulGristonGrade I 
St PeterGuestwickGrade I 
St MaryHaddiscoeGrade I 
St MaryHappisburghGrade I 
St MargaretHaptonGrade I 
St MargaretHardleyGrade I 
St MargaretHardwickGrade I 
St LawrenceHarpleyGrade I 
St MaryHeachamGrade I 
St PeterHedenhamGrade I 
St Margaret of AntiochHempnallGrade I 
All SaintsHethelGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulHeydonGrade I 
St MartinHindringhamGrade I 
St AndrewHinghamGrade I 
St MichaelHockeringGrade I 
St JamesHockwold cum WiltonGrade IDetails
St AndrewHolme HaleGrade I 
St MaryHolme next the SeaGrade I 
St Andrew and St MaryHorsham St FaithGrade I 
St GilesHoughton St GilesGrade I 
Holy TrinityInghamGrade IDetails
St MaryKenninghallGrade IDetails
Minster church of St MargaretKing's LynnGrade I 
All SaintsKirby CaneGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulKnaptonGrade I 
St AndrewLangfordGrade IDetails
St Andrew and St MaryLanghamGrade I 
St EthelbertLarlingGrade I 
St PeterLingwoodGrade I 
All SaintsLitchamGrade I 
St MargaretLittle DunhamGrade I 
St MaryLittle FranshamGrade I 
St AndrewLittle MassinghamGrade I 
St AndrewLittle SnoringGrade I 
St MaryLittle WalsinghamGrade I 
St FaithLittle WitchinghamGrade I 
Holy TrinityLoddonGrade I 
St CatherineLudhamGrade I 
All SaintsMarshamGrade I 
St MaryMarthamGrade I 
St John the BaptistMilehamGrade I 
St John the BaptistMorningthorpeGrade I 
All SaintsMorstonGrade I 
All SaintsNarboroughGrade I 
St MaryNarfordGrade I 
All SaintsNectonGrade I 
St MartinNew BuckinghamGrade I 
St Mary and All SaintsNewton (by Castle Acre)Grade I 
St AndrewNorth BurlinghamGrade I 
St MaryNorth CreakeGrade I 
St MaryNorth ElmhamGrade I 
St NicholasNorth LophamGrade I 
All SaintsNorth RunctonGrade I 
St MaryNorth TuddenhamGrade I 
St NicholasNorth WalshamGrade I 
St MaryNorthreppsGrade I 
St Mary and St MargaretNorton SubcourseGrade I 
Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St John the BaptistNorwichGrade I 
St GregoryNorwichGrade IDetails
St GeorgeNorwichGrade IDetails
St AugustineNorwichGrade I 
St JohnNorwichGrade IDetails
Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided TrinityNorwichGrade I 
All SaintsOld BuckenhamGrade I 
St MaryOld HunstantonGrade I 
St John the EvangelistOxboroughGrade IDetails
St MargaretPastonGrade I 
St Mary MagdalenePentneyGrade I 
St Mary MagdalenePulham MarketGrade I 
St MaryPulham St MaryGrade I 
St HelenRanworthGrade I 
St MaryRedenhallGrade I 
St John the BaptistReedhamGrade I 
St MaryReephamGrade I 
St PeterReymerstonGrade I 
St PeterRinglandGrade I 
St MaryRocklandGrade I 
St RemigiusRoydonGrade IDetails
St MaryRushallGrade I 
St GeorgeSaham ToneyGrade I 
All SaintsSalhouseGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulSalleGrade I 
St NicholasSalthouseGrade I 
St AndrewSaxthorpeGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulScarningGrade I 
St AndrewScoleGrade I 
All SaintsScottowGrade I 
St MarySedgefordGrade I 
All SaintsSharringtonGrade I 
All SaintsShelfangerGrade I 
St MarySheltonGrade I 
St GeorgeShimplingGrade I 
All SaintsShipdhamGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulShrophamGrade I 
St MarySnettishamGrade I 
St GeorgeSouth AcreGrade I 
St EdmundSouth BurlinghamGrade IDetails
St MarySouth CreakeGrade I 
St AndrewSouth LophamGrade I 
St MarySouth WoottonGrade I 
St JamesSouthreppsGrade I 
St MarySparhamGrade I 
St PeterSpixworthGrade I 
St MargaretStanfieldGrade I 
All SaintsStanfordGrade IDetails
All SaintsStanhoeGrade I 
St Margaret of AntiochStarstonGrade I 
St John the BaptistStiffkeyGrade I 
St Michael and All AngelsStocktonGrade I 
St MaryStodyGrade I 
St MichaelStrattonGrade I 
St MargaretStratton StrawlessGrade I 
St Margaret of AntiochSuffieldGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulSwaffhamGrade I 
St MargaretSwanningtonGrade I 
St MarySyderstoneGrade I 
All SaintsTacolnestonGrade IDetails
St MaryTasburghGrade I 
St MaryTharstonGrade I 
St MartinThompsonGrade I 
All SaintsThornhamGrade I 
St MathiasThorpeGrade IDetails
All SaintsThorpe AbbotsGrade I 
All SaintsThrextonGrade I 
All SaintsThurltonGrade I 
St EthelbertThurtonGrade I 
All SaintsTibenhamGrade I 
St MaryTitchwellGrade I 
St MaryTittleshallGrade I 
St MargaretTivetshall St MargaretGrade I 
St MargaretToft MonksGrade I 
St AndrewTrowseGrade IDetails
St BotolphTrunchGrade I 
St MaryTunsteadGrade I 
All SaintsUpper SheringhamGrade I 
St MargaretUptonGrade I 
All SaintsWactonGrade I 
All SaintsWalcottGrade I 
All SaintsWest AcreGrade I 
All SaintsWeston LongvilleGrade I 
St BotolphWestwickGrade I 
All SaintsWheatacreGrade I 
St AndrewWickhamptonGrade I 
St Andrew and All SaintsWicklewoodGrade I 
St AndrewWickmereGrade I 
St MaryWiggenhallGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneWiggenhall St Mary MagdalenGrade IDetails
All SaintsWightonGrade I 
All SaintsWilbyGrade IDetails
St MaryWinfarthingGrade I 
Holy Trinity & All SaintsWintertonGrade I 
St MargaretWittonGrade I 
St AndrewWood DallingGrade I 
St MaryWorsteadGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulWramplinghamGrade I 
All SaintsWreninghamGrade I 
St MaryWroxhamGrade I 
St Mary and St Thomas of CanterburyWymondhamGrade I 
St PeterYaxhamGrade I 
St MaryYelvertonGrade I 
St EthelbertAlbyGrade II* 
St MaryAldboroughGrade II* 
St MaryAnmerGrade II* 
St MaryAppletonGrade II* 
St MaryAshby St MaryGrade II* 
St SwithinAshmanhaughGrade II* 
All SaintsAshwickenGrade II* 
St AndrewAttlebridgeGrade II* 
St John the BaptistAylmertonGrade II* 
St MaryBaconsthorpeGrade II* 
St AndrewBactonGrade II* 
St BotolphBarfordGrade II*Details
St MaryBarninghamGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulBergh AptonGrade II* 
St MaryBessinghamGrade II* 
St SwithinBintreeGrade II* 
All SaintsBircham NewtonGrade II* 
St AndrewBlicklingGrade II* 
St AndrewBlo NortonGrade II*Details
All SaintsBodhamGrade II* 
St GilesBradfieldGrade II* 
St NicholasBradwellGrade II* 
All SaintsBrandon ParvaGrade II* 
St PeterBrookeGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulBurgh CastleGrade II* 
St MaryBurgh St PeterGrade II* 
St MaryBurnham DeepdaleGrade II* 
St MaryBurstonGrade II* 
St AndrewBuxtonGrade II* 
St EdmundCaisterGrade II* 
Our Lady and St MargaretCalthorpeGrade II* 
St MargaretCantleyGrade II* 
St PeterCarleton St PeterGrade II* 
St PeterClippesbyGrade II* 
All SaintsCockley CleyGrade II* 
St MaryColkirkGrade II* 
St AndrewColtonGrade II* 
St AndrewConghamGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsCostonGrade II* 
St PeterCringlefordGrade II* 
St MargaretDraytonGrade II* 
St PeterDuntonGrade II* 
All SaintsEast BarshamGrade II* 
St MaryEast CarletonGrade II* 
St MaryEast RaynhamGrade II*Details
St MaryEcclesGrade II*Details
St Peter and St Paul (new)EdgefieldGrade II* 
St MargaretFelbriggGrade II* 
St AndrewFelminghamGrade II* 
All SaintsFilbyGrade II* 
St MaryFishleyGrade II* 
St MaryFlitchamGrade II* 
St Michael and All AngelsFlordonGrade II* 
St AndrewFramingham PigotGrade II* 
All SaintsFringGrade II* 
ChristchurchFulmodestonGrade II* 
St FaithGaywoodGrade II* 
St MartinGlandfordGrade II* 
St AndrewGorlestonGrade II* 
All SaintsGreat FranshamGrade II* 
St MichaelGreat MoultonGrade II*Details
St AndrewGreat RyburghGrade II* 
St MaryGreat SnoringGrade II* 
Minster Church of St NicholasGreat YarmouthGrade II* 
All SaintsGreshamGrade II* 
St MaryGunthorpeGrade II* 
St PeterGuntonGrade II* 
St MaryHackfordGrade II* 
St BartholomewHanworthGrade II* 
St John the BaptistHarlestonGrade II* 
All SaintsHelhoughtonGrade II* 
All SaintsHempsteadGrade II* 
Holy TrinityHemptonGrade II* 
St RemegiusHethersettGrade II* 
St MaryHicklingGrade II* 
St George the MartyrHindolvestonGrade II* 
St WithburgaHolkham HallGrade II* 
St AndrewHoltGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulHoningGrade II* 
St MargaretHopton on SeaGrade II* 
St BenedictHorningGrade II* 
St EdmundHorningtoftGrade II* 
All SaintsHorseyGrade II* 
All SaintsHorsfordGrade II* 
St PeterHovetonGrade II* 
St JohnHovetonGrade II* 
St MaryHoweGrade II*Details
St EdmundHunstantonGrade II* 
St LawrenceHunworthGrade II* 
St PeterIckburghGrade II* 
St MichaelIngoldisthorpeGrade II* 
St LawrenceIngworthGrade II* 
All SaintsIntwoodGrade II* 
St MichaelIrsteadGrade II* 
St MaryItteringhamGrade II* 
St MaryKellingGrade II* 
St PeterKetteringhamGrade II*Details
All SaintsKettlestoneGrade II* 
St PeterKimberleyGrade II* 
St AndrewKirby BedonGrade II* 
All SaintsLessinghamGrade II* 
St AndrewLetheringsetttGrade II* 
St AndrewLittle BarninghamGrade II* 
All SaintsLittle MeltonGrade II* 
All SaintsLittle RyburghGrade II* 
St MargaretLyngGrade II* 
St MaryMarlingfordGrade II* 
St PeterMatlaskeGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulMautbyGrade II* 
St AndrewMettonGrade II* 
St MaryNewton FlotmanGrade II* 
All SaintsNorth BarshamGrade II* 
St Margaret of AntiochOrmesby St MargaretGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulOultonGrade II* 
St John the EvangelistOvingtonGrade II* 
St MichaelOxneadGrade II* 
St Michael and All AngelsPlumsteadGrade II* 
All SaintsPostwickGrade II* 
St AndrewQuidenhamGrade II*Details
St AndrewRaveninghamGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulReppsGrade II* 
St Andrew and St PeterRingsteadGrade II* 
St MaryRoughamGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulRunhamGrade II* 
St Mary MagdaleneSandringhamGrade II* 
St MargaretSaxlinghamGrade II* 
St MarySaxlingham NethergateGrade II* 
St Margaret of AntiochSea PallingGrade II* 
St NicholasSherefordGrade II* 
All SaintsShoteshamGrade II* 
St MarySislandGrade II* 
All SaintsSkeytonGrade II* 
St BartholomewSloleyGrade II* 
St PeterSmallburghGrade II* 
St MartinSouth RaynhamGrade II* 
St LawrenceSouth WalshamGrade II* 
St AndrewSouthburghGrade II* 
St MaryStalhamGrade II* 
All SaintsStibbardGrade II* 
St AndrewStokesbyGrade II* 
St BotolphStow BedonGrade II* 
St MarySurlinghamGrade II* 
St Michael and All AngelsSuttonGrade II* 
St EdmundSwanton NoversGrade II* 
St MarySwardestonGrade II* 
St AndrewThelvetonGrade II* 
St AndrewThemelthorpeGrade II* 
St CuthbertThetfordGrade II* 
All SaintsThornageGrade II* 
St Margaret of AntiochThorpe MarketGrade II* 
St MaryThrigbyGrade II* 
St EdmundThurneGrade II* 
St AndrewThurningGrade II* 
All SaintsThwaiteGrade II* 
St MaryThwaite St MaryGrade II* 
St MargaretTopcroftGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulTunstallGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulTuttingtonGrade II* 
All SaintsWarhamGrade II* 
All SaintsWaterdenGrade II* 
St MaryWattonGrade II* 
St JohnWaxhamGrade II* 
All SaintsWeasenham All SaintsGrade II* 
St PeterWeasenham St PeterGrade II* 
St AndrewWellinghamGrade II* 
St NicholasWest LexhamGrade II* 
St Peter and St PaulWest NewtonGrade II* 
Holy TrinityWest RuntonGrade II* 
St MaryWest SomertonGrade II* 
All SaintsWeybourneGrade II* 
St MaryWhissonsettGrade II* 
St PeterWolfertonGrade II* 
All SaintsWood NortonGrade II* 
St Fabian and St SebastianWoodbastwickGrade II* 
All SaintsWoodtonGrade II* 
All SaintsBawdeswellGrade II 
All SaintsBoughtonGrade II 
All SaintsGreat MeltonGrade II 
All SaintsKeswickGrade II 
St John the EvangelistKing's LynnGrade II 
All SaintsNorth WoottonGrade II 
St MichaelSidestrandGrade II 
Holy TrinitySpooner RowGrade IIDetails
St MargaretTatterfordGrade II 
St Edmund the MartyrWest CaisterGrade II 
St MargaretWest RaynhamGrade II