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St Nicholas, Dereham, Norfolk

Ordnance Survey Grid Ref
Listed Grade I
Historic England Registration 1077067
Tower unknown
Post Code NR19 1DN
Machine Tag HCofGB:id=21189

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During a holiday in Norfolk, decided to have a look around a few local towns and one afternoon found ourselves in Derham. a short walk down hill from the main high street is St Nicholas Church. Unusual in the fact that it has two towers. One separate from the church. This tower was built in the 16th century, and was constructed due to the fact that the original tower was not strong enough to hold the bells

Unfortunately this church has suffered from theft and vandalism and is only open during certain times of the day and my visit did not co-inside with one of those times. So unfortunately, I did not manage to view the interior of the church. Which apparently contains some superb screen paintings as well as a lovely font.

July 2009