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Churches of Dorset

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69 : St Mary
22 : All Saints
21 : St Andrew
19 : St Nicholas
17 : St Peter
13 : Holy Trinity
11 : St Michael
9 : St John
8 : St James
7 : Methodist
7 : St George
7 : St John the Baptist
7 : St Martin
6 : St John the Evangelist
5 : (dedication unknown)
5 : St Peter and St Paul
4 : St Aldhelm
4 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St Michael and All Angels
3 : Christ Church
3 : Holy Rood
3 : St Catherine
3 : St Giles
3 : St Laurence
3 : St Lawrence
3 : St Luke
3 : St Osmond
3 : St Stephen
3 : St Thomas a Becket
2 : dedication unknown
2 : St Bartholomew
2 : St Saviour
2 : St Thomas
2 : United
2 : United Reformed
1 : Abbey
1 : Church of the Ascension
1 : Community Chapel
1 : Congregational
1 : Corpus Christi
1 : East Cemetery
1 : East Cliff
1 : Iford United Reformed
1 : Immanuel
1 : Lansdowne Baptist
1 : Longfleet URC
1 : Memorial Chapel
1 : Methodist Chapel
1 : Minster Church of St Candida and Holy Cross
1 : North Cemetary
1 : Parish Church
1 : Pokesdown URC
1 : Poole Cemeraty
1 : Priory Church of the Holy Trinity
1 : Sacred Heart
1 : Sherbourne Abbey
1 : St Alban
1 : St Aldheim
1 : St Ambrose
1 : St Andrew and St Peter
1 : St Andrew Presbyterian
1 : St Ann
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Bartholemew
1 : St Basil
1 : St Christopher
1 : St Clement
1 : St Clements
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Cuthburga
1 : St Dunstan
1 : St Edward King and Martyr
1 : St Edwold
1 : St Eustace
1 : St Francis of Assisi
1 : St Gregory
1 : St Hippolyte
1 : St Hubert
1 : St James the Great
1 : St Joseph
1 : St Katherine
1 : St Kenelm
1 : St Margaret
1 : St Mark
1 : St Martin and St Jude
1 : St Mary and All Saints
1 : St Mary and St Bartholomew
1 : St Mary and St James
1 : St Mary, St Michael, St Samson and St Branwalader
1 : St Michael and St Agatha
1 : St Michael the Archangel
1 : St Nicolas
1 : St Pancras
1 : St Rumbold
1 : St Simon and St Jude
1 : St Swithun
1 : St Wolfrida
1 : The Holy Spirit and St Edward
1 : Trinity
1 : unknown
1 : Venn Chapel
1 : West Cliff Baptist
1 : Wimborne Road Cemetery
1 : Winton Christadelphian
St NicholasAbbotsburyGrade I1305224
St CatherineAbbotsburyGrade I1172576
St LaurenceAffpuddleGrade I1323317
St MaryAlmerGrade I1154550
St NicholasArneGrade I1323421
St MaryBatcombeGrade I1118654
St MaryBeaminsterGrade I1219595
St John the BaptistBere RegisGrade I1170978
Holy TrinityBincombeGrade I1119256
St Peter and St PaulBishop's CaundleGrade I1118887
St Peter and St PaulBlandford ForumGrade I1251913
St AndrewBloxworthGrade I1171073
Holy TrinityBothenhamptonGrade I1324171
St StephenBournemouthGrade I1324756
St ClementBournemouthGrade I1324751
St PeterBournemouthGrade I1153014
St MaryBradford AbbasGrade I1323858
St MaryBridportGrade I1228336
Holy RoodBuckland NewtonGrade I1118892
St MaryBurton BradstockGrade I1213878
(dedication unknown)Canford MagnaGrade I1217465
St Peter and St PaulCattistockGrade I1118659
St MaryCerne AbbasGrade I1323846
All SaintsChalburyGrade I1120141
St MaryCharlton MarshallGrade I1171867
St MaryCharminsterGrade I1324019
St MartinCheselbourneGrade I1324023
St GilesChideockGrade I1288169
dedication unknownChilcombeGrade I1288566
Priory Church of the Holy TrinityChristchurchGrade I1110141
St MaryCorscombeGrade I1290242
St Mary and St BartholomewCranborneGrade I1120181
St GeorgeDorchesterGrade I1292171
St PeterDorchesterGrade I1119031
St MaryEast LulworthGrade I1323322
Holy TrinityFleetGrade I1152080
St LawrenceFolkeGrade I1172612
St MaryFramptonGrade I1288540
St MaryFrome St QuintinGrade I1323860
St MaryGillinghamGrade I1172499
Holy TrinityGodmanstoneGrade I1215038
All SaintsGussage All SaintsGrade I1304213
St AndrewGussage St AndrewGrade I1153744
St MichaelGussage St MichaelGrade I1120146
St NicholasHammoonGrade I1324608
St Mary and St JamesHazelbury BryanGrade I1110493
All SaintsHiltonGrade I1118613
St MaryHolnestGrade I1118875
St GilesHookeGrade I1119416
St WolfridaHortonGrade I1154780
St MaryIwerne MinsterGrade I1110192
St JamesKingstonGrade I1120984
St JamesLewcombeGrade I1119286
St MartinLillingtonGrade I1304066
St MaryLitton CheneyGrade I1214851
St Mary MagdaleneLodersGrade I1288302
St PeterLong BredyGrade I1118676
St James the GreatLongburtonGrade I1154083
St MaryLower WraxallGrade I1156747
St Michael the ArchangelLyme RegisGrade I1229389
St MaryLytchett MatraversGrade I1171322
St MaryMaiden NewtonGrade I1215134
St NicholasManstonGrade I1110434
All SaintsMappertonGrade I1215496
St Peter and St PaulMappowderGrade I1287754
St GregoryMarnhullGrade I1172545
St MaryMelbury BubbGrade I1119274
St OsmondMelbury OsmondGrade I1119242
(dedication unknown)Melbury SampfordGrade I1323935
St AndrewMelcombe HorseyGrade I1118852
St Mary, St Michael, St Samson and St BranwaladerMilton AbbeyGrade I1304822
All SaintsNether CerneGrade I1216512
St MaryNetherburyGrade I1216095
St MichaelOver ComptonGrade I1119361
St MaryPiddlehintonGrade I1304468
All SaintsPiddletrenthideGrade I1324151
St MaryPilsdonGrade I1216401
St PeterPorteshamGrade I1152497
St GeorgePortlandGrade I1203132
St MaryPowerstockGrade I1216639
All SaintsPoyntingtonGrade I1119366
St MaryPuddletownGrade I1154532
St MaryPuncknowleGrade I1288107
St PeterPurse CaundleGrade I1119331
St Michael and All AngelsRampishamGrade I1323863
St NicolasSandford OrcasGrade I1119333
St BartholomewShapwickGrade I1323469
Sherbourne AbbeySherborneGrade I1110824
Holy RoodShillingstoneGrade I1324658
St MaryShrotonGrade I1305327
St NicholasSiltonGrade I1304821
St MarySouth PerrottGrade I1211922
St John the BaptistSpetisburyGrade I1305220
St AldheimSt Aldhelm's HeadGrade I1120256
St Michael and All AngelsSteepleGrade I1152213
St MichaelStinsfordGrade I1119091
St EdwoldStockwoodGrade I1155008
St MaryStoke AbbottGrade I1287199
St MichaelStour ProvostGrade I1110379
St PeterStourton CaundleGrade I1228147
St MaryStrattonGrade I1216517
St NicholasStudlandGrade I1120271
St MarySturminster NewtonGrade I1324486
Holy TrinitySwyreGrade I1279224
St NicholasSydling St NicholasGrade I1156621
St John the BaptistSymondsburyGrade I1216336
St Mary and All SaintsTarrant CrawfordGrade I1110840
St MaryTarrant HintonGrade I1118497
St LawrenceThe BoroughGrade I1152109
St JohnTolpuddleGrade I1119870
St AndrewTrentGrade I1323927
St MartinWarehamGrade I1153149
St MaryWarehamGrade I1120029
St AndrewWest ChelboroughGrade I1303553
St PeterWest KnightonGrade I1323955
St AndrewWest StaffordGrade I1119840
St MaryWeymouthGrade I1096743
Minster Church of St Candida and Holy CrossWhitchurch CononicorumGrade I1227942
(dedication unknown)WhitcombeGrade I1119215
St CuthburgaWimborne MinsterGrade I1119581
St GilesWimborne St GilesGrade I1120134
St MaryWinterborne AbbasGrade I1229078
St PeterWinterborne CameGrade I1323962
St MartinWinterborne St MartinGrade I1119183
St MaryWinterborne SticklandGrade I1305111
St AndrewWinterborne TomsonGrade I1118600
St MichaelWinterborne TomsonGrade I1118600
St MaryWinterborne WhitechurchGrade I1118538
St MichaelWinterbourne SteepltonGrade I1229137
St NicholasWorth MatraversGrade I1120262
All SaintsWyke RegisGrade I1096743
St AndrewYetminsterGrade I1154308
St PancrasAlton PancrasGrade II*1118915
St MichaelAskerswellGrade II*1213455
St AldhelmBeacon HillGrade II*1120333
St AldhelmBelchalwellGrade II*1216309
St MaryBlandford St MaryGrade II*1110176
St AmbroseBournemouthGrade II*1108803
St MichaelBournemouthGrade II*1324732
St AlbanBournemouth [Charminster]Grade II*1152784
St MaryBradford PeverellGrade II*1324204
St AldhelmBranksomeGrade II*1266563
St MartinBroadmayneGrade II*1119258
St John the BaptistBroadwindsorGrade II*1118784
St MaryBrownsea IslandGrade II*1323430
St John the BaptistBuckhorn WestonGrade II*1324559
St AndrewBurstockGrade II*1210375
St PeterChetnoleGrade II*1304234
St MaryChettleGrade II*1324295
Holy TrinityChilfromeGrade II*1288702
St PeterChurch KnowleGrade II*1303812
St Michael and All AngelsColehillGrade II*1323528
St Edward King and MartyrCorfe CastleGrade II*1278555
St BartholomewCortonGrade II*1118639
All SaintsDewlishGrade II*1119107
St MaryDorchesterGrade II*1110596
All SaintsDorchesterGrade II*1110582
St NicholasDurwestonGrade II*1110271
St JohnEast GreechGrade II*1323359
St NicholasEdmondshamGrade II*1154150
St OsmondEvershotGrade II*1153641
St LaurenceFarnhamGrade II*1172411
All SaintsFifehead NevilleGrade II*1324503
St AndrewFontwell MagnaGrade II*1305380
St MaryGlanvilles WoottonGrade II*1110491
St MaryHalstockGrade II*1119266
All SaintsHamprestonGrade II*1303912
St JamesHermitageGrade II*1118871
St NicholasHilfieldGrade II*1151982
St PeterHinton St MaryGrade II*1110423
St EustaceIbbertonGrade II*1287985
All SaintsKington MagnaGrade II*1324579
St AndrewKinsonGrade II*1324727
dedication unknownKnowltonGrade II*1120071
St AndrewLeighGrade II*1119160
St Michael and All AngelsLittlebredyGrade II*1118668
St Thomas a BecketLydlinchGrade II*1110465
St MargaretMargaret MarshGrade II*1305445
St ThomasMelbury AbbasGrade II*1304933
Christ ChurchMelplashGrade II*1287858
St AndrewMilborne St AndrewGrade II*1118618
St JamesMilton AbbasGrade II*1118560
St AndrewMinterne MagnaGrade II*1118823
St AndrewMonkton WyldGrade II*1228490
St NicholasMoretonGrade II*1172650
St MaryMotcombeGrade II*1152195
St NicholasNottingtonGrade II*1151971
St AndrewOkeford FitzpaineGrade II*1216617
St OsmondOsmingtonGrade II*1323965
St MichaelOwermoigneGrade II*1119232
St PeterPimperneGrade II*1110839
St PeterPooleGrade II*1224865
St JamesPooleGrade II*1217470
St AndrewPrestonGrade II*1135140
St Thomas a BecketPulhamGrade II*1228063
St AnnRadipoleGrade II*1096727
St HippolyteRyme IntrinsecaGrade II*1119143
St MartinShipton GorgeGrade II*1215781
St MarySixpenny HandleyGrade II*1153750
St HubertSleightGrade II*1303916
St MaryStalbridgeGrade II*1108611
Holy TrinityStourpaineGrade II*1305170
St MarySturminster MarshallGrade II*1154649
St BartholemewSutton WaldronGrade II*1110209
St MaryTarrant GunvilleGrade II*1305101
All SaintsTarrant KeynestonGrade II*1153944
All SaintsTarrant MonktonGrade II*1172540
St MaryTarrant RawstonGrade II*1154056
St MaryTarrant RushtonGrade II*1118488
St Mary MagdaleneThornfordGrade II*1303905
St BasilToller FratrumGrade II*1228873
St Andrew and St PeterToller PorcorumGrade II*1228957
St MaryTurnworthGrade II*1110163
(dedication unknown)Up CerneGrade II*1304283
St LaurenceUpwayGrade II*1272096
Holy TrinityWarmwellGrade II*1119203
All SaintsWest ParleyGrade II*1120037
St MaryWest StourGrade II*1152142
St JohnWeymouthGrade II*1272142
St ChristopherWinfrith NewburgGrade II*1120390
St NicholasWinterborne ClenstonGrade II*1324267
St NicholasWinterborne KingstonGrade II*1152548
St Martin and St JudeWinterborne MonktonGrade II*1119180
(dedication unknown)Wootton FitzpaineGrade II*1228551
St JamesAlderholtGrade II1153940
St JohnAthelhamptonGrade II1119126
St MichaelBeer HackettGrade II1119187
St StephenBettiscombeGrade II1118977
Corpus ChristiBoscombeGrade II1108863
St KatherineBournemouthGrade II1324716
St Andrew PresbyterianBournemouthGrade II1108861
St AndrewBournemouthGrade II1108885
East CliffBournemouthGrade II1324771
St SwithunBournemouthGrade II1108865
East Cemetery BournemouthGrade II1108813
St JohnBournemouthGrade II1108809
St MaryBournemouthGrade II1242666
Sacred HeartBournemouthGrade II1108880
St AugustineBournemouthGrade II1108858
Wimborne Road CemeteryBournemouthGrade II1108858
St LukeBournemouthGrade II1154089
St MarkBournemouthGrade II1108798
St Francis of AssisiBournemouth [Charminster]Grade II1416874
All SaintsBournemouth [Southbourne]Grade II1304617
St GeorgeBourtonGrade II1324553
Holy TrinityBradpoleGrade II1213864
St PeterBroadoakGrade II1216037
St MartinBryanstonGrade II1110182
St LukeBurtonGrade II1154270
St Peter and St PaulCaundle MarshGrade II1118863
St NicholasChaldon HerringGrade II1172107
St AndrewCharmouthGrade II1215162
St MaryCompton AbbasGrade II1172426
Holy RoodCoombe KeynesGrade II1120491
UnitedDorchesterGrade II1219856
St John the EvangelistEast HolmeGrade II1120495
St MaryEast MordenGrade II1120559
St ThomasEast OrchardGrade II1110450
Christ ChurchEast StourGrade II1110455
St Mary MagdaleneFifehead MagdalenGrade II1171327
St John the BaptistFishpond BottomGrade II1227787
St JohnFortuneswellGrade II1205490
St PeterGoathillGrade II1119385
St CatherineHaydonGrade II1323888
St John the EvangelistHinton MartellGrade II1323507
St John the EvangelistHoldenhurstGrade II1108870
St JamesHoltGrade II1323510
St NicholasKimmeridgeGrade II1120476
St GeorgeLanghamGrade II1110297
St PeterLangton HerringGrade II1118662
All SaintsLangton LongGrade II1118510
St GeorgeLangton MatraversGrade II1120308
St MaryLong CrichelGrade II1323488
United ReformedLonghamGrade II1154311
Parish ChurchLytchett MinsterGrade II1120327
St MaryMarshwoodGrade II1118941
St Simon and St JudeMilton on StourGrade II1110302
St MaryMostertonGrade II1289886
St Mary MagdaleneNorth PoortonGrade II1216284
St CuthbertOborneGrade II1119358
St StephenPamphillGrade II1152839
St RumboldPentridgeGrade II1153676
St John the BaptistPlushGrade II1118809
All SaintsPooleGrade II1275361
St MaryPooleGrade II1217494
St JohnSeaboroughGrade II1211689
St JamesShaftesburyGrade II1254409
St John the EvangelistShaftesburyGrade II1217817
St KenelmStanbridgeGrade II1303860
AbbeyStapehillGrade II1154458
All SaintsStoke WakeGrade II1228070
St MarySwanageGrade II1152216
MethodistSwanageGrade II1152670
The Holy Spirit and St EdwardSwanageGrade II1304342
St John the EvangelistTincletonGrade II1154894
St AndrewTodberGrade II1110393
St JohnToller WhelmeGrade II1211555
Holy TrinityTurners PuddleGrade II1323344
MethodistUplodersGrade II1288042
St NicholasUpweyGrade II1334456
St MaryWalditchGrade II1118755
St MichaelWest ComptonGrade II1229050
Holy TrinityWest LulworthGrade II1152346
St AndrewWinterborne HoughtonGrade II1305141
St MaryWinterborne ZelstonGrade II1118552
Church of the AscensionWoodlandsGrade II1120073
St JohnWoodsfordGrade II1155283
St MaryWoollandGrade II1287173
St LawrenceWynford EagleGrade II1229343