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Churches of Staffordshire
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21 : All Saints
17 : St Mary
14 : St Peter
8 : St Chad
8 : St John
8 : St John the Baptist
7 : St James
7 : St Leonard
6 : Holy Trinity
6 : St Lawrence
5 : Christ Church
5 : Methodist
5 : St Bartholomew
4 : St Giles
4 : St Margaret
4 : St Michael
4 : St Michael and All Angels
4 : St Nicholas
4 : St Paul
3 : St Andrew
3 : St Luke
2 : Holy Cross
2 : St Editha
2 : St Edward the Confessor
2 : St Mark
2 : St Mary and All Saints
2 : St Thomas
1 : Cathedral Church of St Chad and St Mary
1 : Chapel
1 : Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption
1 : dedication unknown
1 : Holy Angels
1 : Holy Michael Archangel
1 : Our Lady and St John the Baptist
1 : St Anne
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Constantine
1 : St James and St Bartholomew
1 : St James the Less
1 : St Joseph
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Martin
1 : St Mary and St Chad
1 : St Mary and St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and St Luke
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Matthias
1 : St Michael and St James
1 : St Modwen
1 : St Werbugh
1 : St Werburgh
All SaintsAlrewasGrade I1038926
St PeterAlstonefieldGrade I1038158
St MargaretBetleyGrade I1038581
St LeonardBlithfieldGrade I1294024
St BartholomewBloreGrade I1191405
St MaryBlymhillGrade I1039272
St Mary and All SaintsBradleyGrade I1319799
St Mary and St ChadBrewoodGrade I1060197
St PeterBroughtonGrade I1039045
St ChadBurton upon TrentGrade I1038702
All SaintsChebseyGrade I1374173
St MaryCheckleyGrade I1037959
St AndrewClifton CampvilleGrade I1038808
Holy TrinityEccleshallGrade I1180335
St LawrenceGnosallGrade I1242645
St Michael and All AngelsHamstall RidwareGrade I1190715
St MaryHigh OffleyGrade I1242831
Holy AngelsHoar CrossGrade I1038507
Holy CrossIlamGrade I1038155
St MaryIngestreGrade I1259814
All SaintsKing's BromleyGrade I1277769
St PeterKinverGrade I1230950
All SaintsLapleyGrade I1374057
All SaintsLeekGrade I1268538
Cathedral Church of St Chad and St MaryLichfieldGrade I1298431
All SaintsMadeleyGrade I1206195
St NicholasMavesyn RidwareGrade I1249035
St John the BaptistMayfieldGrade I1230760
St PeterNorburyGrade I1242976
St Michael and All AngelsPenkridgeGrade I1039195
All SaintsSandonGrade I1294163
All SaintsStandonGrade I1039004
St EdithaTamworthGrade I1207856
St AndrewWeston-under-LizardGrade I1294950
St NicholasAbbots BromleyGrade II*1374461
St JamesActon TrussellGrade II*1374077
St Michael and All AngelsAdbastonGrade II*1116854
St PeterAltonGrade II*1191066
St JohnArmitageGrade II*1374295
St JamesAudleyGrade II*1038613
St James and St BartholomewBack o' th' BrookGrade II*1192380
St JamesBarton under NeedwoodGrade II*1038545
Holy TrinityBaswichGrade II*1195367
Holy CrossBobbingtonGrade II*1230544
St LeonardBradley in the MoorsGrade II*1037911
St JosephBurslemGrade II*1297960
St ThomasButtertonGrade II*1353782
St LukeCannockGrade II*1295000
St Edward the ConfessorCheddletonGrade II*1188783
St EdithaChurch EatonGrade II*1319807
All SaintsChurch LeighGrade II*1190204
St NicholasCodsallGrade II*1374035
St MaryColtonGrade II*1190499
St Michael and All AngelsColwichGrade II*1116585
St LawrenceCoppenhallGrade II*1178330
St John the BaptistCroxallGrade II*1188243
All SaintsDenstoneGrade II*1230657
All SaintsDilhorneGrade II*1374702
St MargaretDraycott in the MoorsGrade II*1037947
St PeterDrayton BassettGrade II*1374280
St MaryDunstallGrade II*1038486
St PeterElfordGrade II*1038899
St PeterEllastoneGrade II*1278444
St MaryEllenhallGrade II*1242638
St MaryEnvilleGrade II*1230632
St BartholomewFarewellGrade II*1374273
All SaintsFortonGrade II*1242640
St PeterGaytonGrade II*1242644
St WerbughHanburyGrade II*1374435
St MatthewHarlastonGrade II*1038795
St GilesHaughtonGrade II*1242776
St MichaelHortonGrade II*1190357
St LeonardIpstonesGrade II*1038044
Christ ChurchLeamonsleyGrade II*1209813
St Edward the ConfessorLeekGrade II*1268646
St JamesLongdonGrade II*1248990
St BartholomewLongnorGrade II*1038202
St ChadLongsdonGrade II*1037805
St PeterMaerGrade II*1206359
St LawrenceMarsh GreenGrade II*1189902
All SaintsMilwichGrade II*1294230
St MaryMucklestoneGrade II*1377621
St MargaretNewcastle-under-LymeGrade II*1196517
St JamesNorton CanesGrade II*1060222
All SaintsOkeover HallGrade II*1231030
St MaryPatshul HillGrade II*1039330
St ChadPattinghamGrade II*1188526
All SaintsRangemoreGrade II*1038436
St LawrenceRushton SpencerGrade II*1191388
St ChadSeighfordGrade II*1258080
St Mary and St LukeShareshillGrade II*1374120
St LukeSheenGrade II*1038180
St ChadSlindonGrade II*1039048
St ChadStoweGrade II*1298398
St John the BaptistStowe-by-ChartleyGrade II*1273551
St JohnStrettonGrade II*1374085
St MaryStrettonGrade II*1293648
Chapel of Our Lady of the AssumptionSwynnertonGrade II*1190309
St MichaelTatenhillGrade II*1038433
All SaintsTrysullGrade II*1232253
St John the BaptistUpper ElkstoneGrade II*1226791
St AndrewWestonGrade II*1273479
St MargaretWettonGrade II*1227179
St MaryWheaton AstonGrade II*1180167
St Mary and All SaintsWhitmoreGrade II*1280181
St LeonardWychnorGrade II*1038440
St PeterYoxallGrade II*1374422
Holy TrinityAnslow GateGrade II1038483
Our Lady and St John the BaptistAshley DaleGrade II1029839
Holy Michael ArchangelAston-By-StoneGrade II1432004
St ChadBagnallGrade II1038123
All SaintsBalterleyGrade II1188139
St John the BaptistBarlastonGrade II1039083
All SaintsBednallGrade II1039247
Christ ChurchBiddulph MoorGrade II1037843
St JohnBishops WoodGrade II1178301
St LawrenceBramshallGrade II1374509
St AnneBrown EdgeGrade II1188577
Christ ChurchBurntwoodGrade II1038877
St ModwenBurton upon TrentGrade II1430418
St BartholomewButtertonGrade II1374586
St MaryCaltonGrade II1286588
St Mary and St LawrenceCauldonGrade II1037860
St LawrenceChapel ChorltonGrade II1029826
St GilesCheadleGrade II1037970
MethodistCloud SideGrade II1113310
St JamesCotes HeathGrade II1119662
St John the BaptistCottonGrade II1287015
st MaryCresswellGrade II1430413
St GilesCroxdenGrade II1278522
St PaulCroxtonbankGrade II1180293
St LeonardDunstonGrade II1039215
Holy TrinityEdingaleGrade II1188223
St LukeEndonGrade II1188903
St PaulFlashGrade II1374564
St PaulForebridgeGrade II1298174
St MarkFoxtGrade II1038050
St James the LessFradswellGrade II1259929
St ChadFreehayGrade II1037979
St NicholasFulfordGrade II1374180
St JohnGorsty HillGrade II1374501
St MaryGratwichGrade II1038369
All SaintsGrindonGrade II1188411
St MaryHalesGrade II1029859
St John the BaptistHammerwichGrade II1038850
St MatthiasHanfordGrade II1242002
St Michael and St JamesHauntonGrade II1038810
Christ ChurchHilderstoneGrade II1189455
St MichaelHimleyGrade II1230776
St BartholomewHintsGrade II1188166
St PeterHixonGrade II1273554
St JohnHollingtonGrade II1037965
ChapelHollinscloughGrade II1374538
St WerburghKingsleyGrade II1038026
St JohnKingstoneGrade II1038370
MethodistKnightonGrade II1029842
St PeterLittle AstonGrade II1038832
St LeonardMarstonGrade II1242960
MethodistMeerbrookGrade II1037801
All SaintsNewboroughGrade II1374507
St PaulNewtownGrade II1038231
Holy TrinityOakamoorGrade II1286654
All SaintsRantonGrade II1259768
St JamesSaltGrade II1259769
St MichaelStramshallGrade II1038360
MethodistStubwoodGrade II1230721
St MartinTalkeGrade II1374385
St PeterThornesGrade II1038831
St ConstantineThorpe ConstantineGrade II1294695
St John the BaptistTixallGrade II1258304
St JohnTrent ValeGrade II1220810
St JohnWallGrade II1294770
St LaurenceWarslowGrade II1265703
St MaryWeefordGrade II1294756
St GilesWhittingtonGrade II1038868
St LeonardWiggintonGrade II1038802
Holy TrinityWilnecoteGrade II1196998
St MarkWinshillGrade II1374354