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Churches of Somerset

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79 : St Mary
42 : All Saints
26 : St Andrew
25 : St Peter
22 : St Michael
20 : St John the Baptist
19 : Holy Trinity
18 : St Mary Magdalene
15 : St Nicholas
14 : St Peter and St Paul
13 : St James
12 : Methodist
9 : St Leonard
9 : St Michael and All Angels
8 : St George
8 : St John
7 : St Bartholomew
6 : Christ Church
6 : St Lawrence
6 : St Margaret
4 : Baptist Chapel
4 : Chapel
4 : Holy Cross
4 : St Martin
3 : no dedication
3 : St Augustine
3 : St Catherine
3 : St Giles
3 : St Paul
3 : St Thomas
2 : Baptist Church
2 : Congregational
2 : St Bridget
2 : St Gregory
2 : St Hugh
2 : St Laurence
2 : St Luke
2 : St Pancras
2 : St Philip and St James
2 : St Stephen
2 : St Thomas a Becket
2 : St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : (no dedication)
1 : Abbey church of St Peter and St Paul
1 : Church in the Field
1 : Cleve Abbey
1 : Downside Abbey
1 : Emmanuel
1 : Holy Ghost
1 : Holy Saviour
1 : St Aldhelm
1 : St Aldhelm and St Eadburgha
1 : St Andrew and St Mary
1 : St Banabas
1 : St Barnabus
1 : St Beuno
1 : St Christopher
1 : St Congar
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Decuman
1 : St Dubricius
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Edward
1 : St Etheldreda or St Audries
1 : St Francis
1 : St James the Great
1 : St James the Less
1 : St John the Evangelist
1 : St John the Evangelist and All Saints
1 : St Julian
1 : St Katherine
1 : St Luke and St Andrew
1 : St Martin of Tours
1 : St Mary and St Edward
1 : St Mary and St John
1 : St Mary and St Peter
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Michael the Archangel
1 : St Peter and All Hallows
1 : St Peter and St John
1 : St Petrock
1 : St Quiricus and St Julietta
1 : St Roch
1 : St Saviour
1 : St Swithun
1 : St Thomas Becket
1 : St Vincent
1 : Thomas Becket
1 : United Reformed
1 : unknown
All SaintsAlfordGrade I 
St PancrasBaltonsboroughGrade IDetails
St MaryBarringtonGrade IDetails
St MaryBatcombeGrade IDetails
St JamesBeercrocombeGrade I 
St GeorgeBicknollerGrade I 
St MaryBishops LydeardGrade IDetails
St Aldhelm and St EadburghaBroadwayGrade I 
St NicholasBrushfordGrade I 
St MaryBrutonGrade IDetails
St AndrewBrympton D'EvercyGrade I 
St PeterCamertonGrade IDetails
St MaryCanningtonGrade I 
St John the BaptistCarhamptonGrade I 
St PeterCatcottGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityChantryGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulCharlton AdamGrade IDetails
St MaryCharlynchGrade IDetails
St BridgetChelveyGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneChewton MendipGrade IDetails
St MaryChristonGrade I 
St John the BaptistChurchill GreenGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulChurchstantonGrade IDetails
All SaintsClosworthGrade I 
St Peter and St PaulCombe FloreyGrade IDetails
St NicholasCombe St NicholasGrade IDetails
St AndrewCompton BishopGrade IDetails
St MichaelCompton MartinGrade IDetails
St Thomas of CanterburyCothelstoneGrade IDetails
St BartholomewCranmoreGrade IDetails
St MichaelCreech St MichaelGrade IDetails
St BartholomewCrewkerneGrade IDetails
Holy GhostCrowcombeGrade I 
St JamesCurry MalletGrade I 
St AndrewCurry RivelGrade I 
All SaintsDodingtonGrade IDetails
St AldhelmDoultingGrade IDetails
St MichaelDundryGrade IDetails
St GeorgeDunsterGrade I 
St MaryEast BrentGrade IDetails
St BartholomewEast LyngGrade IDetails
All SaintsEast PennardGrade IDetails
St CatherineFiveheadGrade I 
St John the BaptistGlastonburyGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneGreat ElmGrade IDetails
St JamesHalseGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistHatch BeauchampGrade IDetails
St MaryHemingtonGrade IDetails
St AndrewHigh HamGrade I 
St GeorgeHinton St GeorgeGrade I 
St PeterHornblottonGrade IDetails
St PeterHuish ChampflowerGrade I 
St MaryIsle AbbottsGrade IDetails
St PaulKewstokeGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulKilmersdonGrade IDetails
St MaryKingston St MaryGrade IDetails
St PeterLangford BudvilleGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneLangridgeGrade IDetails
St MaryLimingtonGrade IDetails
St MaryLittonGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityLong SuttonGrade IDetails
Church in the FieldLow HamGrade IDetails
St MaryLuccombeGrade I 
All SaintsLullingtonGrade IDetails
St LawrenceLydeard St LawrenceGrade IDetails
St LeonardMarston BigotGrade IDetails
All SaintsMartockGrade I 
St MichaelMilvertonGrade IDetails
All SaintsMonksilverGrade I 
St MaryMudfordGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityNailseaGrade IDetails
St JamesNeighbourneGrade IDetails
St MaryNettlecombeGrade I 
St MichaelNorth CadburyGrade IDetails
St MartinNorth PerrottGrade IDetails
St MaryNorton Sub HamdonGrade IDetails
All SaintsNunneyGrade IDetails
All SaintsNyneheadGrade IDetails
St AndrewOld CleeveGrade I 
St MaryOldfordGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistPawlettGrade IDetails
St Andrew and St MaryPitminsterGrade IDetails
St PeterPodimoreGrade IDetails
St DubriciusPorlockGrade I 
St MaryPortburyGrade IDetails
St LawrencePriddyGrade IDetails
St Luke and St AndrewPristonGrade IDetails
All SaintsPublowGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsPuritonGrade IDetails
Holy SaviourPuxtonGrade IDetails
St BanabasQueen CamelGrade I 
St MichaelRaddingtonGrade IDetails
St MaryRimptonGrade IDetails
St LaurenceRodeGrade IDetails
St LeonardRodney StokeGrade IDetails
All SaintsSelworthyGrade I 
St MichaelShepton BeauchampGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulShepton MalletGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulSouth PethertonGrade I 
St MaryStogumberGrade I 
St AndrewStogurseyGrade I 
St GregoryStoke St GregoryGrade IDetails
All SaintsSutton BinghamGrade IDetails
St CatherineSwellGrade IDetails
Holy CrossThornfalconGrade IDetails
St PetrockTimerscombeGrade I 
St MargaretTintinhullGrade IDetails
Cleve AbbeyWashfordGrade I 
St DecumanWatchetGrade I 
St GregoryWeareGrade I 
St JulianWellowGrade IDetails
All SaintsWest CamelGrade I 
St AugustineWest MonktonGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulWeston in GordanoGrade IDetails
St AndrewWhitestauntonGrade I 
St JamesWinscombeGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneWinsfordGrade I 
St NicholasWithycombeGrade I 
St MatthewWookeyGrade IDetails
St MaryWoolavingtonGrade IDetails
All SaintsWoolleyGrade IDetails
All SaintsWootton CourtnayGrade I 
All SaintsWraxallGrade IDetails
All SaintsWringtonGrade I 
Holy TrinityWyke ChampflowerGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistYeovilGrade IDetails
All SaintsAisholtGrade II*Details
St AndrewAllerGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityAsh PriorsGrade II*Details
St MaryAshillGrade II*Details
St StephenBayfordGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityBinegarGrade II*Details
St MichaelBlackfordGrade II*Details
St AndrewBlagdonGrade II*Details
St NicholasBratton SeymourGrade II*Details
St MaryBuckland St MaryGrade II* 
St Michael and All AngelsButcombeGrade II*Details
St LeonardButleighGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsChaffcombeGrade II*Details
St MaryCharlcombeGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulCharlton HorethorneGrade II*Details
St MaryCharlton MackrellGrade II*Details
St HughCharterhouseGrade II*Details
St MichaelChelmsineGrade II*Details
St LeonardChelwoodGrade II*Details
St MaryChesterbladeGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistChilcomptonGrade II*Details
St MaryChilthorne DomerGrade II*Details
St JamesChilton CanteloGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityChilton TrinityGrade II*Details
All SaintsChipstableGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulChiselboroughGrade II*Details
Christ ChurchClevedonGrade II*Details
St MaryClofordGrade II*Details
St AugustineCluttonGrade II*Details
St MaryCompton PauncefootGrade II*Details
St NicholasCorfeGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneCricket MatherbieGrade II*Details
St ThomasCricket St ThomasGrade II*Details
St LawrenceCucklingtonGrade II*Details
St MichaelCudworthGrade II*Details
St JohnCutcombeGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsDinderGrade II*Details
St NicholasDinningtonGrade II*Details
All SaintsDownheadGrade II*Details
St AndrewDundonGrade II*Details
All SaintsDunkertonGrade II*Details
St MichaelEast CokerGrade II*Details
St LaurenceEast HarptreeGrade II*Details
St JamesEast LambrookGrade II*Details
St MaryEast QuantoxheadGrade II*Details
St KatherineEast WoodlandsGrade II*Details
St GeorgeEaston-in-GordanoGrade II*Details
St MaryEmboroughGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneExfordGrade II*Details
St PeterExtonGrade II*Details
St LeonardFarleigh HungerfordGrade II*Details
All SaintsFarmboroughGrade II*Details
St James the GreatFitzheadGrade II*Details
St Mary and St EdwardFlax BourtonGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsFlax BourtonGrade II*Details
St James the LessFoxcoteGrade II*Details
St PeterFreshfordGrade II*Details
St MaryHardington MandevilleGrade II*Details
St GilesHawkridgeGrade II*Details
Holy CrossHillfarranceGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistHinton ChatterhouseGrade II*Details
St NicholasHoltonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistHorsingtonGrade II*Details
St MaryHuttonGrade II*Details
St MaryIlchesterGrade II*Details
St PeterIltonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistKeynshamGrade II*Details
St MaryKilveGrade II*Details
All SaintsKingsdonGrade II*Details
St John the Evangelist and All SaintsKingstoneGrade II*Details
All SaintsKingwestonGrade II*Details
St SaviourLambridgeGrade II*Details
St Mary and St JohnLamyattGrade II*Details
St AndrewLipyeateGrade II*Details
St AugustineLockingGrade II*Details
All SaintsLong AshtonGrade II*Details
ChapelLong AshtonGrade II*Details
All SaintsLopenGrade II*Details
St MaryLottishamGrade II*Details
St Thomas of CanterburyLovingtonGrade II*Details
St PeterMarksburyGrade II*Details
St MargaretMiddle ChinnockGrade II* 
St JamesMilton ClevedonGrade II*Details
St MichaelMineheadGrade II*Details
St MaryNempnett ThrubwellGrade II*Details
St MaryNether StoweyGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityNewton St LoeGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistNorth CheritonGrade II*Details
St PeterNorth NewtonGrade II*Details
St MartinNorth StokeGrade II*Details
St PeterNorth WoottonGrade II*Details
All SaintsNorton FitzwarrenGrade II*Details
St Philip and St James Norton St PhilipGrade II*Details
St BartholomewOakeGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulOdcombeGrade II*Details
St MichaelOrchard PortmanGrade II*Details
St LeonardOtterfordGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulOver StoweyGrade II*Details
St RochPendomerGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsPenselwoodGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistPitneyGrade II*Details
St AndrewPuckingtonGrade II*Details
St Thomas a BecketPylleGrade II*Details
St MargaretQueen CharltonGrade II*Details
St PeterRedlyGrade II*Details
All SaintsRodden ManorGrade II*Details
St BartholomewRodhuishGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsRowberrowGrade II*Details
St PeterRunningtonGrade II*Details
St GeorgeSampford BrettGrade II*Details
St MichaelSeavington St MichaelGrade II*Details
St MaryShapwickGrade II*Details
St JohnSkilgateGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistSouth BrewhamGrade II*Details
St Thomas a BecketSouth CadburyGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneSparkfordGrade II*Details
St MaryStanton DrewGrade II*Details
st LawrenceStanton PriorGrade II*Details
no dedicationStoke PeroGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulTauntonGrade II*Details
St AndrewThorne CoffinGrade II*Details
St MargaretThorne St MargaretGrade II*Details
St GilesThurloxtonGrade II*Details
St LeonardTivingtonGrade II*Details
St MaryUpper SwainswickGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneUpton NobleGrade II*Details
St MaryWambrookGrade II*Details
St MaryWanstrowGrade II*Details
St MichaelWayfordGrade II*Details
St ThomasWellsGrade II*Details
St PancrasWest BagboroughGrade II*Details
no dedicationWest BradleyGrade II*Details
St Martin of ToursWest CorkerGrade II*Details
St MaryWest HarptreeGrade II*Details
St PeterWest LydfordGrade II*Details
St Etheldreda or St AudriesWest QuantoxheadGrade II*Details
St LawrenceWestbury-sub-MendipGrade II*Details
Holy CrossWeston BampfyldeGrade II*Details
St NicholasWeston-super-MareGrade II*Details
St GeorgeWhatleyGrade II*Details
St NicholasWhitchurchGrade II*Details
St MaryWhitelackingtonGrade II*Details
St LawrenceWick St LawrenceGrade II*Details
St PeterWillitonGrade II*Details
St StephenWinshamGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneWithiel FloreyGrade II*Details
St AndrewWithypoolGrade II*Details
St AndrewWiveliscombeGrade II*Details
St MaryYarlingtonGrade II*Details
St JamesYeovilGrade II*Details
St MichaelBurrowbridgeGrade IIDetails
St Philip and St James BurtleGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChapelBurtonGrade IIDetails
no dedicationChapel AllertonGrade IIDetails
St JohnCharlton MusgroveGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChapelCheddarGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChapelChew MagnaGrade IIDetails
St JamesChillingtonGrade IIDetails
St EdwardChilton PoldenGrade IIDetails
ChapelChurchinfordGrade IIDetails
St MaryChurchtownGrade IIDetails
St MaryClavertonGrade IIDetails
All SaintsClevedonGrade IIDetails
St MaryClevedonGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityColefordGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityCombe DownGrade IIDetails
St PeterCombwichGrade IIDetails
All SaintsCorstonGrade IIDetails
St AndrewCorton DenhamGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchCoxleyGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChapelCrickhamGrade IIDetails
All SaintsCurlandGrade IIDetails
MethodistDinghurstGrade IIDetails
St PeterDraycottGrade IIDetails
St JohnDurstonGrade IIDetails
St MaryEast ChinnockGrade IIDetails
All SaintsEast HuntspillGrade IIDetails
St PaulEastonGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistFarrington GurneyGrade IIDetails
CongregationalFulwoodGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityGodneyGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistHeathfieldGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchHentonGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityHigh LittletonGrade IIDetails
ChapelHigher WambrookGrade IIDetails
MethodistHillcommonGrade IIDetails
St MaryHolfordGrade IIDetails
All SaintsIsle BrewersGrade IIDetails
MethodistKeinton MandevilleGrade IIDetails
St NicholasKelstonGrade IIDetails
St NicholasKiltonGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchLong LoadGrade IIDetails
St BartholomewLower FailandGrade IIDetails
St Peter and St PaulLuftonGrade IIDetails
St Peter and St PaulMapertonGrade IIDetails
MethodistMartockGrade IIDetails
St JohnMidsomer NortonGrade II 
St MichaelMonkton CoombeGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChurchMontacuteGrade IIDetails
St Peter and St JohnMoorlandGrade IIDetails
St NicholasNorth BarrowGrade IIDetails
MethodistNorth CurryGrade IIDetails
United ReformedNorth PethertonGrade IIDetails
CongregationalOtheryGrade IIDetails
MethodistPaultonGrade IIDetails
St LeonardPitcombeGrade IIDetails
MethodistRadstockGrade IIDetails
MethodistRodeGrade IIDetails
St MarySaltfordGrade IIDetails
Holy CrossSampford ArundelGrade IIDetails
All SaintsSandfordGrade IIDetails
St PeterShepton MontagueGrade IIDetails
St LeonardShiphamGrade IIDetails
MethodistSomertonGrade IIDetails
St PeterSouth BarrowGrade II 
St JohnStaplegroveGrade IIDetails
St MaryStocklinch OtterseyGrade II 
MethodistStoke Sub HamdonGrade IIDetails
St AndrewStoke TristerGrade IIDetails
St Mary MagdaleneStowellGrade IIDetails
St JohnTatworthGrade IIDetails
All SaintsTellisfordGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchThealeGrade IIDetails
St ThomasThurlbearGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistTollandGrade IIDetails
St PeterTreboroughGrade II 
MethodistUbleyGrade IIDetails
St EdmundUpper VobsterGrade IIDetails
St JamesUptonGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityWaltonGrade IIDetails
St PaulWalton in GordanoGrade IIDetails
St GeorgeWembdonGrade IIDetails
St AndrewWest HatchGrade IIDetails
EmmanuelWeston Super MareGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistWeston Super MareGrade IIDetails
St NicholasWeston-super-MareGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChurchWithyditchGrade IIDetails
St Mary MagdaleneWookey HoleGrade IIDetails