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Churches of Nottinghamshire

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26 : All Saints
25 : St Mary
12 : St Peter
10 : Holy Trinity
10 : St Peter and St Paul
9 : St Giles
8 : St Helen
7 : St Wilfrid
6 : St John the Baptist
6 : St Michael
5 : St Andrew
5 : St Luke
5 : St Nicholas
4 : St John the Evangelist
4 : St Martin
4 : St Mary Magdalene
3 : St Bartholomew
3 : St Edmund
3 : St John
3 : St Laurence
3 : St Leonard
3 : St Mary and All Saints
3 : St Michael and All Angels
2 : All Hallows
2 : St Augustine
2 : St Helena
2 : St James
2 : St John of Beverley
2 : St Margaret
2 : St Mark
2 : St Michael the Archangel
2 : St Oswald
2 : St Paul
2 : St Swithin
2 : St Swithun
2 : St Wilfred
1 : Cathedral and Minster Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1 : Chapel
1 : Christ Church
1 : Emmanuel
1 : Holy Cross
1 : Holy Rood
1 : Methodist
1 : Our Lady & St Peter
1 : Priory Church of St Mary & St Cuthbert
1 : Priory Church of St Peter
1 : St Anne
1 : St Catherine
1 : St Cecilia
1 : St Christopher
1 : St Denis
1 : St George
1 : St Gregory
1 : St James the Great
1 : St John of Jerusalem
1 : St John the Divine
1 : St Katherine
1 : St Lawrence
1 : St Leodegarius
1 : St Mary and St Martin
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Patrick
1 : St Radegund
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Thomas
1 : St Winifred
St MaryAttenboroughGrade I1263869
St MichaelAverhamGrade I1046008
All SaintsBabworthGrade I1370370
St GilesBaldertonGrade I1369963
All SaintsBarnby in the WillowsGrade I1302715
St GeorgeBarton in FabisGrade I1248685
St MargaretBilsthorpeGrade I1045616
St Mary and All SaintsBinghamGrade I1045660
St Mary and St MartinBlythGrade I1239182
St MaryBunnyGrade I1248713
St HelenBurton JoyceGrade I1227460
St MaryCar ColstonGrade I1045667
St John the EvangelistCarlton in LindrickGrade I1045742
St AndrewCauntonGrade I1045974
St JohnClarboroughGrade I1370125
St PeterClayworthGrade I1212157
St MaryCliftonGrade I1270726
St MaryClumber ParkGrade I1045032
All SaintsCollinghamGrade I1156985
St John the BaptistCollinghamGrade I1046050
All SaintsCotgraveGrade I1277792
St GilesCromwellGrade I1369982
St GilesCropwell BishopGrade I1045650
St MaryCuckneyGrade I1206551
St OswaldDunham on TrentGrade I1370101
St PeterEast BridgfordGrade I1272697
St Peter and St PaulEast DraytonGrade I1212946
St MaryEast LeakeGrade I1260244
St John the BaptistEast MarkhamGrade I1223679
St MaryEdwinstoweGrade I1045467
St MaryEgmantonGrade I1156553
St GilesElkesleyGrade I1223919
Holy CrossEpperstoneGrade I1045543
St PeterFarndonGrade I1178470
St GregoryFledboroughGrade I1045689
St AugustineFlinthamGrade I1272726
St PeterGamstonGrade I1224125
All HallowsGedlingGrade I1235924
St LawrenceGothamGrade I1260206
All SaintsGranbyGrade I1265230
St Michael the ArchangelHalamGrade I1045520
All SaintsHawtonGrade I1046031
St PeterHaytonGrade I1034425
St PeterHeadonGrade I1224198
St LukeHicklingGrade I1264986
St GilesHolmeGrade I1302380
St EdmundHolme PierrepontGrade I1249315
St WilfredKelhamGrade I1302213
St Mary MagdaleneKeyworthGrade I1039626
St WinifredKingston on SoarGrade I1242066
St BartholomewKneesallGrade I1156936
Holy TrinityLambleyGrade I1264623
St PeterLanehamGrade I1233511
St AndrewLangarGrade I1264793
St BartholomewLangfordGrade I1302343
St MichaelLaxtonGrade I1370158
St NicholasLittleboroughGrade I1216860
St WilfridLow MarnhamGrade I1276534
St MaryLowdhamGrade I1285738
St Peter and St PaulMansfieldGrade I1214166
St RadegundMaplebeckGrade I1045596
All SaintsMatterseyGrade I1239190
All SaintsMiltonGrade I1224544
St John the BaptistMissonGrade I1045108
All SaintsMistertonGrade I1302717
St Mary MagdaleneNewark-on-TrentGrade I1279450
St James the GreatNormanton on SoarGrade I1242162
St MartinNorth LevertonGrade I1234265
St WilfridNorth MuskhamGrade I1178997
St LaurenceNorwellGrade I1369970
St MaryNottinghamGrade I1342118
St MaryOrstonGrade I1272710
Holy RoodOssingtonGrade I1045958
St Peter and St PaulOxtonGrade I1285622
St JamesPapplewickGrade I1264291
St MaryPlumtreeGrade I1249618
All SaintsRamptonGrade I1233879
Holy TrinityRatcliffe on SoarGrade I1242163
Holy TrinityRollestonGrade I1045559
St MartinSaundbyGrade I1045083
St John of BeverleyScarringtonGrade I1272713
St WilfridScrevetonGrade I1243811
St PeterSibthorpeGrade I1244670
St AugustineSookholmeGrade I1262532
St WilfridSouth MuskhamGrade I1179422
St HelenSouth ScarleGrade I1302469
Cathedral and Minster Church of the Blessed Virgin MarySouthwellGrade I1374853
St John the BaptistStanford on SoarGrade I1242187
All SaintsStrelleyGrade I1248224
St BartholomewSutton Cum LoundGrade I1239776
All SaintsSutton on TrentGrade I1301889
St KatherineTeversalGrade I1234886
St HelenaThorotonGrade I1272720
Priory Church of St PeterThurgartonGrade I1045527
Holy TrinityTithbyGrade I1235979
St John the BaptistTreswellGrade I1234072
St NicholasTuxfordGrade I1224269
St LukeUpper BroughtonGrade I1264583
St Peter and St PaulUptonGrade I1369997
St Mary MagdaleneWalkeringhamGrade I1045085
St Peter and St PaulWarsopGrade I1240271
All SaintsWest MarkhamGrade I1224486
All SaintsWestonGrade I1179778
St Mary and All SaintsWilloughby-on-the-WoldsGrade I1242526
St John of JerusalemWinkburnGrade I1285594
Priory Church of St Mary & St CuthbertWorksopGrade I1156758
Holy TrinityWysallGrade I1259980
All SaintsAnnesleyGrade II*1275939
St MaryArnoldGrade II*1235987
St NicholasAskhamGrade II*1045707
St LeodegariusBasfordGrade II*1271037
All SaintsBeckinghamGrade II*1045129
EmmanuelBestwoodGrade II*1235441
St MartinBilboroughGrade II*1255110
St WilfredCalvertonGrade II*1235903
St GilesCarburtonGrade II*1370105
St MaryCarlton-on-TrentGrade II*1178592
All SaintsCoddingtonGrade II*1157230
St CatherineCossallGrade II*1247982
St MichaelCothamGrade II*1178419
St GilesDarltonGrade II*1212465
St PaulDaybrookGrade II*1236096
St AndrewEakringGrade II*1370132
St OswaldEast StokeGrade II*1045578
St GilesEdingleyGrade II*1193510
All SaintsElstonGrade II*1370154
Holy TrinityEvertonGrade II*1156568
St Peter and St PaulGrinley on the HillGrade II*1370395
St Mary and All SaintsHawksworthGrade II*1243797
St NicholasHockertonGrade II*1045486
St LukeKinoultonGrade II*1264839
St SwithunKirklingtonGrade II*1045490
Holy TrinityKirtonGrade II*1156898
Holy TrinityLentonGrade II*1247151
St MichaelLinbyGrade II*1265318
St MarkMansfieldGrade II*1214953
ChapelMoorhouseGrade II*1045631
St DenisMortonGrade II*1302376
St Peter and St PaulNorth WheatleyGrade II*1234572
St NicholasNottinghamGrade II*1270639
St AndrewNottinghamGrade II*1058983
St PatrickNuthallGrade II*1248182
All HallowsOrdsallGrade II*1045228
St John the EvangelistPerlethorpeGrade II*1045471
St LeonardRagnallGrade II*1233804
St SwithinRetfordGrade II*1370346
St Michael the ArchangelRetfordGrade II*1370357
St WilfridScroobyGrade II*1239733
St HelenSelstonGrade II*1275170
St Peter and St PaulShelfordGrade II*1250021
St MarySheltonGrade II*1244667
All SaintsSouth LevertonGrade II*1275880
St HelenStaplefordGrade II*1248029
St MaryStaunton in the ValeGrade II*1045995
St Peter and St PaulSturton le SteepleGrade II*1275773
St MichaelSutton BoningtonGrade II*1242372
St HelenThorneyGrade II*1302452
All SaintsThrumptonGrade II*1242423
St HelenTrowellGrade II*1278008
St EdmundWalesbyGrade II*1178711
St SwithinWellowGrade II*1370185
St HelenaWest LeakeGrade II*1242473
St Peter and St PaulWidmerpoolGrade II*1242476
St WilfridWilfordGrade II*1271049
St LeonardWollatonGrade II*1255283
St LeonardWollatonGrade II*1255283
St SwithunWoodboroughGrade II*1264188
St ThomasAslocktonGrade II1370146
St John the BaptistBeestonGrade II1263823
Holy TrinityBesthorpeGrade II1046061
St MaryBleasbyGrade II1045573
St MaryBleasbyGrade II1045573
St MartinBoleGrade II1045690
Our Lady & St PeterBothamsallGrade II1370119
St MatthewBoughtonGrade II1045621
MethodistBradmoreGrade II1248690
St Michael and All AngelsBramcoteGrade II1247920
Holy TrinityBulcoteGrade II1045533
St MaryBullwellGrade II1254584
St PaulCarltonGrade II1227480
St John the EvangelistCarringtonGrade II1270647
Christ ChurchCinderhallGrade II1254861
St John the DivineColston BassettGrade II1210496
All SaintsEatonGrade II1223917
St Michael and All AngelsElton on the HillGrade II1045615
St Michael and All AngelsFarnsfieldGrade II1286067
St PeterFlawboroughGrade II1272725
St CeciliaGirtonGrade II1302548
St LaurenceGonalstonGrade II1302344
St MaryGreasleyGrade II1263847
St HelenGroveGrade II1212395
St JamesHalloughtonGrade II1045555
All SaintsHarbyGrade II1157149
All SaintsHarworthGrade II1045715
St MichaelHoveringhamGrade II1370181
St MaryKilvingtonGrade II1178578
St WilfridKirkby in AshfieldGrade II1275908
St HelenKneetonGrade II1272706
St JohnMansfieldGrade II1215129
St StephenNottinghamGrade II1270861
St MaryRadcliffe on TrentGrade II1249734
St PeterRadfordGrade II1270769
All SaintsRempstoneGrade II1242180
St John the EvangelistScoftonGrade II1156830
St LukeShireoaksGrade II1045052
St AndrewSkegbyGrade II1234873
St ChristopherSneintonGrade II1270861
All SaintsSyerstonGrade II1178850
St LaurenceThorpeGrade II1178941
St PeterTollertonGrade II1373921
St GilesWest BridgfordGrade II1045677
St John of BeverleyWhatton-in-the-ValeGrade II1370146
All SaintsWinthorpeGrade II1178837
St AnneWorksopGrade II1045754
St JohnWorksopGrade II1370402