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Churches of Worcestershire
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23 : St Mary
18 : St Michael
17 : St John the Baptist
17 : St Peter
13 : St James
8 : All Saints
8 : St Leonard
8 : St Nicholas
7 : St Bartholomew
5 : Holy Trinity
5 : St Andrew
4 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St Peter and St Paul
3 : no dedication
3 : St Eadburga
3 : St Giles
3 : St Kenelm
3 : St Lawrence
2 : dedication unknown
2 : St Anne
2 : St Faith
2 : St James the Great
2 : St Michael and All Angels
2 : St Philip and St James
1 : Baptist
1 : Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin of Worcester
1 : Christ Church
1 : Convent of the Holy Name
1 : Methodist
1 : Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1 : Priory Church of St Mary and St Mchael
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Barbara
1 : St Cassian
1 : St Denys
1 : St Eadburgha
1 : St Edward, King and Martyr
1 : St Egwin
1 : St Gabriel
1 : St Gregory
1 : St John
1 : St John the Evangelist
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Martin
1 : St Mary and St Milburgh
1 : St Peter ad Vincula
1 : St Peter and St Lawrence
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Thomas
1 : St Wulstan
St PeterAbbots MortonGrade I1350229
St PeterAstleyGrade I1082676
St MaryAston SomervilleGrade I1214230
St John the BaptistBeckfordGrade I1167374
St LeonardBeoleyGrade I1167467
St GilesBredonGrade I1117088
St LeonardBretfortonGrade I1157784
St EadburgaBroadwayGrade I1287966
St John the BaptistBromsgroveGrade I1100363
St GregoryCastlemortonGrade I1156879
St CassianChaddesley CorbettGrade I1100682
St Mary MagdaleneCroome D'AbitotGrade I1082581
St MichaelCropthorneGrade I1116923
St NicholasDormstonGrade I1116851
St PeterDroitwich SpaGrade I1296639
St AndrewDroitwich SpaGrade I1167974
St Peter and St PaulEasthamGrade I1350032
St MaryElmley CastleGrade I1116640
All SaintsEveshamGrade I1081351
St LawrenceEveshamGrade I1081351
St John the BaptistFladburyGrade I1039147
Priory Church of St Mary and St MchaelGreat MalvernGrade I1082794
St MichaelGreat WhitleyGrade I1082655
St John the BaptistHalesowenGrade I1063767
St MaryHampton LovettGrade I1215375
St MaryHanburyGrade I147730
St JamesHarvingtonGrade I1350000
St Mary MagdaleneHimbletonGrade I1081205
St MartinHoltGrade I1349337
dedication unknownHoneybourneGrade I1081550
St JamesHuddingtonGrade I1350155
St PeterInkberrowGrade I1350279
St MaryKempseyGrade I1157621
St MaryKidderminsterGrade I1100050
St MichaelKnighton on TemeGrade I1167609
St EadburgaLeighGrade I1098765
St John the BaptistMambleGrade I1081406
St PeterMartleyGrade I1082960
St LeonardNewlandGrade I1098739
St FaithOverburyGrade I1167601
St PeterPebworthGrade I1081297
St PeterPirtonGrade I1258259
St Peter and St LawrencePowickGrade I1166920
St LeonardRibbesfordGrade I1115135
St MaryRippleGrade I1349090
St Peter and St PaulRockGrade I1100696
St KenelmRomsleyGrade I1100110
St PeterRous LenchGrade I1081652
St AndrewShelsley WalshGrade I1156637
St MaryShrawleyGrade I1082650
no dedicationSledge GreenGrade I1098789
St MichaelStoke HeathGrade I1100179
St John the BaptistStrenshamGrade I1273274
St NicholasWarndonGrade I1301320
St JohnWickhamfordGrade I1287774
Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin of WorcesterWorcesterGrade I1389728
St Mary MagdaleneAlfrickGrade II*1082221
St LaurenceAlvechurchGrade II*1100225
St BartholomewAreley KingsGrade II*1209472
St BarbaraAshton under HillGrade II*1081663
St JamesBadseyGrade II*1081600
St BartholomewBaytonGrade II*1081471
Holy TrinityBelbroughtonGrade II*1301271
St FaithBerrowGrade II*1098847
St PeterBesfordGrade II*1242557
St AnneBewdleyGrade II*1099966
St Peter and St PaulBirtsmortonGrade II*1302867
St PeterBishamptonGrade II*1259934
St MichaelBockletonGrade II*1082473
St John the BaptistBransfordGrade II*1098793
St Mary MagdaleneBroadwasGrade II*1349345
St MAryChildswickhamGrade II*1215972
All SaintsChurch LenchGrade II*1301843
St MichaelChurchillGrade II*1319712
St John the BaptistClainesGrade II*1063810
St AndrewCleeve PriorGrade II*1081345
St LeonardClentGrade II*1167000
St KenelmClifton upon TemeGrade II*1083009
St LeonardCotheridgeGrade II*1179067
St MichaelCrofton HackettGrade II*1348568
St John the BaptistCrowleGrade II*1081275
St JamesDeffordGrade II*1116858
St AugustineDodderhillGrade II*1095965
St NicholasEarl's CroomeGrade II*1302545
Holy TrinityEckingtonGrade II*1116723
St John the BaptistEldersfieldGrade II*1349234
St MaryElmbridgeGrade II*1215240
St MichaelElmley LovettGrade II*1215248
St John the BaptistFairfieldGrade II*1348319
St John the BaptistFeckenhamGrade II*1167686
St LeonardFrankleyGrade II*1100104
St John the BaptistGrafton FlyfordGrade II*1374136
St MichaelGreat CombertonGrade II*1242661
Convent of the Holy NameGreat MalvernGrade II*1082736
St BartholomewGrimleyGrade II*1349352
St John the BaptistHagleyGrade II*1100106
St Philip and St JamesHallowGrade II*1349353
St AndrewHamptonGrade II*1156771
St MaryHanley CastleGrade II*1349232
All SaintsHanley WilliamGrade II*1296918
St JamesHartleburyGrade II*1288150
St GilesHeightingtonGrade II*1145814
St MaryHill CroomeGrade II*1082590
St JamesHindlipGrade II*1081190
St PeterHinton on the GreenGrade II*1215987
St NicholasKemertonGrade II*1296868
St JamesKingtonGrade II*1259905
St MaryKyreGrade II*1179365
St PeterLittle CombertonGrade II*1242787
St MaryLongdonGrade II*1238836
St BartholomewLower SapleyGrade II*1098648
St Michael and All AngelsMartin HussingtreeGrade II*1350147
St NicholasMiddle LittletonGrade II*1303224
St BartholomewNaunton BeauchampGrade II*1259848
St EgwinNortonGrade II*1166454
St James the GreatNortonGrade II*1242858
St JamesOddingleyGrade II*1081220
St Mary and St MilburghOffenhamGrade II*1301324
St NicholasPeopletonGrade II*1242862
St NicholasPinvinGrade II*1258256
St NicholasQueenhillGrade II*1239009
St PeterRedditchGrade II*1100022
St MichaelRochfordGrade II*1082446
St MichaelSalwarpeGrade II*1081114
St MarySedgeberrowGrade II*1168041
St DenysSevern StokeGrade II*1178488
All SaintsShelsley BeauchampGrade II*1349514
St MichaelSouth LittletonGrade II*1081303
All SaintsSpetchleyGrade II*1258265
St Michael and All AngelsSt MichaelsGrade II*1349604
St AndrewStockton on TemeGrade II*1082110
no dedicationStoke BlissGrade II*1179715
St Edward, King and MartyrStoultonGrade II*1258689
St BartholomewTardebiggeGrade II*1100167
no dedicationThrockmortonGrade II*1258642
St PeterUpper ArleyGrade II*1100637
St KenelmUpton SnodsburyGrade II*1258793
St Peter and St PaulUpton upon SevernGrade II*1227107
St MichaelUpton WarrenGrade II*1287929
St John the BaptistWhite Ladies AstonGrade II*1258836
St LawrenceWichenfordGrade II*1082931
St MaryWickGrade II*1258672
St AnneWyre PiddleGrade II*1273334
St MichaelAbberleyGrade II1155514
St MaryAbberleyGrade II1155514
St EadburgaAbbertonGrade II1242555
All SaintsBewdleyGrade II1099960
St JamesBirlinghamGrade II1259966
MethodistBlackwellGrade II1389140
St James the GreatBlakedownGrade II1296885
St JamesBredicotGrade II1117084
St GilesBredon's NortonGrade II1117048
St MichaelBricklehamptonGrade II1116931
All SaintsBromsgroveGrade II1100370
St PeterBroomeGrade II1100701
St LeonardBroughton HackettGrade II1319693
St PeterBushleyGrade II1349706
St John the EvangelistCharltonGrade II1116913
St ThomasCrown EastGrade II1301020
St MaryDoverdaleGrade II1288258
Holy TrinityFar ForestGrade II1100699
St PeterFlyford FlavellGrade II1039144
St MaryGuarlfordGrade II1098842
St John the BaptistHadzorGrade II1081282
dedication unknownHanley ChildGrade II1167331
St GabrielHanley SwanGrade II1098814
St BartholomewHarpleyGrade II1082985
Holy TrinityHolbeachGrade II1167701
St MaryKnightwickGrade II1349693
St LawrenceLindridgeGrade II1081397
St WulstanLittle MalvernGrade II1098787
St MichaelLittle WitleyGrade II1082669
Christ ChurchLower BroadheathGrade II1302192
St MaryMadresfieldGrade II1098776
St JamesPensaxGrade II1081409
Our Lady of Mount CarmelRedditchGrade II1099999
St StephenRedditchGrade II1348619
St MichaelRushockGrade II1100658
St MaryStoneGrade II1348330
St John the BaptistSuckleyGrade II1302613
St Peter ad VinculaTibbertonGrade II1081185
St JamesWellandGrade II1078233
St JamesWest MalvernGrade II1349475
St Philip and St JamesWhittingdonGrade II1419333
All SaintsWildenGrade II1292175
BaptistWorcesterGrade II1390142
St MaryWychboldGrade II1215149