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Churches of Suffolk

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143 : St Mary
66 : All Saints
47 : St Peter
38 : St Andrew
15 : St Margaret
12 : St John the Baptist
12 : St Nicholas
12 : St Peter and St Paul
10 : St Michael
7 : Holy Trinity
7 : St James
6 : St Bartholomew
6 : St George
6 : St Lawrence
5 : St Edmund
5 : St Martin
5 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St Ethelbert
3 : St Botolph
2 : St Catherine
2 : St Gregory
2 : St John
2 : St Leonard
2 : St Margaret of Antioch
2 : St Mary and St Peter
2 : St Michael and All Angels
2 : St Petronilla
1 : All Saints & St Margaret
1 : Blessed Virgin Mary
1 : Cathedral Church of St James
1 : Christ Church
1 : Holy Innocents
1 : King Charles the Matyr
1 : Our Lady of Grace
1 : St Agnes
1 : St Andrew and Eustachius
1 : St Andrew and St Patrick
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Catherline
1 : St Clare
1 : St Genevieve
1 : St Giles
1 : St Gregory the Great
1 : St John the Devine
1 : St John the Evangelist
1 : St John the Lateran
1 : St Mary and St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and St Martin
1 : St Mary le Tower
1 : St Mathew
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Thomas Becket
All SaintsActonGrade I1036718
St MaryAldhamGrade I1037438
St Peter and St PaulAlphetonGrade I1036728
St PeterAmptonGrade I1198006
St MaryAshbyGrade I1352636
St EdmundAssingtonGrade I1036733
St MaryBactonGrade I1032755
St John the BaptistBadinghamGrade I1030808
St MaryBadleyGrade I1231082
St MaryBadwell AshGrade I1032210
St Peter and St PaulBardwellGrade I1376891
St Peter and St PaulBardwellGrade I1376891
St Mary and St PeterBarhamGrade I1033288
St MaryBarkingGrade I1231756
St AndrewBarninghamGrade I1376995
All SaintsBarrowGrade I1376863
Holy TrinityBarshamGrade I1032028
St MaryBattisfordGrade I1033018
St MichaelBecclesGrade I1186885
St NicholasBedfieldGrade I1032340
St MaryBedingfieldGrade I1213550
St Mary MagdaleneBildestonGrade I1037449
St MaryBlundestonGrade I1251145
All SaintsBlyfordGrade I1182809
Holy TrinityBlythburghGrade I1030710
St MaryBoxfordGrade I1037396
All SaintsBoxtedGrade I1351739
St GeorgeBradfield St GeorgeGrade I1228901
St AndrewBramfieldGrade I1198687
St MaryBramfordGrade I1208235
St PeterBramptonGrade I1352565
All SaintsBrandestonGrade I1030603
St PeterBrandonGrade I1037592
St MaryBrent EleighGrade I1351432
St MaryBrettenhamGrade I1037350
St EdmundBromeswellGrade I1030430
St PeterBruisyardGrade I1377166
St LawrenceBrundishGrade I1352203
Holy TrinityBungayGrade I1216997
St MaryBuresGrade I1036711
St MaryBurstallGrade I1036948
St MaryBury St EdmundsGrade I1342765
Cathedral Church of St JamesBury St EdmundsGrade I1377001
St MaryBuxhallGrade I1033025
St PeterCharsfieldGrade I1030343
St MaryChedistonGrade I1030488
All SaintsChelsworthGrade I1037358
St MaryChiltonGrade I1351732
St Peter and St PaulClareGrade I1194114
St PeterClaydonGrade I1250925
St PeterCockfieldGrade I1037333
St MaryCoddenhamGrade I1033267
St MaryCombsGrade I1033001
St MaryConey WestonGrade I1031174
St MichaelCookleyGrade I1030493
St AndrewCottonGrade I1352478
St AndrewCovehitheGrade I1032168
St MargaretCowlingeGrade I1376713
St MaryCratfieldGrade I1030502
St PeterCreeting St PeterGrade I1352072
St MaryDalhamGrade I1037701
All SaintsDarshamGrade I1198791
St MaryDebenhamGrade I1283304
St NicholasDenstonGrade I1031706
St MaryEarl SohamGrade I1030573
St MaryEarl StonhamGrade I1033223
St MaryEast BergholtGrade I1193803
All SaintsEastonGrade I1030590
St MaryEdwardstoneGrade I1194451
All SaintsElloughGrade I1352599
St PeterElmsettGrade I1194594
St MaryErwartonGrade I1286145
St GenevieveEustonGrade I1376962
St MartinExningGrade I1374828
St AgnesExningGrade I1374828
St Peter and St PaulEyeGrade I1316617
All SaintsEykeGrade I1030431
St Peter and St PaulFakenham MagnaGrade I1376921
St BartholomewFinninghamGrade I1352056
St MaryFlowtonGrade I1251233
All SaintsFornham All SaintsGrade I1031300
St MichaelFramlinghamGrade I1030391
St MaryFramsdenGrade I1033063
St Peter and St PaulFressingfieldGrade I1181830
All SaintsFrosterdenGrade I1032170
All SaintsGazeleyGrade I1037675
St NicholasGippingGrade I1352278
Holy TrinityGislehamGrade I1182784
St MaryGislinghamGrade I1033123
St MaryGlemsfordGrade I1036650
All SaintsGreat AshfieldGrade I1182120
Holy InnocentsGreat BartonGrade I1376986
St MaryGreat BlakenhamGrade I1251271
St Mary and St LawrenceGreat BricettGrade I1352160
St AndrewGreat CornardGrade I1180669
All SaintsGreat GlemhamGrade I1278504
St PeterGreat LivermereGrade I1283741
St LawrenceGreat WaldingfieldGrade I1351751
St Thomas BecketGreat WelnethamGrade I1278722
St BartholomewGrotonGrade I1037284
St MaryGrundisburghGrade I1377182
All SaintsHachestonGrade I1199742
St MaryHadleighGrade I1036820
St AugustineHarlestonGrade I1032731
All SaintsHartestGrade I1351776
St MaryHaughleyGrade I1352304
St MaryHawkedonGrade I1031651
All SaintsHawsteadGrade I1279106
St MaryHelminghamGrade I1033077
St GregoryHemingstoneGrade I1182641
St John the LateranHengraveGrade I1180513
St PeterHenleyGrade I1250935
St MaryHensteadGrade I1182832
St MargaretHerringfleetGrade I1031950
St EthelbertHessettGrade I1352400
St MargaretHeveninghamGrade I1030466
All SaintsHitchamGrade I1285593
All SaintsHoningtonGrade I1182036
All SaintsHoptonGrade I1198789
St Peter and St PaulHoxneGrade I1032509
St MaryHuntingfieldGrade I1183091
All SaintsIcklinghamGrade I1351332
St AndrewIketshall St AndrewGrade I1032019
St MargaretIlketshall St MargaretGrade I1198096
St MaryIxworthGrade I1180826
St Peter and St PaulKedingtonGrade I1376724
St Mary and St PeterKelsaleGrade I1199020
St MaryKerseyGrade I1351459
St EdmundKessinglandGrade I1182858
St MaryKettlebastonGrade I1037253
St AndrewKettleburghGrade I1283194
St Peter and St PaulLavenhamGrade I1037230
All SaintsLawshallGrade I1036594
All SaintsLaxfieldGrade I1180967
St PeterLevingtonGrade I1377335
St JamesLindseyGrade I1351517
St PeterLindseyGrade I1284818
St Margaret of AntiochLinstead ParvaGrade I1030442
St MaryLittle BlakenhamGrade I1251408
All SaintsLittle BradleyGrade I1227173
All SaintsLittle CornardGrade I1181529
St AndrewLittle GlemhamGrade I1230821
St NicholasLittle SaxhamGrade I1285080
St MaryLittle StonhamGrade I1352062
St LawrenceLittle WaldingfieldGrade I1181618
St Mary MagdaleneLittle WelnethamGrade I1278672
All SaintsLittle WenhamGrade I1033410
Holy TrinityLong MelfordGrade I1182550
St MargaretLowestoftGrade I1292943
St AndrewMarlesfordGrade I1278312
All SaintsMendhamGrade I1284675
St MaryMendleshamGrade I1032241
St John the BaptistMetfieldGrade I1182343
All SaintsMettinghamGrade I1284396
St AndrewMickfieldGrade I1183171
St PeterMildenGrade I1037111
St PeterMonk SohamGrade I1032265
St PeterMonks EleighGrade I1351546
St PeterMoultonGrade I1037681
St AndrewMuntfordGrade I1032081
St AndrewMutfordGrade I1032081
St MaryNaughtonGrade I1284646
St JamesNaylandGrade I1033597
St MaryNedgingGrade I1351560
St MaryNettlesteadGrade I1263028
St MaryNewbourneGrade I1377128
St BotolphNorth CoveGrade I1032041
St MaryOfftonGrade I1263030
St MaryOld NewtonGrade I1181693
St BartholomewOrfordGrade I1377119
St PeterOusdenGrade I1227383
St MaryPakenhamGrade I1181353
St PeterPalgraveGrade I1032776
St MaryParhamGrade I1030531
St MaryPolsteadGrade I1284554
St MaryPreston St MaryGrade I1037055
St NicholasRattlesdenGrade I1181243
St PeterRedishamGrade I1032042
St Gregory the GreatRendleshamGrade I1183412
St MaryRickinghallGrade I1241122
St MaryRickinghallGrade I1097030
St CatherineRingshallGrade I1283864
St GilesRisbyGrade I1031432
St MaryRoughamGrade I1031163
St NicholasRushbrookeGrade I1377019
St MarySanton DownhamGrade I1351353
All SaintsSaxteadGrade I1030537
St John the BaptistShadingfieldGrade I1183123
St GeorgeShimplingGrade I1033556
St PeterSibtonGrade I1283976
St MarySomershamGrade I1251599
All SaintsSomertonGrade I1033564
St MargaretSotterleyGrade I1032097
St LawrenceSouth CoveGrade I1032143
St GeorgeSouth Elmham St CrossGrade I1032003
St JamesSouth Elmham St JamesGrade I1198203
St MargaretSouth Elmham St Margaret Grade I1198266
St MichaelSouth Elmham St MichaelGrade I1352613
St NicholasSouth Elmham St NicholasGrade I1031997
All SaintsStansfieldGrade I1227686
St John the BaptistStoke by ClareGrade I1235153
St MaryStoke-by-NaylandGrade I1200030
Blessed Virgin MaryStonham AspalGrade I1033180
St GeorgeStowlangtoftGrade I1182897
St MargaretStradishallGrade I1235703
St MaryStratford St MaryGrade I1283820
St EthelbertTanningtonGrade I1032386
St PeterThebertonGrade I1227756
St NicholasThelnethamGrade I1194457
St PeterThoringtonGrade I1030681
St MaryThornham ParvaGrade I1285113
St MaryThorpe MorieuxGrade I1351578
St MargaretThrandestonGrade I1032763
St AndrewTostockGrade I1352395
St MaryTrostonGrade I1031250
St MartinTuddenham St MartinGrade I1030516
St MaryUffordGrade I1030273
St AndrewWalberswickGrade I1283823
St MaryWalsham Le WillowsGrade I1182197
St PeterWangfordGrade I1182389
St PeterWenhastonGrade I1030612
St PeterWenhastonGrade I1030612
St Mary MagdaleneWesterfieldGrade I1236090
St MargaretWesthorpeGrade I1033142
St PeterWestonGrade I1032007
St MaryWetherdenGrade I1284607
All SaintsWetheringsettGrade I1284593
St Margaret of AntiochWhatfieldGrade I1284413
St AndrewWickham SkeithGrade I1352521
All SaintsWickhambrookGrade I1264889
St MaryWilbyGrade I1181714
St AndrewWingfieldGrade I1032889
St AndrewWissettGrade I1199160
St MaryWissingtonGrade I1351854
St Mary MagdaleneWithersdale StreetGrade I1032948
St MaryWitneshamGrade I1183185
St MaryWoodbridgeGrade I1377024
St MaryWoolpitGrade I1181376
All SaintsWordwellGrade I1031270
All SaintsWorlingtonGrade I1037585
St MaryWorlingworthGrade I1032364
St GeorgeWyverstoneGrade I1181648
St MaryYaxleyGrade I1033114
St MaryAkenhamGrade II*1352028
St Peter and St PaulAldeburghGrade II*1269731
Our Lady of GraceAspallGrade II*1213437
St PeterAthelingtonGrade II*1032562
All SaintsBarnardistonGrade II*1031773
St John the BaptistBarnbyGrade II*1032106
St John the BaptistBarnbyGrade II*1032106
St MaryBarton MillsGrade II*1351305
St MaryBawdseyGrade II*1377190
St PeterBaylhamGrade II*1033258
St MaryBelsteadGrade II*1194048
St MichaelBenacreGrade II*1032110
St MaryBenhallGrade II*1030902
St MaryBentleyGrade II*1193823
All SaintsBeytonGrade II*1032500
St PeterBlaxhallGrade II*1198204
All SaintsBradfield CombustGrade II*1228768
St ClareBradfield St ClareGrade II*1279340
St AndrewBredfieldGrade II*1030745
St John the BaptistBrightwellGrade II*1030456
St MaryBromeGrade II*1352379
St MaryBuckleshamGrade II*1030457
St MaryBurgateGrade II*1032797
St John the BaptistButleyGrade II*1030848
St John the BaptistCampsea AsheGrade II*1030826
St MaryCapel St MaryGrade II*1285712
St PeterCarltonGrade II*1030668
St PeterCarlton ColvilleGrade II*1352577
St AndrewCavenhamGrade II*1192820
All Saints & St MargaretChattishamGrade II*1351620
St PeterChillesfordGrade II*1030855
St MaryCloptonGrade II*1377398
St PeterCopdockGrade II*1194324
St BartholomewCortonGrade II*1352637
St PeterCransfordGrade II*1183119
St MaryCreeting St MaryGrade II*1033245
St PeterCretinghamGrade II*1030322
All SaintsCrowfieldGrade II*1181164
St BotolphCulphoGrade II*1030504
St MaryDallinghooGrade II*1030325
St MaryDenhamGrade II*1285509
St MaryDepdenGrade II*1031669
All SaintsDrinkstoneGrade II*1352345
St John the DevineElmswellGrade II*1032468
St Andrew and St PatrickElvedenGrade II*1192876
St EthelbertFalkenhamGrade II*1030914
St MaryFarnhamGrade II*1230211
St PeterFelshamGrade II*1032627
St CatherlineFlemptonGrade II*1031415
St MaryFlixtonGrade II*1031989
St MartinFornham St MartinGrade II*1194364
St AndrewFreckenhamGrade II*1037614
St PeterFrestonGrade II*1036973
St MaryFristonGrade II*1287864
St MaryFristonGrade II*1287864
St MaryGosbeckGrade II*1181491
St MaryGreat BealingsGrade II*1030752
St MaryGreat BradleyGrade II*1181580
St AndrewGreat SaxhamGrade II*1031401
All SaintsGreat ThurlowGrade II*1031676
St JohnGreat WenhamGrade II*1033403
St MaryGreat WrattingGrade II*1031644
St MaryHalesworthGrade II*1267069
St MaryHarksteadGrade II*1286085
St AndrewHasketonGrade II*1030729
St MaryHaverhillGrade II*1375520
All SaintsHemleyGrade II*1030929
St PeterHepworthGrade II*1031214
St EthelbertHerringswellGrade II*1351310
St MaryHighamGrade II*1351625
All SaintsHolbrookGrade II*1193727
All SaintsHollesleyGrade II*1198383
St PeterHoltonGrade II*1352566
St MaryHolton St MaryGrade II*1351596
St MaryHomersfieldGrade II*1031994
St Andrew and EustachiusHooGrade II*1198717
St MaryHorhamGrade II*1032540
St LeonardHorringerGrade II*1298948
All SaintsHundonGrade II*1182185
St MichaelHunstonGrade II*1182395
St JamesIcklinghamGrade II*1037582
St MaryIckworthGrade II*1187001
St BartholomewInghamGrade II*1031246
St Mary le TowerIpswichGrade II*1235800
St MaryKentfordGrade II*1037677
All SaintsKentonGrade II*1283114
St LawrenceKnodishallGrade II*1215745
St LawrenceLackfordGrade II*1180661
St MaryLanghamGrade II*1352527
St MaryLittle FinboroughGrade II*1032984
St PeterLittle ThurlowGrade II*1227189
St MaryLittle WrattingGrade II*1227380
St John the BaptistLoundGrade II*1183409
St MaryMarket WestonGrade II*1283638
St MaryMartleshamGrade II*1030893
St MaryMellisGrade II*1181735
Holy TrinityMiddletonGrade II*1030647
St MaryMonewdenGrade II*1377393
St MartinNactonGrade II*1198181
All SaintsNewtonGrade II*1283418
St AndrewNortonGrade II*1352404
St NicholasOakleyGrade II*1181612
St Michael and All AngelsOccoldGrade II*1352447
St AndrewOld FelixstoweGrade II*1377364
St MaryOtleyGrade II*1030302
St MichaelPeasenhallGrade II*1183300
St CatherinePettaughGrade II*1182764
St Peter and St PaulPettistreeGrade II*1377418
St MaryPlayfordGrade II*1030508
St MaryPoslingfordGrade II*1265343
All SaintsRamsholtGrade II*1030735
St MaryRaydonGrade II*1286247
All SaintsRedeGrade II*1187006
St AndrewRedlingfieldGrade II*1032497
St MichaelRendhamGrade II*1199503
St MargaretReydonGrade II*1032142
All SaintsRingsfieldGrade II*1032044
St AndrewRushmere St AndrewGrade II*1377298
King Charles the MatyrShellandGrade II*1352321
All SaintsShelleyGrade II*1351959
St BartholomewShipmeadowGrade II*1032004
St John the BaptistSnapeGrade II*1231174
St PeterSouth Elmham St PeterGrade II*1283860
St PeterSpexhallGrade II*1032046
All SaintsSproughtonGrade II*1285956
St JamesStansteadGrade II*1033528
All SaintsStantonGrade II*1376971
St Mary MagdaleneSternfieldGrade II*1278252
All SaintsStoke AshGrade II*1181895
St MargaretStovenGrade II*1032100
All SaintsStustonGrade II*1032794
All SaintsSuttonGrade II*1030699
St MarySwefflingGrade II*1030766
St MarySylehamGrade II*1032919
St MaryTattingstoneGrade II*1351983
All SaintsThorndonGrade II*1215792
St MaryThornham MagnaGrade II*1033129
St GeorgeThwaiteGrade II*1032261
St AndrewTimworthGrade II*1194770
St MichaelTunstallGrade II*1198044
St MaryUggeshallGrade II*1352590
All SaintsWaldringfieldGrade II*1198720
St MaryWalpoleGrade II*1183285
St MaryWashbrookGrade II*1194408
St MargaretWattisfieldGrade II*1182475
St NicholasWattishamGrade II*1037033
St MaryWest StowGrade II*1180464
St PeterWestletonGrade II*1283793
St MaryWestleyGrade II*1205397
St AndrewWeybreadGrade II*1284449
St PetronillaWhepsteadGrade II*1230460
St PetronillaWhepsteadGrade II*1230460
St MaryWhersteadGrade II*1204027
All SaintsWickham MarketGrade II*1377135
St AndrewWinstonGrade II*1182799
St MaryWithersfieldGrade II*1235962
St LeonardWixoeGrade II*1236079
St MichaelWoolverstoneGrade II*1204060
All SaintsWorlinghamGrade II*1182968
St PeterYoxfordGrade II*1200659
St AndrewAldertonGrade II1377186
St AndrewAldringhamGrade II1287886
St MaryAshfield cum ThorpeGrade II1393110
St GregoryBarnhamGrade II1031280
St Michael and All AngelsBoulgeGrade II1284161
St AndrewBoytonGrade II1030738
St MaryCulfordGrade II1031237
St AndrewDarmsdenGrade II1278100
St JamesDunwichGrade II1283930
St AndrewGreat FinboroughGrade II1032977
St StephenHighamGrade II1193072
St MaryHinderclayGrade II1373923
St NicholasHintleshamGrade II1351644
St BotolphIkenGrade II1198033
St Mary and St MartinKirtonGrade II1377100
All SaintsLittle BealingsGrade II1030734
St AndrewLower LayhamGrade II1037136
St AndrewMeltonGrade II1253490
St John the BaptistOnehouseGrade II1198164
St MaryRedgraveGrade II1254091
All SaintsSemerGrade II1351576
St MargaretShottishamGrade II1030736
Holy TrinityStowuplandGrade II1352323
St PeterThurstonGrade II1183024
St MaryTrimley St MaryGrade II1030924
St MaryWillishamGrade II1251778
St JohnWoodbridgeGrade II1031016