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Churches of Gloucestershire

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59 : St Mary
24 : St Peter
18 : All Saints
16 : St Andrew
15 : Holy Trinity
15 : St James
15 : St John the Baptist
13 : St Michael
12 : St Michael and All Angels
11 : St Bartholomew
10 : St Mary Magdalene
9 : St Nicholas
8 : St Lawrence
7 : St George
7 : St John
5 : St James the Great
5 : St Margaret
5 : St Paul
4 : St Giles
4 : St Leonard
3 : Christ Church
3 : St Anne
3 : St Catherine
3 : St John the Evangelist
3 : St Oswald
3 : St Swithin
2 : Holy Cross
2 : Holy Rood
2 : St Barnabas
2 : St Cyr
2 : St Kenelm
2 : St Laurence
2 : St Martin
2 : St Peter and St Paul
2 : St Saviour
2 : St Stephen
1 : Abbey
1 : All Hallows
1 : Baptist Church
1 : Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity
1 : Congregational
1 : dedication unknown
1 : Holy Innocents
1 : Holy Jesus
1 : Mariners
1 : Mount Pleasant Union
1 : no dedication
1 : Priory Church of St James
1 : Priory Church of St Mary
1 : St Adeline
1 : St Albright
1 : St Andrew and Bartholomew
1 : St Arild
1 : St Arilda
1 : St David
1 : St Eadburgha
1 : St Edward
1 : St Edward King and Martyr
1 : St Edward the Confessor
1 : St Faith
1 : St Helen
1 : St James the Elder
1 : St John the Apostle
1 : St Lawrence with St James
1 : St Luke
1 : St Mark
1 : St Martin de Tours
1 : St Mary and Corpus Christi
1 : St Mary and St Peter
1 : St Mary's Abbey Church
1 : St Mathew
1 : St Michael and St Martin
1 : St Michael the Archangel
1 : St Philip and St Jacob
1 : St Philip and St James
1 : St Thomas a Becket
1 : St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : Temple
1 : United Reformed
1 : Zion Chapel
St James the GreatAbsonGrade IDetails
St BartholomewAldsworthGrade IDetails
St MaryAlmondsburyGrade IDetails
Holy RoodAmpney CrucisGrade IDetails
St MaryAmpney St MaryGrade IDetails
St MaryArlinghamGrade IDetails
St Andrew and BartholomewAshleworthGrade IDetails
Holy CrossAveningGrade IDetails
St AndrewAwreGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityBadgeworthGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsBadmintonGrade I 
St MargaretBagendonGrade IDetails
St MaryBerkeleyGrade IDetails
St MaryBiburyGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsBishop's CleaveGrade IDetails
St MaryBittonGrade IDetails
St LeonardBledingtonGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneBoddingtonGrade IDetails
St LawrenceBourton-on-the-HillGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsBrimpsfieldGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistBristolGrade IDetails
St PaulBristolGrade I 
St MarkBristolGrade I 
St StephenBristolGrade IDetails
Priory Church of St JamesBristolGrade I 
St GeorgeBrockworthGrade IDetails
St MichaelBucklandGrade IDetails
St MichaelBulleyGrade IDetails
St JamesCharfieldGrade I 
St AndrewChedworthGrade IDetails
St NicholasCheringtonGrade IDetails
St JamesChipping CampdenGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistChipping SodburyGrade IDetails
St BartholomewChurchdownGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistCirencesterGrade I 
Holy TrinityCold AshtonGrade IDetails
St AndrewCold AstonGrade IDetails
St AndrewColn RogersGrade IDetails
St James the GreatColn St DennisGrade IDetails
St MargaretCorseGrade IDetails
St AndrewCromhallGrade IDetails
Holy RoodDaglingworthGrade IDetails
St PeterDaylesfordGrade IDetails
Priory Church of St MaryDeerhurstGrade IDetails
St GeorgeDidbrookGrade IDetails
St LaurenceDidmartonGrade IDetails
St MichaelDowdeswellGrade IDetails
All SaintsDown AmpneyGrade IDetails
St PeterDumbletonGrade IDetails
St MichaelDuntisbourne RouseGrade IDetails
St James the GreatDursleyGrade IDetails
St MaryDymockGrade IDetails
St PeterDyrhamGrade IDetails
St Michael and St MartinEastleach MartinGrade IDetails
St AndrewEastleach TurvilleGrade IDetails
St EadburghaEbringtonGrade IDetails
St MaryEdgeworthGrade IDetails
St JohnElkstoneGrade IDetails
St MaryEnglish BicknorGrade IDetails
St MaryFairfordGrade IDetails
St FaithFarmcoteGrade IDetails
St PeterFarmingtonGrade IDetails
St NicholasGloucesterGrade IDetails
Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible TrinityGloucesterGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat WashbourneGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat WitcombeGrade IDetails
dedication unknownHailesGrade IDetails
St GeorgeHampnettGrade IDetails
St NicholasHardwickeGrade IDetails
St MaryHasfieldGrade IDetails
St MaryHawkesburyGrade IDetails
St MaryHighleadonGrade IDetails
Holy InnocentsHighnamGrade IDetails
St James the ElderHortonGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistHuntleyGrade IDetails
St MaryIcombGrade IDetails
St MaryKempleyGrade IDetails
St MaryKempsfordGrade IDetails
St JohnKenton GreenGrade IDetails
St GeorgeKing's StanleyGrade IDetails
St LawrenceLechlade on ThamesGrade IDetails
St SwithinLeonard StanleyGrade IDetails
St PeterLittle BarringtonGrade IDetails
St JamesLongboroughGrade IDetails
St LawrenceLongneyGrade IDetails
St LeonardLower LemingtonGrade IDetails
St NicholasLower OddingtonGrade IDetails
St MaryLydneyGrade IDetails
St MaryMarshfieldGrade IDetails
St LawrenceMickletonGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsMitcheldeanGrade IDetails
St StephenMoreton ValenceGrade IDetails
St MaryNewentGrade IDetails
All SaintsNewlandGrade IDetails
All SaintsNorth CerneyGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulNorthleachGrade IDetails
St BartholomewNotgroveGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistOxentonGrade IDetails
St John the EvangelistPauntley CourtGrade IDetails
St JamesPostlipGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistPrestonGrade IDetails
St Thomas a BecketPucklechurchGrade I 
St SwithinQueningtonGrade IDetails
St PeterRendcombGrade IDetails
St MaryRudfordGrade IDetails
St KenelmSappertonGrade IDetails
All SaintsSelsleyGrade IDetails
St AndrewSevenhamptonGrade IDetails
St OswaldShipton OliffeGrade IDetails
St MaryShipton SolersGrade IDetails
St AnneSistonGrade IDetails
St John the EvangelistSlimbridgeGrade IDetails
All HallowsSouth CerneyGrade IDetails
St PeterSouthropGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsStantonGrade IDetails
All SaintsStauntonGrade IDetails
St James the GreatStoke OrchardGrade IDetails
St LeonardStowellGrade IDetails
St EdwardStow-on-the-WoldGrade IDetails
All SaintsStroudGrade IDetails
St MarySudeley CastleGrade IDetails
St MarySydeGrade IDetails
St NicholasTeddingtonGrade IDetails
St MaryTemple GuitingGrade IDetails
St MaryTetburyGrade IDetails
St CatherineThe LeighGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityTibbertonGrade IDetails
St MichaelTirleyGrade IDetails
St AndrewToddingtonGrade IDetails
St Thomas of CanterburyTodenhamGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneTormartonGrade I 
St John the BaptistTredingtonGrade IDetails
All SaintsTurkdeanGrade IDetails
St MaryUpleadon CourtGrade IDetails
St MaryUpper SwellGrade IDetails
St JamesWesterleighGrade I 
St PeterWillerseyGrade IDetails
St PeterWindrushGrade IDetails
St BartholomewWinstoneGrade IDetails
St Michael the ArchangelWinterbourneGrade I 
St Michael and All AngelsWithingtonGrade IDetails
St LaurenceWyck RissingtonGrade IDetails
St MaryYateGrade I 
St MaryActon TurvilleGrade II*Details
St MargaretAldertonGrade II*Details
St MargaretAlstoneGrade II*Details
St PeterAmpney St PeterGrade II*Details
St NicholasAshchurchGrade II*Details
St JamesAshleyGrade II*Details
St AndrewAston SubedgeGrade II*Details
St JohnAustGrade II*Details
St MaryBarnsleyGrade II*Details
St LawrenceBarnwoodGrade II*Details
St MaryBatsfordGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneBauntonGrade II*Details
St PeterBishopsworthGrade II*Details
All SaintsBisleyGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulBlockleyGrade II*Details
St Lawrence with St JamesBourton-on-the-WaterGrade II*Details
All SaintsBoxbushGrade II*Details
St MaryBoxwellGrade II*Details
St CyrBridgendGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityBristolGrade II*Details
St GeorgeBristolGrade II*Details
St Philip and St JacobBristolGrade II*Details
St PaulBroadwellGrade II*Details
St MaryBromesberrowGrade II*Details
St SwithinBrookthorpeGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistChaceleyGrade II*Details
St MaryCharlton KingsGrade II*Details
St PeterCheltenhamGrade II*Details
St LawrenceCheltenhamGrade II*Details
St MaryCheltenhamGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneChurch EndGrade II*Details
St AndrewChurchamGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsChurchendGrade II*Details
St JamesClapton-on-the-HillGrade II*Details
St SaviourCoalpit HeathGrade II* 
St MichaelCoatesGrade II*Details
St GilesCoberleyGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistColn St AldwynsGrade II*Details
St OswaldCompton AbdaleGrade II*Details
St NicholasCondicoteGrade II*Details
St James the GreatCranhamGrade II*Details
St Mary and Corpus ChristiDown HatherleyGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityDoyntonGrade II*Details
St MaryDriffieldGrade II*Details
St PeterDuntisbourne AbbotsGrade II*Details
St JohnElbertonGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneElmstone HardwickeGrade II*Details
St Edward King and MartyrEvenlodeGrade II*Details
St MaryFlaxleyGrade II*Details
St MaryForthamptonGrade II*Details
St PeterFrampton CotterellGrade II*Details
St MaryFrampton on SevernGrade II*Details
St MaryFretherneGrade II*Details
St BarnabasGloucesterGrade II*Details
St MaryGreat BarringtonGrade II*Details
St JohnGreat RissingtonGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsGuiting PowerGrade II*Details
St JohnHarescombeGrade II*Details
St PeterHaresfieldGrade II*Details
St MichaelHarnhillGrade II*Details
St NicholasHatheropGrade II*Details
All SaintsHazletonGrade II*Details
All SaintsHempstedGrade II*Details
St MaryHenburyGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneHewelsfieldGrade II*Details
St MichaelHillGrade II*Details
St MartinHorsleyGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityHotwellsGrade II*Details
All SaintsKembleGrade II*Details
St Edward the ConfessorKempleyGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistKingscoteGrade II*Details
St AndrewLeightertonGrade II*Details
St PeterLittle RissingtonGrade II*Details
St MaryLittle WashbourneGrade II*Details
St MaryLower SlaughterGrade II*Details
St MaryLower SwellGrade II*Details
St GilesMaisemoreGrade II*Details
St JamesMangotsfieldGrade II* 
St MaryMeysey HamptonGrade II*Details
St PeterMinsterworthGrade II*Details
St AndrewMiserdenGrade II*Details
St BartholomewNympsfieldGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistOld SodburyGrade II*Details
St ArildOldbury on the HillGrade II*Details
St MaryOlvestonGrade II*Details
St AnneOxenhallGrade II*Details
St NicholasOzleworthGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsPlump HillGrade II*Details
All SaintsPrestonGrade II*Details
St MaryPrior's NortonGrade II*Details
St ArildaPullens GreenGrade II*Details
St JamesQuedgeleyGrade II*Details
St OswaldRockhamptonGrade II*Details
St MathewRodmartonGrade II*Details
All SaintsSalpertonGrade II*Details
St LawrenceSandhurstGrade II*Details
St JamesSaulGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneSherborneGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistShipton MoyneGrade II*Details
All SaintsShorncoteGrade II*Details
St PaulShurdingtonGrade II*Details
St PeterSiddingtonGrade II*Details
All SaintsSomerford KeynesGrade II*Details
St AlbrightStanwayGrade II*Details
St JamesStauntonGrade II*Details
St CyrStinchcombeGrade II*Details
St MichaelStoke GiffordGrade II* 
All SaintsStoneGrade II*Details
St Mary and St PeterTidenhamGrade II*Details
St LeonardTortworthGrade II*Details
St GilesUleyGrade II*Details
St PeterUpper SlaughterGrade II*Details
St PeterWapleyGrade II*Details
St LawrenceWeston-sub-EdgeGrade II*Details
St MargaretWhaddonGrade II*Details
St AndrewWheatenhurstGrade II*Details
St BartholomewWhittingtonGrade II*Details
St BartholomewWickGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityWickwarGrade II*Details
St MichaelWinsonGrade II*Details
St MaryWoodchesterGrade II*Details
St Martin de ToursWoolstoneGrade II*Details
St CatherineWormingtonGrade II*Details
St MichaelYanworthGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneAdlestropGrade IIDetails
St KenelmAlderleyGrade IIDetails
St HelenAlvestonGrade IIDetails
St AndrewAlvingtonGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityAmberleyGrade IIDetails
St MaryAylburtonGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchBerry HillGrade IIDetails
St MaryBeverstonGrade IIDetails
St MichaelBlaisdonGrade IIDetails
St PaulBread StreetGrade IIDetails
St MichaelBroad CampdenGrade IIDetails
St MaryBrownshillGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityBurleighGrade IIDetails
TempleBurnt NortonGrade IIDetails
St Michael and All AngelsBussageGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityCerney WickGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchChalfordGrade IIDetails
St JohnCharfieldGrade IIDetails
St MartinCharlton AbbotsGrade IIDetails
St Philip and St JamesCheltenhamGrade IIDetails
St MaryChurch WestcoteGrade IIDetails
St PeterCleeve HillGrade IIDetails
St BartholomewCoaleyGrade IIDetails
St JamesColesbourneGrade IIDetails
St JamesCutsdeanGrade IIDetails
United ReformedDrybrookGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChurchEastcombeGrade IIDetails
St GeorgeFalfieldGrade IIDetails
Mount Pleasant UnionFalfieldGrade IIDetails
St MaryFishpondsGrade II 
St LukeFrampton MansellGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistFrenchayGrade IIDetails
St AndrewFrocesterGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchGrettonGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityHarrow HillGrade IIDetails
St GilesHillesleyGrade IIDetails
CongregationalKingswoodGrade IIDetails
St MaryLasboroughGrade IIDetails
St AdelineLittle SodburyGrade IIDetails
St MaryLittleworthGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityLong NewntonGrade IIDetails
St DavidMoreton-in-MarshGrade IIDetails
St GeorgeNailsworthGrade IIDetails
St BartholomewNewington BagpathGrade IIDetails
St PeterNewnhamGrade IIDetails
St BartholomewOakridge LynchGrade IIDetails
Holy CrossOwlpenGrade IIDetails
St PaulParkendGrade IIDetails
St PeterPilningGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistPitchcombeGrade IIDetails
St Michael and All AngelsPoole KeynesGrade IIDetails
St Michael and All AngelsPoultonGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistRandwickGrade IIDetails
St SaviourRedbrookGrade IIDetails
St BartholomewRedmarley D'AbitotGrade IIDetails
St John the EvangelistRuspidgeGrade IIDetails
St John the ApostleSheepscombeGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinitySladGrade IIDetails
St Mary MagdaleneSneyd ParkGrade IIDetails
St BarnabasSnowshillGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityStapletonGrade II 
no dedicationTreshamGrade IIDetails
St PeterUpper FramilodeGrade IIDetails
Holy JesusUpper LydbrookGrade IIDetails
Zion ChapelUpper SoudleyGrade IIDetails
St JamesWest LittletonGrade IIDetails
St CatherineWestonbirtGrade IIDetails
St AnneWhelfordGrade IIDetails
AbbeyWinchcombeGrade IIDetails
All SaintsWinterbourne DownGrade II 
St AndrewWoolastonGrade IIDetails