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Churches of Devon

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80 : St Mary
40 : St Peter
31 : St Andrew
28 : All Saints
27 : St Michael
18 : St John the Baptist
16 : Holy Trinity
15 : St James
15 : St Michael and All Angels
10 : St George
10 : St John
8 : St Bartholomew
8 : St Mary Magdalene
7 : St Paul
6 : St Giles
6 : St Petrock
5 : Holy Cross
5 : St Lawrence
5 : St Nicholas
5 : St Peter and St Paul
5 : St Petroc
4 : St Gregory
4 : St Leonard
4 : St Margaret
4 : St Martin
4 : St Thomas
4 : St Thomas a Becket
3 : Chapel
3 : St Bridget
3 : St David
3 : St John the Evangelist
3 : St Luke
3 : St Mathew
3 : St Matthew
3 : St Nectan
3 : St Pancras
3 : St Swithun
2 : All Hallows
2 : St Clement
2 : St Edmund
2 : St James the Less
2 : St Michael the Archangel
2 : St Winifred
1 : Abbey church of the Holy Trinity
1 : All Saints and St Peter
1 : Blessed Virgin Mary
1 : Cathedral Church of St Peter
1 : Charles Church
1 : Christ Church
1 : Doccombe Chapel
1 : Herner Chapel
1 : Holy Ghost
1 : Methodist
1 : St Alban
1 : St Ann
1 : St Anne
1 : St Aubyn
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Barnabas
1 : St Batholomew
1 : St Blaize
1 : St Brannock
1 : St Brendon
1 : St Calixtus
1 : St Catherine
1 : St Constantine and St Aegidius
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Cyr and St Julittas
1 : St Disen
1 : St Edward
1 : St Edward, King and Martyr
1 : St Gabriel
1 : St George and All Saints
1 : St George and St Mary
1 : St George Martyr
1 : St German
1 : St Gregory the Great
1 : St Helen
1 : St Helena
1 : St Hieritha
1 : St Ida
1 : St James and St Anne
1 : St James the Great
1 : St James the Greator
1 : St John the Baptist and the Seven Maccabees
1 : St Margaret and St Andrew
1 : St Martin and St Mary
1 : St Mary and All Saints
1 : St Mary and Holy Trinity
1 : St Mary and St Benedict
1 : St Mary and St Gabriel
1 : St Mary and St Giles
1 : St Mary and St Gregory
1 : St Mary and St Peter
1 : St Mary Arches
1 : St Mary Steps
1 : St Mary with St Andrew
1 : St Maurice
1 : St Michael & All Angels
1 : St Michael-of-the-Rock
1 : St Nicholas & St Giles
1 : St Nicholas and St Cyriac
1 : St Nonna
1 : St Olave
1 : St Paul de Leon
1 : St Peter and St James
1 : St Peter, St Paula and St Thomas Becket
1 : St Petrock and St Barnabas
1 : St Petrox
1 : St Raphael
1 : St Rumon
1 : St Saviour
1 : St Sidwell
1 : St Simon and St Jude
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Swithin
1 : St Sylvester
1 : St Thomas Becket
1 : St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : St Thomas of Canturbury
1 : St Thomas the Aposile
1 : St Werburgh
1 : St Winwalloe Onocaus
1 : United Reformed
St AndrewAlwingtonGrade I1170749
St AndrewAshburtonGrade I1201040
St NectanAshcombeGrade I1308702
St DavidAshpringtonGrade I1108393
St MichaelAshtonGrade I1097856
St PeterAshwaterGrade I1164568
St MaryAtheringtonGrade I1106857
St Michael and All AngelsAwliscombeGrade I1098097
St MichaelAxmouthGrade I1098593
St MichaelBamptonGrade I1306717
St George and All SaintsBeafordGrade I1105078
St AndrewBere FerrersGrade I1163103
St MaryBerry PomeroyGrade I1108535
St MaryBickingtonGrade I1097150
St MaryBickleighGrade I1107473
St MaryBishop's NymptonGrade I1107268
St John the BaptistBishop's TawtonGrade I1366220
St John the BaptistBishopsteigntonGrade I1147247
St MichaelBlackawtonGrade I1108023
St JamesBondleighGrade I1326420
St Peter, St Paula and St Thomas BecketBovey TraceyGrade I1334077
St NonnaBradstoneGrade I1326684
St PeterBrampford SpekeGrade I1163855
St WinifredBranscombeGrade I1309398
St MaryBratton ClovellyGrade I1326312
St BrannockBrauntonGrade I1325560
St Michael-of-the-RockBrent TorGrade I1104836
St Thomas BecketBridfordGrade I1097825
St MaryBrixtonGrade I1325213
St JohnBroadclystGrade I1170465
St AndrewBroadhemburyGrade I1281269
St Peter and St PaulBroadhemstonGrade I1317828
All HallowsBroadwoodkellyGrade I1146659
St NicholasBroadwoodwidgerGrade I1333032
St AndrewBuckland MonachorumGrade I1326380
St MaryBurlescombeGrade I1106465
Holy TrinityBurringtonGrade I1325731
St Michael and All AngelsCadburyGrade I1261589
St BartholomewCadeleighGrade I1253997
St Michael the ArchangelChagfordGrade I1308610
St JamesChawleighGrade I1325813
St MaryCheriton BishopGrade I1105969
St MathewCheriton FitzpaineGrade I1325593
St HierithaChittlehamptonGrade I1273408
St JamesChristowGrade I1163790
St Martin and St MaryChudleighGrade I1164590
St Mary MagdaleneChulmleighGrade I1325762
St LeonardClawtonGrade I1104685
St AndrewClayhidonGrade I1325826
All SaintsClovelly CourtGrade I1333106
St AndrewClyst HydonGrade I1162001
St LawrenceClyst St LawrenceGrade I1333709
St BartholomewCoffinswellGrade I1164557
St MatthewColdridgeGrade I1106595
St AndrewColebrookeGrade I1171235
St AndrewColytonGrade I1306053
St PeterCombe MartinGrade I1106799
St MaryCombpyneGrade I1170551
St Michael and All AngelsCornwoodGrade I1107445
St PeterCornworthyGrade I1291647
Holy CrossCreditionGrade I1209720
Holy CrossCruwys MorchardGrade I1254134
St AndrewCullomptonGrade I1306902
St PeterDalwoodGrade I1170586
St PetroxDartmouthGrade I1297086
St ClementDartmouthGrade I1208447
St SaviourDartmouthGrade I1293197
St George MartyrDean PriorGrade I1308741
St MaryDenburyGrade I1170197
St MaryDiptfordGrade I1211482
St GeorgeDittishamGrade I1108270
St Thomas a BecketDodbrookeGrade I1317351
St MichaelDoddiscombsleighGrade I1333908
St PeterDowlandGrade I1309370
St MaryDown St MaryGrade I1242581
Holy TrinityDrewsteigntonGrade I1106073
St Michael and All AngelsDunchideockGrade I1334285
St MaryDunsfordGrade I1215069
All SaintsDuntertonGrade I1163426
All SaintsEast BudleighGrade I1204468
St BartholomewEast OgwellGrade I1096697
St Peter and St PaulErmingtonGrade I1308362
Cathedral Church of St PeterExeterGrade I1333352
St MartinExeterGrade I1169625
St Mary ArchesExeterGrade I1224263
St ThomasExeterGrade I1169954
St DavidExeterGrade I1267226
St Mary StepsExeterGrade I1239677
St MartinExminsterGrade I1334270
St Mary and St GregoryFrithelstockGrade I1105177
Holy TrinityGidleighGrade I1106128
St MichaelGittishamGrade I1097994
St BlaizeHaccombeGrade I1168193
St AndrewHalbertonGrade I1306759
St LeonardHalwellGrade I1108275
St AndrewHarbertonGrade I1108222
St PetrocHarfordGrade I1162617
St NectanHartlandGrade I1333125
St John the BaptistHatherleighGrade I1105250
St John the BaptistHawkchurchGrade I1098492
St AugustineHeanton PunchardonGrade I1107743
St MaryHennockGrade I1166001
St MaryHigh BickingtonGrade I1326598
All SaintsHigh BrayGrade I1107558
All SaintsHighweekGrade I1257209
St AndrewHittisleighGrade I1273398
All SaintsHolbetonGrade I1107808
All SaintsHolcombe RogusGrade I1106421
St MaryHolneGrade I1107379
St MaryHoneychurchGrade I1105288
St MichaelHorwoodGrade I1325319
St JamesIddesleighGrade I1309051
Holy TrinityIlfracombeGrade I1208207
St MichaelIlsingtonGrade I1240794
St John the BaptistInstowGrade I1107600
St AndrewIpplepenGrade I1334135
St MaryKellyGrade I1104815
St AndrewKennGrade I1097721
St MaryKentisbeareGrade I1106503
All SaintsKentonGrade I1169255
St JamesKing's NymptonGrade I1153053
St EdmundKingsbridgeGrade I1165559
St PaulLandkeyGrade I1107687
St Thomas of CanterburyLapfordGrade I1250085
St PeterLewtrenchardGrade I1326326
St MaryLiftonGrade I1317823
St SwithunLittlehamGrade I1105152
St John the BaptistLittlehempstonGrade I1108513
St JamesLuffincottGrade I1161919
St MaryLuppittGrade I1307043
St JohnLustleighGrade I1334119
All SaintsMalboroughGrade I1108485
St WinifredManatonGrade I1097224
St JohnMarldonGrade I1308643
St Michael and All AngelsMarwoodGrade I1107157
St MaryMary TavyGrade I1326217
St MaryMarystowGrade I1326319
St PeterMeavyGrade I1105442
St John the BaptistMemburyGrade I1170817
St Constantine and St AegidiusMilton AbbotGrade I1326349
St GeorgeModburyGrade I1108059
St MaryMollandGrade I1288998
St GeorgeMonkleighGrade I1305679
St MaryMorchard BishopGrade I1263283
All SaintsMoreleighGrade I1108278
St Mary MagdaleneMortehoeGrade I1107750
St MichaelMusburyGrade I1333564
St John the BaptistNetherexeGrade I1097624
Holy CrossNewton FerrersGrade I1325256
St Cyr and St JulittasNewton St CyresGrade I1161827
St JohnNorth BoveyGrade I1097172
St MaryNorth HuishGrade I1108208
All SaintsNorth MoltonGrade I1288637
St PeterNorth TawtonGrade I1146842
St MargaretNorthamGrade I1169270
St Thomas of CanturburyNorthlewGrade I1147443
St BartholomewNymet RowlandGrade I1106570
St BartholomewNymet TraceyGrade I1107017
St MaryOffwellGrade I1104090
St MaryOttery St MaryGrade I1212599
St JohnPaigntonGrade I1195097
St PetrockParracombeGrade I1325740
St MaryPayhemburyGrade I1333739
St PeterPeter TavyGrade I1105400
St MaryPiltonGrade I1385316
St John the BaptistPlymtreeGrade I1333727
St MaryPoltimoreGrade I1333257
St Michael and All AngelsPoughillGrade I1250726
All SaintsRackenfordGrade I1325445
Blessed Virgin MaryRatteryGrade I1147626
St PeterRevelstokeGrade I1107794
St MaryReweGrade I1305699
St AndrewSampford CourtenayGrade I1105290
St John the BaptistSampford PeverellGrade I1106431
St MarySampford SpineyGrade I1326222
St SwithinSandfordGrade I1258905
St PeterSatterleighGrade I1258740
St GregorySeatonGrade I1164812
St Edward, King and MartyrShaugh PriorGrade I1162816
St LeonardSheepstorGrade I1171232
St MartinSherfordGrade I1169223
St PeterShirwellGrade I1107134
St GilesSidburyGrade I1216540
St MarySilvertonGrade I1106629
St JamesSlaptonGrade I1164002
St PetrocSouth BrentGrade I1147794
All SaintsSouth MiltonGrade I1108433
St Nicholas and St CyriacSouth PoolGrade I1324926
St AndrewSouth TawtonGrade I1106035
St Michael and All AngelsSowtonGrade I1334001
St Paul de LeonStavertonGrade I1108524
St Michael and All AngelsStocklandGrade I1098406
St MaryStockleigh PomeroyGrade I1251012
St Mary and St GabrielStoke GabrielGrade I1108497
St BatholomewStoke RiversGrade I1107658
St Michael and All AngelsStokenhamGrade I1107972
St JohnStowfordGrade I1105532
St James the GreatTalatonGrade I1098109
St PeterTawstockGrade I1261627
Holy CrossTetcottGrade I1252173
St MaryThrowleighGrade I1168195
St GeorgeThrusheltonGrade I1105510
St PeterTivertonGrade I1384949
Holy TrinityTorbryanGrade I1249658
St MaryUpton HellionsGrade I1243553
St MaryWalkhamptonGrade I1105371
Holy TrinityWeare GiffardGrade I1171583
St WerburghWemburyGrade I1169151
All SaintsWest AlvingtonGrade I1108423
St MaryWest WorlingtonGrade I1107298
St PeterWestleighGrade I1163906
St AndrewWhitchurchGrade I1326196
St PancrasWidecombe in the MoorGrade I1242571
St MaryWillandGrade I1306617
St John the BaptistWitheridgeGrade I1305506
St John the BaptistWoodlandGrade I1263572
St JamesAbbots BickingtonGrade II*1105113
St HelenAbbotshamGrade II*1104408
St MaryAbbotskerswellGrade II*1334113
St MichaelAlphingtonGrade II*1103980
All SaintsAlverdiscottGrade II*1170720
St JamesArlingtonGrade II*1106820
St MaryAshburyGrade II*1326285
St PeterAshfordGrade II*1107140
St JamesAshreigneyGrade II*1104609
St AndrewAveton GiffordGrade II*1108171
St MaryAxminsterGrade II*1333520
St MaryAylesbeareGrade II*1328734
Holy TrinityBarnstableGrade II*1384982
St Peter and St PaulBarnstableGrade II*1385251
St MaryBelstoneGrade II*1106119
St PeterBerrynarborGrade II*1306896
St MaryBickleighGrade II*1106964
St MaryBictonGrade II*1203724
St MaryBidefordGrade II*1200893
St LawrenceBigburyGrade II*1325078
St MaryBlack TorringtonGrade II*1105121
All SaintsBradfordGrade II*1105088
St John the BaptistBradworthyGrade II*1163892
St BridgetBridestoweGrade II*1326297
St MaryBrushfordGrade II*1106600
St Mary and St GilesBuckerellGrade II*1333760
Holy TrinityBuckfastleighGrade II*1209920
St Mary and St BenedictBuckland BrewerGrade II*1105169
St Mary and Holy TrinityBuckland FilleighGrade II*1104552
St PeterBuckland in the MoorGrade II*1209699
St MichaelBulkworthyGrade II*1104977
St MathewButterleighGrade II*1326143
St MaryCalverleighGrade II*1169381
St AndrewChardstockGrade II*1333540
St MaryCheldonGrade II*1325761
St MatthewChelstonGrade II*1218480
St SylvesterChivelstoneGrade II*1108470
St MaryChurchstowGrade II*1108148
St MaryChurston FerrersGrade II*1293060
St PetrockClannboroughGrade II*1106979
St PeterClayhangerGrade II*1325658
St Michael and All AngelsClyst HonitonGrade II*1203333
St George and St MaryCockingtonGrade II*1208547
St John the BaptistColaton RaleighGrade II*1097559
St MaryCollaton St MaryGrade II*1207472
St NicholasCombe RaleighGrade II*1333782
All SaintsCombeinteignheadGrade II*1147932
St John the Baptist and the Seven MaccabeesCookburyGrade II*1162728
St AndrewCorytonGrade II*1163271
St MichaelCotleighGrade II*1098246
St John the EvangelistCountisburyGrade II*1289192
All SaintsCulmstockGrade II*1325886
St MaryDartingtonGrade II*1219488
St GregoryDawlishGrade II*1164203
St AubynDevonportGrade II*1130019
St EdmundDoltonGrade II*1104629
St AndrewEast AllingtonGrade II*1108031
St MichaelEast AnsteyGrade II*1325768
St John the BaptistEast DownGrade II*1163326
St Winwalloe OnocausEast PortlemouthGrade II*1306828
St EdwardEggbucklandGrade II*1130025
All SaintsEggesfordGrade II*1162978
St MaryExbourneGrade II*1308851
St Michael & All AngelsExeterGrade II*1333344
St OlaveExeterGrade II*1103969
Holy TrinityExmouthGrade II*1333475
St Petrock and St BarnabasFarringdonGrade II*1328759
St MichaelFarwayGrade II*1309200
St AndrewFenitonGrade II*1333731
St PaulFilleighGrade II*1107543
St PaulFremingtonGrade II*1163217
St GeorgeGeorge NymptonGrade II*1309366
St GermanGermansweekGrade II*1105609
St GregoryGoodleighGrade II*1164580
St MichaelGreat TorringtonGrade II*1104787
St Peter and St JamesHalwillGrade II*1104639
St Gregory the GreatHarpfordGrade II*1141405
St MaryHemyockGrade II*1169390
Holy CrossHighamptonGrade II*1165844
St Simon and St JudeHockworthyGrade II*1106446
St JohnHolcombe BurnellGrade II*1215659
St Peter and St PaulHolsworthyGrade II*1104945
St MichaelHonitonGrade II*1306112
St James the LessHuishGrade II*1309259
All SaintsHuntshamGrade II*1169256
St Mary MagdaleneHuntshawGrade II*1326528
St MaryHuxhamGrade II*1098307
St PetrocInwardleighGrade II*1105205
St JamesJacobstoweGrade II*1326489
St John the BaptistKennerleighGrade II*1107038
St ThomasKentisburyGrade II*1106810
St GilesKilmingtonGrade II*1098461
St MaryKingskerswellGrade II*1334161
St MichaelKingsteigntonGrade II*1097088
St James the LessKingstonGrade II*1166006
St PeterKnowstoneGrade II*1106680
St PeterLamertonGrade II*1171163
Holy TrinityLandcrossGrade II*1105150
St MathewLandscoveGrade II*1108532
All SaintsLangtreeGrade II*1104560
St GilesLittle TorringtonGrade II*1105026
St Margaret and St AndrewLittlehamGrade II*1317702
St MichaelLoddiswellGrade II*1108121
St Michael and All AngelsLoxbeareGrade II*1106929
St Michael and All AngelsLoxhoreGrade II*1107692
St PetrocLydfordGrade II*1326399
St MaryLympstoneGrade II*1165089
St MaryLyntonGrade II*1282837
St Thomas the AposileMamhead ParkGrade II*1170048
St MaryMariansleighGrade II*1107243
St MartinMartinhoeGrade II*1106778
St Michael and All AngelsMeethGrade II*1308852
All SaintsMertonGrade II*1326588
Holy TrinityMilton DamerelGrade II*1162778
St Mary MagdaleneMonktonGrade II*1333700
St GeorgeMorebathGrade II*1106898
St LukeNewton PopplefordGrade II*1281606
St PetrockNewton St PetrockGrade II*1105096
St Thomas a BecketNewton TraceyGrade II*1253508
St GilesNorthleighGrade II*1333285
St PeterNoss MayoGrade II*1325259
St JamesOkehamptonGrade II*1105858
St MichaelOttertonGrade II*1281083
St PancrasPancrasweekGrade II*1164477
St JamesParkhamGrade II*1326557
St PetrockPetrockstoweGrade II*1333084
St Michael and All AngelsPinhoeGrade II*1104037
St PaulPlymouthGrade II*1117102
St MauricePlymptonGrade II*1386222
St Mary and All SaintsPlymstockGrade II*1330541
St ClementPowderhamGrade II*1333985
St MichaelPrincetownGrade II*1105434
St SwithunPyworthyGrade II*1164560
All HallowsRingmoreGrade II*1108047
St PeterRoboroughGrade II*1326612
St Mary with St AndrewRockbeareGrade II*1203864
St PeterRose AshGrade II*1107227
Holy TrinitySalcombeGrade II*1212759
St Mary and St PeterSalcombe RegisGrade II*1216101
St MichaelShebbearGrade II*1309558
St LawrenceSheepwashGrade II*1104503
St GeorgeShillingford St GeorgeGrade II*1165990
St SwithunShobrookeGrade II*1107048
St MichaelShuteGrade II*1171002
St Nicholas & St GilesSidmouthGrade II*1333807
St Thomas a BecketSourtonGrade II*1325962
St AndrewSouth HuishGrade II*1108465
St MarySouth ZealGrade II*1326105
St LawrenceSouthleighGrade II*1252576
St GilesSt Giles on the HeathGrade II*1333042
St MaryStockleigh EnglishGrade II*1250872
St PeterStoke FlemingGrade II*1325163
St AndrewStokeinteignheadGrade II*1097645
St MargaretStoodleighGrade II*1325674
St AndrewSutcombeGrade II*1326580
St MarySydenham DamerelGrade II*1165836
St Mary MagdaleneTaddiportGrade II*1147254
St Mary MagdaleneTavistockGrade II*1105836
St DavidThelbridge BartonGrade II*1262898
St PeterThornburyGrade II*1162910
All SaintsThurlestoneGrade II*1324947
St BarnabasTigleyGrade II*1324985
St MargaretTopshamGrade II*1170373
St PeterTrentishoeGrade II*1325745
St Michael the ArchangelTrushamGrade II*1308904
St MaryUffculmeGrade II*1325871
St PeterUplowmanGrade II*1168409
St Peter and St PaulUplymeGrade II*1333613
St MaryUpotteryGrade II*1168979
St GregoryVenn OtteryGrade II*1328749
St John the EvangelistWarkleighGrade II*1258818
St MaryWashfieldGrade II*1106889
St PeterWashford PyneGrade II*1251263
St NectanWelcombeGrade II*1333126
St PetrockWest AnsteyGrade II*1305803
St PeterWest BucklandGrade II*1161310
St MaryWhimpleGrade II*1163149
St CuthbertWidworthyGrade II*1317948
St MaryWoodleighGrade II*1108128
St AndrewYarnscombeGrade II*1104961
St BartholomewYealmptonGrade II*1306637
St PeterZeal MonachorumGrade II*1106544
St James and St AnneAlfingtonGrade II1212600
St StephenAshillGrade II1106479
St JamesAvonwickGrade II1216452
St AlbanBeaworthyGrade II1326286
St MichaelBeerGrade II1306427
St PeterBittadonGrade II1325591
All SaintsBradfieldGrade II1106509
St DisenBradninchGrade II1307064
St PeterBratton FlemingGrade II1325277
St MichaelBrauntonGrade II98290
St BrendonBredonGrade II1289343
All SaintsBrixhamGrade II1293023
St PeterBuckland-Tout-SaintsGrade II1325080
St PeterBudleigh SaltertonGrade II1103783
St John the BaptistCharlesGrade II1107553
St MaryCharletonGrade II1108510
St ThomasChevithorneGrade II1384704
St PaulChudleigh KnightonGrade II1309131
St GeorgeClyst St GeorgeGrade II1164124
St MaryClyst St MaryGrade II1333994
St MaryCoftonGrade II1164212
St JohnCoveGrade II1384706
St LawrenceCreditonGrade II1197082
St Mary MagdaleneCroydeGrade II1107776
United ReformedDawlishGrade II1334503
Doccombe ChapelDoccombeGrade II1097212
St NicholasDunkeswellGrade II1166362
Abbey church of the Holy TrinityDunkeswellGrade II1308999
St MichaelEast BucklandGrade II1325327
St MaryEast WorlingtonGrade II1107334
Christ ChurchEllacombeGrade II1206769
St LeonardExeterGrade II1224193
MethodistExmouthGrade II1333481
St PaulGulworthyGrade II1105704
St PeterHarbertonfordGrade II1108232
Herner ChapelHernerGrade II1107733
St PetrocHollacombeGrade II1165233
St RaphaelHuccabyGrade II1105449
St IdaIdeGrade II1165744
St MaryIdefordGrade II1097075
St ThomasKingswearGrade II1108544
St MatthewLeeGrade II1281875
ChapelLidwellGrade II1334486
St HelenaLundy IsldnGrade II1104955
St John the EvangelistLutonGrade II1147651
St JohnMeshawGrade II1107301
St LukeMilberGrade II1256926
All SaintsMonkokehamptonGrade II1326513
St PeterOakfordGrade II1325687
St PancrasPennycrossGrade II1113333
St PeterPeters MarlandGrade II1309763
St PetrockPettonGrade II1325633
St LukePosburyGrade II1306210
St GabrielPostbridgeGrade II1305888
St NicholasRingmoreGrade II1269163
St RumonRomansleighGrade II1171301
St James the GreatorSheldonGrade II1097999
All SaintsSparkwellGrade II1107402
St MichaelSpreytonGrade II1171836
St GilesSt Giles in the WoodGrade II1104983
St PaulStarcrossGrade II1306581
St MargaretTempletonGrade II1170128
St JohnTipton St JohnGrade II1213672
St PeterTwitchenGrade II1215407
St BridgetVirginstowGrade II1252406
St CatherineWithleighGrade II1384723
Holy TrinityWoodbury SaltertonGrade II1333267