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Churches of Cumbria
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27 : St Mary
21 : St Michael
14 : St John
14 : St Peter
12 : All Saints
11 : St Cuthbert
9 : Holy Trinity
8 : St James
8 : St Kentigern
6 : St Andrew
6 : St John the Baptist
6 : St Paul
5 : Methodist
5 : no dedication
5 : St John the Evangelist
4 : St Bridget
4 : St Luke
4 : St Oswald
3 : St Anne
3 : St Lawrence
3 : St Patrick
2 : St Catherine
2 : St Leonard
2 : St Martin
2 : St Michael and All Angels
2 : St Mungo
2 : St Nicholas
2 : St Stephen
1 : All Hallows
1 : Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity
1 : Chapel
1 : Chapel of Christ and St Mary
1 : Christ and Mary
1 : Christ Church
1 : dedication unknown
1 : Holy Cross and St Constantine
1 : Jesus Church
1 : Methodist Chapel
1 : Priory Church of St Mary and St Michael
1 : St Anthony
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Banabas
1 : St Barnabas
1 : St Bartholomew
1 : St Bega
1 : St Columba
1 : St Cuthbert and St Mary
1 : St Cuthbery
1 : St Cuthert
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Giles
1 : St Hilda
1 : St James the Great
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Margaret and St James
1 : St Margaret Wray
1 : St Mark
1 : St Mary and St Wilfred
1 : St Mary Magdalene
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Ninian
1 : St Theobald
1 : St Thomas
1 : St Thomas a Becket
1 : St Wilfred
St MaryAbbeytownGrade I1144608
St AndrewAiktonGrade I1327139
St LawrenceAppleby in WestmorlandGrade I1312067
St MichaelAppleby-in-WestmorlandGrade I1312067
St MichaelBartonGrade I1326830
St MichaelBeethamGrade I1137740
All SaintsBoltonGrade I1213959
All SaintsBoltonGrade I1213959
All SaintsBoltongateGrade I1312157
St MartinBowness-on-WindermereGrade I1332562
St BridgetBrighamGrade I1145196
St MungoBromfieldGrade I1235049
St Margaret and St JamesBroomGrade I1075165
St NinianBroughamGrade I1326778
St MichaelBurgh by SandsGrade I1367134
St JamesBurton-in-KendalGrade I1335703
St KentigernCaldbeckGrade I1327205
Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided TrinityCarlisleGrade I1208430
Priory Church of St Mary and St MichaelCartmelGrade I1335798
St AnthonyCartmel FellGrade I1224955
St AndrewCrosby GarrettGrade I1326924
St LawrenceCrosby RavensworthGrade I1311870
St John the EvangelistCrosscanonbyGrade I1235084
St AndrewDacreGrade I1145531
St OswaldDeanGrade I1145164
St MungoDearhamGrade I1144506
St AndrewDentGrade I1383978
St CuthbertEdenhallGrade I1145341
St MaryGosforthGrade I1063710
St OswaldGrasmereGrade I1245157
St JamesGreat OrmsideGrade I1288923
St Michael and All AngelsHall WaberthwaiteGrade I1356113
St MichaelIselGrade I1145219
St PeterKirkbamptonGrade I1137108
St MaryKirkby LonsdaleGrade I1145774
Holy TrinityMillomGrade I1086617
St LaurenceMorlandGrade I1226108
St John the BaptistNewton ArloshGrade I1212611
St MichaelTorpenhowGrade I1327240
St ColumbaWarcopGrade I1137446
St CuthberyAldinghamGrade II*1335944
St MaryAmblesideGrade II*1244784
St MichaelArthuretGrade II*1087523
St PeterAskhamGrade II*1145271
St MichaelAskhamGrade II*1145328
St KentigernAspatriaGrade II*1234861
St PatrickBamptonGrade II*1145258
St BartholomewBarbonGrade II*1086928
St James the GreatBarrow in FurnessGrade II*1197881
St BegaBassenthwaiteGrade II*1332957
St MaryBeaumontGrade II*1335624
St CuthbertBeck SideGrade II*1086792
St BridgetBeckermet St BridgetGrade II*1086588
St CuthertBewcastleGrade II*1087539
St MichaelBowness-on-SolwayGrade II*1137007
St MartinBramptonGrade II*1087645
St Cuthbert and St MaryCarlisleGrade II*1218565
St KentigernCastle SowerbyGrade II*1326686
St MichaelChurch BroughGrade II*1144902
St MaryChurchtownGrade II*1327246
St CuthbertCliftonGrade II*1348695
St Michael and All AngelsDalstonGrade II*1374153
St WilfredEamont BridgeGrade II*1349045
St PeterField BroughtonGrade II*1349025
St PeterFinsthwaiteGrade II*1225177
St MaryGilcruxGrade II*1275717
St MichaelGlassonbyGrade II*1144844
St GilesGreat OrtonGrade II*1087417
St CuthbertGreat SalkeldGrade II*1100260
St PaulGreengarth HallGrade II*1086671
St AndrewGreystokeGrade II*1210233
St JohnHall WaberthwaiteGrade II*1086644
St PeterHevershamGrade II*1086557
St MaryHigh HesketGrade II*1326696
St AnneIngsGrade II*1281325
St KentigernIrthingtonGrade II*1335584
St KentigernKeswickGrade II*1327118
All SaintsKillingtonGrade II*1335928
St StephenKirkby StephenGrade II*1136925
St MichaelKirkby ThoreGrade II*1226012
St CuthbertKirklintonGrade II*1335549
St OswaldKirkoswaldGrade II*1327058
St MichaelLamplughGrade II*1086674
St PeterLangwathbyGrade II*1145310
St KentigernMungrisdaleGrade II*1137800
St MarkNatlandGrade II*1137760
St AndrewNetherbyGrade II*1087506
St JohnNewton ReignyGrade II*1145530
St MaryRockcliffeGrade II*1087594
St MaryRydalGrade II*1245403
St JohnSkirwithGrade II*1273399
Jesus ChurchTroutbeckGrade II*1271827
St JohnUlphaGrade II*1068873
no dedicationUpper DentonGrade II*1087564
St MaryWaltonGrade II*1157868
St Mary and St WilfredWarwick BridgeGrade II*1111897
St LeonardWarwick-on-EdenGrade II*1121876
Holy Cross and St ConstantineWetheralGrade II*1087692
St MaryWigtonGrade II*1144590
St PaulWitherslackGrade II*1087094
St MaryWreayGrade II*1087758
St MichaelAinstableGrade II1144834
St MaryAllithwaiteGrade II1335764
St AugustineAlstonGrade II1106230
St CuthbertArklebyGrade II1275603
St MichaelArlecdonGrade II1086721
Christ and MaryArmathwaiteGrade II1145497
Chapel of Christ and St MaryArmathwaiteGrade II1145497
Holy TrinityBardseaGrade II1086800
St Mary MagdaleneBarrow in FurnessGrade II1086818
St JohnBeckermetGrade II1336063
St JohnBigriggGrade II1392613
St John the BaptistBlackfordGrade II1335576
Holy TrinityBlandsgillGrade II1384143
St John the BaptistBlawithGrade II1326663
St CatherineBootGrade II1086695
St MichaelBootleGrade II1086650
St BridgetBridekirkGrade II1145226
St JohnBrigsteerGrade II1393890
St John the EvangelistBroughton BeckGrade II1086796
St JamesButtermereGrade II1144520
no dedicationCalder BridgeGrade II1086628
St PeterCamertonGrade II1327183
St JamesCarlisleGrade II1297399
Holy TrinityCastertonGrade II1335935
St PeterCastle CarrockGrade II1335596
Holy TrinityChapel StileGrade II1245198
St CuthbertChapelburnGrade II1087555
Holy TrinityClappersgateGrade II1335768
St LeonardCleatorGrade II1336033
St MaryCleator MoorGrade II1392915
St CuthbertCliburnGrade II1357504
Christ ChurchCockermouthGrade II1327112
Holy TrinityColtonGrade II1224965
St John the EvangelistCowgillGrade II1383834
St John the BaptistCroglinGrade II1144838
St CatherineCrookGrade II1336066
St PatrickCrooklandsGrade II1312122
St MaryCrosthwaiteGrade II1335804
Methodist ChapelCulgaithGrade II1119590
St MaryCumrewGrade II1087579
St MaryCumwhittonGrade II1087581
St MatthewDendronGrade II1086843
St BanabasDubwathGrade II1157909
St PeterFar SawreyGrade II1407317
St JohnFirbankGrade II1086913
All SaintsFowlstoneGrade II1335929
St JohnGamblesbyGrade II1327034
St John the BaptistGarsdaleGrade II1384013
St JohnGrayriggGrade II1086874
St PeterGreat AsbyGrade II1144926
St BarnabasGreat StricklandGrade II1268380
St KentigernGrinsdaleGrade II1087482
no dedicationHaileGrade II1086614
St AnneHallthwaitesGrade II1336038
St AnneHaverthwaiteGrade II1225492
MethodistHigh LortonGrade II1326869
ChapelHighbridgeGrade II1290307
St JohnHoughtonGrade II1119626
St JohnHutton RoofGrade II1086877
St JamesHutton-in-the-ForestGrade II1210813
St JamesIrebyGrade II1327223
St PeterIrelethGrade II1292088
St CuthbertKentmereGrade II1336083
St Thomas a BecketKirkhouseGrade II1335604
St LawrenceKirklandGrade II1144977
St CuthbertKnockGrade II1393131
St NicholasLazonbyGrade II1068637
St John the EvangelistLevensGrade II1407318
St PeterLindal in FurnessGrade II1201089
St PaulLindaleGrade II1225725
MethodistLittle BlencowGrade II1145493
St MaryLittle StricklandGrade II1356170
All SaintsLongthwaiteGrade II1186860
St JohnLow CrosbyGrade II1119613
St JohnLow RiggGrade II1144527
St Margaret WrayLow WrayGrade II1335724
St LukeLowickGrade II1086794
St PeterManserghGrade II1086857
St PeterMartindaleGrade II1111871
St John the BaptistMelmerbyGrade II1144921
St CuthbertMilburnGrade II1144917
St MichaelMosserGrade II1145211
St StephenNew HuttonGrade II1087294
St EdmundNewbigginGrade II1226216
St MaryNewby BridgeGrade II1225679
St MaryOuthgillGrade II1137320
St PatrickPatterdaleGrade II1404461
St MichaelPenningtonGrade II1086797
MethodistPenrithGrade II1145088
St John the EvangelistPlumptonGrade II1145473
All SaintsRaughton HeadGrade II1345594
St OswaldRavenstonedaleGrade II1311286
MethodistRenwickGrade II1137410
St PaulRuslandGrade II1225406
All SaintsScalebyGrade II1335573
All SaintsScotbyGrade II1335538
Holy TrinitySeathwaiteGrade II1158413
St ThomasSelsideGrade II1311692
St MichaelShapGrade II1159061
St MichaelSkeltonGrade II1210931
St LukeSoulbyGrade II1145012
St MichaelStanwixGrade II1209583
St MaryStapletonGrade II1205598
no dedicationTalkinGrade II1373867
St JamesTebayGrade II1326774
St MaryThornthwaiteGrade II1144575
St MaryThrelkeldGrade II1319022
St LukeTorverGrade II1087212
St LukeTownheadGrade II1144922
St BridgetUllgillGrade II1336001
All SaintsUnderbarrowGrade II1136873
St PaulWarwick BridgeGrade II1087689
St NicholasWarwickslandGrade II1087518
All HallowsWatchhillGrade II1144493
St HildaWestwardGrade II1158087
St MaryWhichamGrade II1068721
St MaryWhitbeckGrade II1336065
MethodistWhitehavenGrade II1263963
St MaryWindermereGrade II1203319
no dedicationWythburnGrade II1144532