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Churches of Cambridgeshire
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42 : St Mary
31 : All Saints
20 : St Peter
19 : St Andrew
11 : St John the Baptist
9 : Holy Trinity
6 : St Nicholas
5 : St George
5 : St Margaret
5 : St Michael
4 : St James
4 : St Leonard
3 : Holy Cross
3 : St Bartholomew
3 : St Botolph
3 : St Giles
3 : St Helen
3 : St John
3 : St Lawrence
3 : St Peter and St Paul
2 : Methodist
2 : St James the Great
2 : St John the Evangelist
2 : St Mary and All Saints
2 : St Mary and St Andrew
2 : St Mary Magdalene
2 : St Michael and All Angels
1 : All Saints & St Andrew
1 : Baptist Chapel
1 : Baptist Church
1 : Biggin Abbey
1 : Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew
1 : Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity
1 : Salem Chapel
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Benedict
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Ethelreda
1 : St Helena and St Mary
1 : St Kyneburgha
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Mark
1 : St Martin
1 : St Mary and St John
1 : St Mary and St Michael
1 : St Mary and the Holy Ghost in Heaven
1 : St Mary the Less
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Paul
1 : St Pega
1 : St Remigus
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Swithin
1 : St Swithun
1 : St Thomas a Becket
1 : St Wendreda
1 : United Reformed
St AndrewAbbots RiptonGrade I1330505
St Peter and St PaulAlconburyGrade I1330459
St NicholasArringtonGrade I1128196
St PeterBabrahamGrade I1331111
St MaryBaintonGrade I1309975
Holy TrinityBalshamGrade I1331425
St John the BaptistBarnackGrade I1126844
All SaintsBarringtonGrade I1331176
St MaryBartlowGrade I1318152
St Peter and St PaulBassingbournGrade I1330840
St MaryBluntishamGrade I1128556
Holy TrinityBottishamGrade I1127115
St Helena and St MaryBournGrade I1309659
St Mary MagdaleneBramptonGrade I1330448
St MaryBuckdenGrade I1330416
St MaryBurwellGrade I1126396
Holy CrossBuryGrade I1309536
St Mary and St MichaelCambridgeGrade I1081526
St AndrewCambridgeGrade I1112541
St KyneburghaCastorGrade I1126803
St LeonardCatworthGrade I1214188
St MichaelChestertonGrade I1130089
St Mary and the Holy Ghost in HeavenCheveleyGrade I1318059
St MargaretChippenhamGrade I1161953
St AndrewChurch EndGrade I1226375
St MaryCombertonGrade I1310174
All SaintsConingtonGrade I1162630
St PeterCotonGrade I1127774
All SaintsCottenhamGrade I1127339
St MaryDullinghamGrade I1318002
St JohnDuxfordGrade I1330953
St PeterEastonGrade I1165141
All SaintsEllingtonGrade I1165216
All SaintsElmGrade I1331971
Holy TrinityElsworthGrade I1127266
Cathedral Church of the Holy TrinityElyGrade I1331690
St StephenEttonGrade I1126818
St PeterFordhamGrade I1309769
St Mary and All SaintsFotheringhayGrade I1371944
St MaryFowlmereGrade I1128096
St LaurenceFoxtonGrade I1162382
St MaryGamlingayGrade I1330908
St NicholasGlattonGrade I1215294
St BenedictGlintonGrade I1163848
St MaryGodmanchesterGrade I1128664
All SaintsGrafhamGrade I1288615
St BartholomewGreat GransdenGrade I1290192
Holy TrinityGreat PaxtonGrade I1330413
St AndrewGreat StaughtonGrade I1214559
St MaryHarltonGrade I1127751
All SaintsHaslingfieldGrade I1331124
St EdmundHauxtonGrade I1164672
St BotolphHelpstonGrade I1164217
St MargaretHemingford AbbotsGrade I1162944
St JamesHemingford GreyGrade I1330773
Holy TrinityHildershamGrade I1127726
St John the BaptistHolywellGrade I1128422
St PeterHorningseaGrade I1331295
All SaintsHorseheathGrade I1127944
All SaintsHuntingdonGrade I1128592
St MaryIckletonGrade I1128057
St AndrewImpingtonGrade I1178832
St AndrewIslehamGrade I1126475
St John the BaptistKeystonGrade I1267649
St AndrewKimboltonGrade I1210885
All Saints & St AndrewKingstonGrade I1127592
All SaintsLandbeachGrade I1127385
St MaryLeighton BromswoldGrade I1222905
St LeonardLeveringtonGrade I1160993
St MaryLintonGrade I1162094
St MaryLittle DittonGrade I1164545
St LeonardLittle DownhamGrade I1127022
St John the EvangelistLittle GiddingGrade I1130115
All SaintsLongstantonGrade I1127295
St WendredaMarchGrade I1287740
St MaryMarholmGrade I1317603
St PeterMaxeyGrade I1331592
Holy TrinityMeldrethGrade I1127558
All SaintsMorborneGrade I1222032
St AndrewNorthboroughGrade I1126693
St PeterOfford D'ArcyGrade I1130249
Holy TrinityOrton LonguevilleGrade I1166191
St AndrewOrwellGrade I1317573
St MaryOverGrade I1317811
St PegaPeakirkGrade I1221288
Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St AndrewPeterboroughGrade I1331492
St Thomas a BecketRamseyGrade I1157794
MethodistRamseyGrade I1157794
St MarySawstonGrade I1128065
St AndrewSohamGrade I1126450
St John the BaptistSomershamGrade I1330810
St LeonardSouthoeGrade I1130254
St James the GreatSpaldwickGrade I1330478
St AndrewSuttonGrade I1331496
St MarySwaffham BulbeckGrade I1127052
St MarySwaffham PriorGrade I1127040
St AndrewThornhaughGrade I1225298
All SaintsTilbrookGrade I1214784
St AndrewUffordGrade I1127466
St John the BaptistUptonGrade I1127440
St PeterUpwoodGrade I1130160
St MaryWansfordGrade I1127442
St MaryWhaddonGrade I1164317
St Mary and St AndrewWhittlesfordGrade I1128014
St PeterWilburtonGrade I1302304
St Mary and All SaintsWillinghamGrade I1127283
St John the BaptistWistowGrade I1128371
St MartinWitchamGrade I1163097
St MargaretAbbotsleyGrade II*1210868
St Michael and All AngelsAbington PigottsGrade II*1128297
St GilesBarhamGrade II*1130126
St PeterBartonGrade II*1127829
St PeterBoxworthGrade II*1331352
All SaintsBringtonGrade II*1130131
St MaryBrinkleyGrade II*1331800
All SaintsBroughtonGrade II*1128531
All SaintsBuckworthGrade II*1130189
St AugustineBurrough GreenGrade II*1318128
St LawrenceBythornGrade II*1130139
All SaintsCamps EndGrade II*1127134
St PeterCarltonGrade II*1127132
St MaryConingtonGrade II*1226274
All SaintsCovingtonGrade II*1214317
St JamesCroxtonGrade II*1127168
All SaintsCroydonGrade II*1163333
St LawrenceDiddingtonGrade II*1130308
St MaryDoddingtonGrade II*1126575
St Peter and St PaulDry DraytonGrade II*1162717
St MaryFarcetGrade II*1215281
St MaryFen DraytonGrade II*1127229
St HelenFolksworthGrade II*1317442
St Mary and St AndrewGrantchesterGrade II*1309436
St BotolphGraveteyGrade II*1265814
St MaryGreat AbingtonGrade II*1161650
St SwithunGreat ChishillGrade II*1128142
St MaryGreat EversdenGrade II*1127621
St MichaelGreat GiddingGrade II*1130104
St AndrewGreat ShelfordGrade II*1165349
St BartholomewGreat StukeleyGrade II*1165400
St MaryHaddonGrade II*1274855
St NicholasHail WestonGrade II*1330437
All SaintsHamertonGrade II*1222799
St MaryHardwickGrade II*1163557
All SaintsHarstonGrade II*1331060
St GeorgeHatley St GeorgeGrade II*1128154
Holy TrinityHeydonGrade II*1309193
St Mary and St JohnHinxtonGrade II*1163553
St GilesHolmeGrade II*1215533
Biggin AbbeyHorningseaGrade II*1178408
All SaintsHuntingdonGrade II*1330670
St NicholasKennettGrade II*1162359
St PeterKings RiptonGrade II*1309498
St Michael and All AngelsKingstonGrade II*1127190
All SaintsKnapwellGrade II*1163735
St MaryLittle AbingtonGrade II*1309328
St NicholasLittle ChishillGrade II*1162491
St HelenLittle EversdenGrade II*1309238
St JamesLittle PaxtonGrade II*1130279
St GeorgeLittle ThetfordGrade II*1302358
St John the EvangelistLittle WilbrahamGrade II*1167060
St GeorgeLittleportGrade II*1127027
All SaintsLolworthGrade II*1127241
St MichaelLongstantonGrade II*1127298
St MaryLongstoweGrade II*1128165
Holy TrinityMadingleyGrade II*1127740
All SaintsMiltonGrade II*1127349
St PeterMolesworthGrade II*1130132
St JamesNewtonGrade II*1125956
St MargaretNewtonGrade II*1331108
All SaintsOfford ClunyGrade II*1130281
St SwithinOld WestonGrade II*1130116
St PeterOldhurstGrade II*1163560
St John the BaptistPampisfordGrade II*1163297
St PeterPapworth EverardGrade II*1226356
St John the BaptistPapworth St AgnesGrade II*1331388
St JohnParson DroveGrade II*1331998
All SaintsRamptonGrade II*1127273
All SaintsSheprethGrade II*1330821
St MaryShudy CampsGrade II*1127948
St PeterSnailwellGrade II*1331773
St MarySt NeotsGrade II*1127971
St AndrewSteeple GiddingGrade II*1130118
St PeterStetchworthGrade II*1331821
St John the BaptistStibbingtonGrade II*1274862
St MaryStiltonGrade II*1215661
St MaryStow cum QuyGrade II*1179413
St BotolphStow LongaGrade II*1214736
Holy CrossStuntneyGrade II*1252346
St GilesTadlowGrade II*1317879
All SaintsTevershamGrade II*1331278
St GeorgeThriplowGrade II*1128042
St MichaelToselandGrade II*1290027
St MargaretUptonGrade II*1130171
St James the GreatWaresleyGrade II*1289920
St RemigusWater NewtonGrade II*1237953
St JohnWaterbeachGrade II*1127366
St PeterWentworthGrade II*1331500
St MaryWest WickhamGrade II*1127918
St AndrewWest WrattingGrade II*1165084
St Mary the LessWestley WaterlessGrade II*1127104
St MaryWeston ColvilleGrade II*1164509
St LawrenceWickenGrade II*1160994
St AndrewWimpole HallGrade II*1330900
All SaintsWinwickGrade II*1223069
St AndrewWitchfordGrade II*1127000
St AndrewWood WaltonGrade II*1130123
St John the BaptistWoodhurstGrade II*1163919
Holy CrossYellingGrade II*1211788
St MaryAshleyGrade II1163385
St MichaelChettishamGrade II1331722
St HelenColneGrade II1128535
MethodistEltonGrade II1317519
St MatthewEyeGrade II1126786
St MarkFriday BridgeGrade II1125939
St PaulGorefieldGrade II1331975
St Mary MagdaleneGuyhirnGrade II1125896
Baptist ChurchHistonGrade II1391202
United ReformedHoughtonGrade II1163341
Baptist ChapelLandbeachGrade II1179106
St NicholasManeaGrade II1126582
St BartholomewNewboroughGrade II1317315
St John the BaptistParson DroveGrade II1125923
Salem ChapelRamseyGrade II1301302
St MaryRamsey St Mary'sGrade II1330458
St EthelredaReachGrade II1162403
All SaintsSawtryGrade II1130155
St GeorgeSix Mile BottomGrade II1391541
St MaryWestryGrade II1216492
St PeterWimblingtonGrade II1126584