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Churches of Yorkshire-North

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55 : St Mary
51 : All Saints
21 : St Peter
16 : St Andrew
13 : Holy Trinity
13 : St John the Baptist
11 : St Hilda
11 : St Michael
11 : St Oswald
9 : St John
9 : St Martin
8 : Methodist
8 : St Helen
8 : St John the Evangelist
8 : St Nicholas
7 : St Cuthbert
7 : St James
7 : St Leonard
6 : Christ Church
6 : St Lawrence
6 : St Michael and All Angels
5 : no dedication
4 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St Matthew
4 : St Stephen
4 : St Wilfrid
3 : St Botolph
3 : St Giles
3 : St Margaret
3 : St Paul
3 : St Peter and St Paul
3 : St Thomas
3 : St Wilfred
2 : St Agatha
2 : St Aidan
2 : St Chad
2 : St Gregory
1 : (dedication unknown)
1 : All Hallows
1 : All Saints and St James
1 : Cathedral Church of St Mary
1 : Cathedral Church of St Wilfred
1 : Chapel
1 : Doric Temple
1 : Holy Ascension
1 : Holy Cross
1 : Holy Evangelists
1 : St Aiden
1 : St Alkelda
1 : St Anne
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Barnabas
1 : St Bartholomew
1 : St Columba
1 : St Cuthbert and St Mary
1 : St Cuthburt
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Edward the Confessor
1 : St Edward, King and Martyr
1 : St Eloy
1 : St Everilda
1 : St Felix
1 : St George
1 : St Hedda
1 : St Helen and the Holy Cross
1 : St Hilary
1 : St James the Apostle
1 : St James the Great
1 : St James the Greater
1 : St John of Beverley
1 : St John the Baptist and All Saints
1 : St Joseph and St James
1 : St Jude
1 : St Lambert
1 : St Margaret of Antioch
1 : St Mary and St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and All Saints
1 : St Mary and St Alkelda
1 : St Mary and St Romuald
1 : St Michael and All Saints
1 : St Patrick
1 : St Paul and St Margaret
1 : St Peter and St Felix
1 : St Robert of Knaresborough
1 : St Saviour
1 : St Simon and St Jude
1 : St Thomad
1 : St Thomas a Becket
1 : The Temple
1 : United Reformed
Holy TrinityAcaster MalbisGrade I1148450
St AndrewAldboroughGrade I1173835
St MaryAlneGrade I1151297
Christ ChurchAppleton-le-MoorsGrade I1173545
All SaintsAppleton-le-StreetGrade I1296551
The TempleAske HallGrade I1157439
St NicholasAskham BryanGrade I1132520
St JamesBaldersby St JamesGrade I1296495
no dedicationBarden ScaleGrade I1131761
St MichaelBarton-le-StreetGrade I1148993
St GregoryBedaleGrade I1151205
St HelenBilton in AinstyGrade I1315388
St MaryBolton AbbeyGrade I1166745
All SaintsBolton PercyGrade I1296630
St BotolphBossallGrade I1315746
St WilfredBraytonGrade I1132537
St ThomasBromptonGrade I1150903
All SaintsBrompton-by-SawdonGrade I1316111
St MartinBulmerGrade I1174317
St LambertBurnestonGrade I1315164
St AnneCatterickGrade I1131488
St John the BaptistCaytonGrade I1148133
St MaryChurch FentonGrade I1148436
St MichaelCowthorpeGrade I1315417
St MichaelCoxwoldGrade I1150758
St MichaelCrambeGrade I1295776
St PeterDalbyGrade I1150761
no dedicationDanby WiskeGrade I1150204
St Peter and St PaulDraxGrade I1148397
St AgathaEasbyGrade I1131607
St AndrewEast HeslertonGrade I1315728
St OswaldFarnhamGrade I1150301
St AlkeldaGiggleswickGrade I1157303
St AgathaGilling WestGrade I1316927
All SaintsGreat AytonGrade I1150650
St AndrewGrintonGrade I1301991
St PeterHacknessGrade I1296564
St WilfridHarrogateGrade I1189773
St Mary MagdaleneHartGrade I1249898
St HildaHartlepoolGrade I1263355
St MaryHemingbroughGrade I1148462
St PeterHiltonGrade I1139229
St MaryHornbyGrade I1318321
St OswaldHorton in RibblesdaleGrade I1132264
St JohnHowshamGrade I1315991
St MatthewHutton BuscelGrade I1172851
All SaintsHutton WandesleyGrade I1150327
St AndrewIngleby GreenhowGrade I1151383
St EdmundKellingtonGrade I1148402
St AndrewKildwickGrade I1132175
St Peter and St FelixKirby HillGrade I1301472
All SaintsKirby HillGrade I1190293
St LawrenceKirby SigstonGrade I1150888
All SaintsKirk DeightonGrade I1294634
St John the BaptistKirk HammertonGrade I1149932
St John the BaptistKirkbridgeGrade I1167219
St AndrewKirkby MalzeardGrade I1173967
St MichaelKirklingtonGrade I1150766
St MaryLeakeGrade I1315093
Holy TrinityLittle OuseburnGrade I1150296
St HelenLittle SkipwithGrade I1148467
St MaryLong PrestonGrade I1157818
St OswaldLytheGrade I1316097
St Mary and St AlkeldaMiddlehamGrade I1318544
St Michael and All AngelsMiddleton TyasGrade I1131579
St WilfridMonk FrystonGrade I1296769
St AndrewNewton KymeGrade I1132464
St MaryNorth CowtonGrade I1294728
St NicholasNorth GrimstonGrade I1174500
St MaryNun MonktonGrade I1190942
All Saints and St JamesNunningtonGrade I1149676
All SaintsOld BylandGrade I1149191
St PatrickPatrick BromptonGrade I1157773
St StephenRawGrade I1148706
St CuthbertRedcarGrade I1139638
Holy TrinityRichmondGrade I1096970
Doric TempleRievaulxGrade I1149251
All SaintsRudbyGrade I1150240
St John of BeverleySaltonGrade I1315726
All SaintsSaxtonGrade I1168016
St MartinScarboroughGrade I1242903
St MaryScawtonGrade I1149196
St MartinSeamerGrade I1316472
All SaintsSherburn in ElmetGrade I1148444
St Helen and the Holy CrossSheriff HuttonGrade I1149591
St GilesSkeltonGrade I1315980
St MaryStainburnGrade I1149989
St MaryStudley ParkGrade I1315267
All SaintsTerringtonGrade I1315764
St MaryThirskGrade I1314935
St HelenThorganbyGrade I1148469
St MaryThornton-in-CravenGrade I1167634
St AndrewWeaverthorpeGrade I1175527
Holy TrinityWensleyGrade I1130879
All SaintsWestonGrade I1150440
St MaryWharram le StreetGrade I1149064
St HelenWheldrakeGrade I1148480
All SaintsWighillGrade I1315379
St PeterWintringhamGrade I1175659
All SaintsWistowGrade I1174776
St MartinWomersleyGrade I1174486
St JohnAllerstonGrade II*1149549
St MartinAllerton MaulevererGrade II*1149996
St MaryAskham RichardGrade II*1316686
St AndrewAysgarthGrade II*1318439
St MaryBolton-on-SwaleGrade II*1131521
St PeterBraffertonGrade II*1314926
All SaintsBrandsbyGrade II*1150750
St Robert of KnaresboroughBurn BridgeGrade II*1149449
St John the EvangelistButtercrambeGrade II*1315747
St NicholasButterwickGrade II*1174510
St AidanCarltonGrade II*1392849
St Mary MagdaleneCarltonGrade II*1149272
St MaryCarltonGrade II*1148399
St MaryCarlton HusthwaiteGrade II*1190878
St OswaldCastle BoltonGrade II*1130886
St HildaCastletonGrade II*1316255
St MichaelCopgroveGrade II*1150343
Holy TrinityCoverhamGrade II*1130892
St MaryCrathorneGrade II*1150262
St John the EvangelistDaltonGrade II*1150818
St HelenDentonGrade II*1174421
St Michael and All AngelsDownholmeGrade II*1179437
St NicholasDunningtonGrade II*1148552
St John the Baptist and All SaintsEasingwoldGrade II*1294335
St OswaldEast HarlseyGrade II*1315125
St PeterEast MartonGrade II*1167226
St MaryEbberstonGrade II*1315780
St HildaEllerburnGrade II*1074194
St John the BaptistEltonGrade II*1139261
St PeterElwickGrade II*1139821
St MaryEryholmeGrade II*1131336
St HelenEscrickGrade II*1167966
St FelixFelixkirkGrade II*1241255
St LawrenceFewstonGrade II*1174478
St John the EvangelistFolktonGrade II*1148153
All SaintsFostonGrade II*1315740
St NicholasGantonGrade II*1149689
St MAryGate HelmsleyGrade II*1149613
St MaryGoathlandGrade II*1174270
St MichaelGreat EdstoneGrade II*1149266
St MaryGreat OuseburnGrade II*1150284
All SaintsGreat ThirklebyGrade II*1315254
All SaintsHawnbyGrade II*1191164
St John the BaptistHealaughGrade II*1316655
St PaulHealeyGrade II*1132072
All SaintsHelmsleyGrade II*1149308
St PaulHensallGrade II*1295734
All SaintsHovinghamGrade II*1148990
St Michael and All AngelsHubberholmeGrade II*1167280
All SaintsHunmanbyGrade II*1316442
St NicholasHusthwaiteGrade II*1150764
All SaintsIngleby CrossGrade II*1151374
St MaryIngletonGrade II*1252726
St MaryKettlewellGrade II*1173574
St MaryKilburnGrade II*1190640
St AndrewKirby GrindalytheGrade II*1174946
St AugustineKirkbyGrade II*1189284
St MaryKirkby FleethamGrade II*1150928
St JohnKirkby WharfeGrade II*1148423
St MartinKirklevingtonGrade II*1329828
St MaryLeadGrade II*1148440
St James the GreaterLealholmGrade II*1178962
St John the BaptistLevishamGrade II*1280303
St Michael and All SaintsLintonGrade II*1167172
St PeterLittle SmeatonGrade II*1316345
St MichaelLivertonGrade II*1139676
St John the BaptistLow BenthamGrade II*1157613
All SaintsManfieldGrade II*1131339
St Edward, King and MartyrMarskeGrade II*1301436
St MaryMarton-in-the-ForestGrade II*1241740
St JamesMelsonbyGrade II*1167040
All SaintsMoor MonktonGrade II*1293654
St MaryMukerGrade II*1302046
St MaryMyton-on-SwaleGrade II*1294251
St EverildaNether PoppletonGrade II*1293607
St OswaldNewton under RoseberryGrade II*1139807
St AndrewNormanbyGrade II*1149710
St PeterOsmotherleyGrade II*1188638
St OswaldOswaldkirkGrade II*1173343
St MaryOver SiltonGrade II*1150956
All SaintsPickhillGrade II*1204105
St MaryRaskelfGrade II*1294222
St MaryRedmireGrade II*1130873
St PeterReightonGrade II*1296580
All SaintsRipleyGrade II*1174051
Cathedral Church of St WilfredRiponGrade II*1173834
St StephenRobin Hood's BayGrade II*1148649
St LawrenceScalbyGrade II*1148211
St PeterScrayinghamGrade II*1295421
St CuthbertSessayGrade II*1190725
All SaintsSettringtonGrade II*1173883
St HildaSherburnGrade II*1175457
All SaintsSkeltonGrade II*1263246
All SaintsSkeltonGrade II*1250407
All SaintsSlingsbyGrade II*1149788
St LeonardSpeetonGrade II*1148130
All SaintsSpofforthGrade II*1149981
St Peter and St PaulStaintonGrade II*1137540
Holy TrinityStonegraveGrade II*1173360
St Mary MagdaleneThormanbyGrade II*1191364
St PeterThornaby-on-TeesGrade II*1139917
St OswaldThornton in LonsdaleGrade II*1252730
St OswaldThornton StewardGrade II*1130925
St LeonardThornton-le-StreetGrade II*1315196
All SaintsThorpe BassettGrade II*1149491
St ColumbaTopcliffeGrade II*1315200
St BarnabasWeetonGrade II*1149990
St MaryWest LuttonGrade II*1149659
St OswaldWest RountonGrade II*1293683
St MaryWestowGrade II*1149059
St MartinWhenbyGrade II*1191384
St JohnWhitwell-on-the-HillGrade II*1149602
St PeterWillerbyGrade II*1175601
St CuthbertWiltonGrade II*1310519
All SaintsWykehamGrade II*1316131
St JohnAcaster SelbyGrade II1316323
St MargaretAislabyGrade II1148961
St PaulAldbrough St JohnGrade II1131957
St StephenAldwarkGrade II1314960
St HelenAmotherbyGrade II1149153
St HildaAmpleforthGrade II1149609
MethodistAppleton WiskeGrade II1190428
St John the BaptistAppletreewickGrade II1301586
St OswaldArncliffeGrade II1132236
St MaryBagbyGrade II1151336
All SaintsBarlbyGrade II1316319
no dedicationBarlowGrade II1119755
St Cuthbert and St MaryBartonGrade II1131355
St HildaBeadlamGrade II1072590
St Michael and All AngelsBeckwithshawGrade II1421800
St JohnBellerbyGrade II1130858
St JamesBilbroughGrade II1166664
St MaryBirdforthGrade II1150720
St MaryBirdsallGrade II1149110
St PeterBirkbyGrade II1315131
St James the ApostleBirstwithGrade II1315284
St John the BaptistBishop MonktonGrade II1315650
St AndrewBlubberhousesGrade II1150451
St AidenBoosbeckGrade II1139718
ChapelBreartonGrade II1315349
St Margaret of AntiochBrottonGrade II1263299
St WilfridBurnsallGrade II1317040
St LeonardBurton LeonardGrade II1365719
All SaintsBurythorpeGrade II1149112
St MaryCarleton-in-CravenGrade II1316758
St BotolphCarlton in ClevelandGrade II1294513
St LawrenceCarlton MiniottGrade II1392848
St LeonardChapel-le-DaleGrade II1213046
St MaryChurch HousesGrade II1296492
St PeterCleasbyGrade II1131360
St NicholasCockayneGrade II1172749
St PeterConiston ColdGrade II1316830
St MaryConistoneGrade II1296267
St GilesCopmanthorpeGrade II1166793
St Michael and All AngelsCowesbyGrade II1190796
Holy TrinityCowlingGrade II1316971
St CuthbertCraykeGrade II1314955
St Mary and All SaintsCundallGrade II1150547
All SaintsDeightonGrade II1190532
St Edward the ConfessorDringhousesGrade II1256466
All SaintsEasingtonGrade II1139699
All SaintsEast CowtonGrade II1376534
Christ ChurchEast LaytonGrade II1157654
St LawrenceEast RountonGrade II1315221
St HildaEgtonGrade II1316158
St HeddaEgton BridgeGrade II1385722
St Mary MagdaleneFacebyGrade II1150675
St John the EvangelistFangdale BeckGrade II1150631
St LeonardFarlingtonGrade II1241736
All SaintsFarnleyGrade II1295825
St Joseph and St JamesFollifootGrade II1315583
St CuthbertForcettGrade II1131962
St MaryFoxholesGrade II1174524
St AndrewGargraveGrade II1132086
St AidanGillamoorGrade II1316034
All SaintsGirsbyGrade II1116153
St ThomasGlaisdaleGrade II1148576
St MaryGoldsboroughGrade II1149951
St GregoryGreat CrakehallGrade II1174356
St WilfredGreat LangtonGrade II1315473
St EloyGreat SmeatonGrade II1190573
St ThomasGreen HammertonGrade II1392840
St JamesGrewelthorpeGrade II1315334
no dedicationGrisdaleGrade II1316920
St Thomas a BecketHampsthwaiteGrade II1315374
Christ ChurchHarrogateGrade II1149471
St JudeHartwithGrade II1207629
St PeterHelperthorpeGrade II1149656
St MargaretHigh HuttonGrade II1315811
St HildaHinderwellGrade II1179349
St JohnHipswellGrade II1130826
Holy TrinityHoltbyGrade II1173494
St BotolphHorsehouseGrade II1131405
St Michael and All AngelsHudswellGrade II1130830
St John the BaptistHunsingoreGrade II1149974
St LawrenceHutton BonvilleGrade II1190622
St CuthburtKildaleGrade II1151363
St WilfridKirby KnowleGrade II1190900
All SaintsKirkby OverblowGrade II1150007
St John the EvangelistLangcliffeGrade II1157844
St AndrewLangtonGrade II1149090
St John the BaptistLeemingGrade II1151182
St MatthewLeyburnGrade II1318565
St MichaelLittlethorpeGrade II1190153
St GilesLocktonGrade II1260741
St LeonardLoftusGrade II1139673
Christ ChurchLothersdaleGrade II1316785
St MaryLower DunsforthGrade II1150321
St MichaelMarkingtonGrade II1149833
Christ ChurchMartonGrade II1174037
no dedicationMarton-le-MoorGrade II1315307
St JohnMickleyGrade II1173065
St ChadMiddlesmoorGrade II1174129
St CuthbertMiddleton-on-LevenGrade II1294559
St JamesMurtonGrade II1149131
All SaintsMustonGrade II1316466
St MatthewNaburnGrade II1148504
All SaintsNether SiltonGrade II1315118
MethodistNewbyGrade II1150279
MethodistNewholmGrade II1157287
St Paul and St MargaretNiddGrade II1150426
Holy TrinityNorth OrmesbyGrade II1139850
St MichaelNorth OtteringtonGrade II1150954
St MaryNunthorpeGrade II1139841
St MaryNunthorpeGrade II1329527
St HilaryPictonGrade II1150239
St John the BaptistPockleyGrade II1149283
St MargaretPreston-under-ScarGrade II1130872
St MaryRamsgillGrade II1150479
St MaryRievaulxGrade II1308182
United ReformedRobin Hood's BayGrade II1316200
St James the GreatRomanbyGrade II1380322
St Mary and St LawrenceRosedale AbbeyGrade II1149725
St NicholasRoxbyGrade II1148616
All SaintsRufforthGrade II1150353
St PeterRylstoneGrade II1132129
St MArySand HuttonGrade II1315734
St MartinScampstonGrade II1315719
St MartinSeamerGrade II1150241
St HildaSeave GreenGrade II1294535
St JamesSelbyGrade II1167630
Holy AscensionSettleGrade II1166604
St JohnSharowGrade II1149834
Holy EvangelistsShiptonGrade II1315065
St MarySicklinghallGrade II1315567
St HelenSkelton on UreGrade II1250958
St John the EvangelistSkipton-on-SwaleGrade II1294512
St StephenSnaintonGrade II1148835
St HildaSneatonGrade II1295538
St MarySouth MilfordGrade II1316271
St AndrewSouth OtteringtonGrade II1204177
St WilfredSouth StainleyGrade II1174269
St ChadSproxtonGrade II1149253
St PeterStainforthGrade II1132314
All SaintsStainsacreGrade II1148754
St MatthewStalling BuskGrade II1392527
All SaintsStaveleyGrade II1295924
MethodistStaxtonGrade II1149637
St Peter and St PaulStokesleyGrade II1315420
Holy TrinitySummerbridgeGrade II1150570
St ThomadSutton-in-CravenGrade II1317021
All HallowsSutton-on-the-ForestGrade II1241818
Holy CrossSwainbyGrade II1314939
St SaviourThornthwaiteGrade II1262631
St MaryThornton WatlassGrade II1314992
St JamesThorpe ThewlesGrade II1139224
Holy TrinityTunstallGrade II1157457
All SaintsUgglebarnbyGrade II1148764
St Simon and St JudeUlshawGrade II1179704
St AndrewUpleathamGrade II1159780
All SaintsUpper PoppletonGrade II1334943
St John the EvangelistWelburnGrade II1174287
St LeonardWelburyGrade II1190649
All SaintsWest HeslertonGrade II1149692
Christ ChurchWesterdaleGrade II1148566
St GeorgeWiltonGrade II1399714
St CuthbertWinksleyGrade II1150588
St PeterWolvistonGrade II1329469
All SaintsYafforthGrade II1150995
St Mary and St RomualdYarmGrade II1425128
St John the BaptistYedinghamGrade II1175775