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Churches of Wiltshire

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43 : St Mary
38 : All Saints
17 : St John the Baptist
17 : St Peter
16 : St Andrew
14 : St James
14 : St Nicholas
8 : Holy Trinity
8 : St Michael and All Angels
6 : Holy Cross
6 : St Leonard
6 : St Michael
5 : Christ Church
5 : St Giles
4 : St George
4 : St Martin
4 : St Mary Magdalene
3 : St John
3 : St Katherine
3 : St Laurence
3 : St Margaret
3 : St Peter and St Paul
2 : no dedication
2 : St Bartholomew
2 : St Catherine
2 : St John the Evangelist
2 : St Margaret of Antioch
2 : St Mathew
2 : St Michael the Archangel
2 : St Philip and St James
1 : (dedication unknown)
1 : Borbach Chapel
1 : Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1 : Chapel
1 : Mount Zion Baptist Chapel
1 : St Aldhelm
1 : St Anne
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Augustine of Canterbury
1 : St Banabas
1 : St Christopher
1 : St Cosmos and St Damian
1 : St Cyriac
1 : St Editha
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Edward
1 : St Francis
1 : St Katharine
1 : St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and St Ethelbert
1 : St Mary and St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and St Melor
1 : St Mary and St Nicholas
1 : St Mary, St Katherine and All Saints
1 : St Nicholas of Mira
1 : St Paul
1 : St Peter ad Vincula
1 : St Sampson
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Swithin
1 : St Swithun
1 : St Thomas
1 : St Thomas and St Edmund
1 : St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : The Abbey
All SaintsAlton PriorsGrade I1364707
St Mary and St MelorAmesburyGrade I1182066
Holy CrossAshton KeynesGrade I1023045
St JamesAveburyGrade I1193084
St MartinBarford St MartinGrade I1146188
St JamesBerwick St JamesGrade I1146243
St MaryBishops CanningsGrade I1193298
St JohnBishopstoneGrade I1183976
St John the BaptistBishopstoneGrade I1146195
St AndrewBoscombeGrade I1183690
St MaryBoytonGrade I1284200
St LaurenceBradford on AvonGrade I1036034
St MartinBremhillGrade I1199069
St Michael and All AngelsBrinkworthGrade I1363920
St PeterBritfordGrade I1023791
St NicholasBromhamGrade I1033887
St MaryBroughton GiffordGrade I1251257
St MaryBurtonGrade I1022949
St MaryCalneGrade I1271365
St AndrewCastle CombeGrade I1022864
St MaryCastle EatonGrade I1023297
ChapelChapel PlaisterGrade I1250523
St John the BaptistChirtonGrade I1035807
All SaintsChristian MalfordGrade I1199647
St PeterClyffe PypardGrade I1022655
St SwithinCompton BassettGrade I1363781
St Michael and All AngelsCoombe BissettGrade I1023802
St BartholomewCorshamGrade I1021975
St SampsonCrickladeGrade I1023081
All SaintsCrudwellGrade I1363888
St MaryDintonGrade I1146120
St ChristopherDitteridgeGrade I1285201
St MaryDonhead St MaryGrade I1318792
St LaurenceDowntonGrade I1023875
St MaryEast KnoyleGrade I1131168
St Mary, St Katherine and All SaintsEdingtonGrade I1364257
All SaintsEnfordGrade I1300358
All SaintsFarleyGrade I1135703
All SaintsFonthill BishopGrade I1183785
(dedication unknown)FoxleyGrade I1023219
St MaryGreat BedwynGrade I1365492
All SaintsGreat ChalfieldGrade I1250904
St AndrewGreat DurnfordGrade I1182845
St Peter and St PaulGreat SomerfordGrade I1199909
All SaintsHamGrade I1300266
St Peter and St PaulHeytesburyGrade I1036357
St Michael and All AngelsHighworthGrade I1299973
St LaurenceHilmartonGrade I1300591
St SwithunHinton ParvaGrade I1023270
St Mary MagdaleneHullavingtonGrade I1356040
All SaintsIdmistonGrade I1023956
St GilesImberGrade I1036472
St JohnIngleshamGrade I1023391
St MargaretKnookGrade I1285068
St CyriacLacockGrade I1198216
St PeterLangley BurrellGrade I1199423
St John the BaptistLattonGrade I1284123
All SaintsLiddingtonGrade I1299741
St MichaelLittle BedwynGrade I1184327
St John the BaptistLittle SomerfordGrade I1300525
St Mary and St EthelbertLuckingtonGrade I1199767
St JamesLudgershallGrade I1036004
St MaryLydiard TregozeGrade I1023470
All SaintsMaiden BradleyGrade I1318479
The AbbeyMalmesburyGrade I1269316
St PeterManningford BruceGrade I1300103
All SaintsMardenGrade I1035827
St MaryMarket LavingtonGrade I1035835
St Michael the ArchangelMereGrade I1130755
St John the BaptistMildenhallGrade I1365445
All SaintsNetheravonGrade I1033956
St JamesNorth WraxallGrade I1022991
All SaintsOakseyGrade I1022262
Holy CrossOgbourne St AndrewGrade I1033854
St MaryOld DiltonGrade I1021476
St MaryPotterneGrade I1258968
St MaryPurtonGrade I1283956
Holy CrossRamsburyGrade I1365476
Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin MarySalisburyGrade I1023581
St Thomas and St EdmundSalisburyGrade I1273123
St Cosmos and St DamianSherringtonGrade I1364328
Holy CrossSherstonGrade I1023223
St Mary MagdaleneSouth MarstonGrade I1023403
St MarySouth TidworthGrade I1093240
St LeonardStanton FitzwarrenGrade I1023408
St MaryStaplefordGrade I1146222
St MarySteeple AshtonGrade I1252395
All SaintsSteeple LangfordGrade I1318701
St John the BaptistStocktonGrade I1181597
St PeterStourtonGrade I1318468
St LawrenceStratford Sub CastleGrade I1272953
St Mary and St LawrenceStratford TonyGrade I1181901
St John the EvangelistSutton VenyGrade I1036429
St John the BaptistTisburyGrade I1146017
St MaryUpavonGrade I1365553
St LeonardUpper MinetyGrade I1363901
St Augustine of CanterburyUpton LovellGrade I1181825
St Michael and All AngelsUrchfontGrade I1364609
St AndrewWanboroughGrade I1185526
All SaintsWest LavingtonGrade I1198014
St Mary and St NicholasWiltonGrade I1365914
St KatherineWinterbourne BassettGrade I1284298
St MaryWinterbourne GunnerGrade I1184486
All SaintsYatesburyGrade I1363771
St MargaretYatton KeynellGrade I1356103
St GilesAldertonGrade II*1022362
All SaintsAll CanningsGrade II*1365955
St MaryAlvedistonGrade II*1318670
St MichaelAtworthGrade II*1250853
St EdithaBaverstockGrade II*1283631
St NicholasBaydonGrade II*1034135
St AndrewBemertonGrade II*1023696
St NicholasBerwick BassettGrade II*1365565
St LeonardBerwick St LeonardGrade II*1318783
St AldhelmBishopstrowGrade II*1284263
Holy TrinityBowerchalkeGrade II*1198318
St JamesBrattonGrade II*1036509
St Michael the ArchangelBrixton DeverillGrade II*1364380
St LeonardBroad BlunsdonGrade II*1023286
St John the BaptistBrokenboroughGrade II*1198567
All SaintsBurbageGrade II*1035909
St John the BaptistBurcombeGrade II*1198542
St John the BaptistCharltonGrade II*1181631
St PeterCharlton St PeterGrade II*1365532
St JamesCherhillGrade II*1022456
St Margaret of AntiochChilmarkGrade II*1318662
St MaryChilton FoliatGrade II*1034139
St MaryChute ForestGrade II*1364574
St MaryCodford St MaryGrade II*1285186
St PeterCodford St PeterGrade II*1036461
St AndrewCollingbourne DucisGrade II*1035950
St MaryCollingbourne KingstonGrade II*1285324
St MichaelCompton ChamberlayneGrade II*1198624
All SaintsCorstonGrade II*1363872
Holy TrinityDilton MarshGrade II*1021473
Holy TrinityDilton MarshGrade II*1021473
St AndrewDonhead St AndrewGrade II*1146099
St JamesDraycot CerneGrade II*1200500
All SaintsDurringtonGrade II*1131017
St NicholasEast GraftonGrade II*1365521
no dedicationEaston GreyGrade II*1023199
Holy TrinityEaston RoyalGrade II*1364554
St AndrewEtchilhamptonGrade II*1193615
St PeterEverleighGrade II*1035994
St MartinFifield BavantGrade II*1250374
St Michael and All AngelsFigheldeanGrade II*1131027
St NicholasFisherton de la MereGrade II*1183381
All SaintsFittletonGrade II*1365539
Holy TrinityFonthill GiffordGrade II*1146055
Christ ChurchFosburyGrade II*1365505
St GeorgeFovantGrade II*1146126
St John the BaptistFoxhamGrade II*1283495
St PeterFreshfordGrade II*1364104
All SaintsFroxfieldGrade II*1034080
St PeterFugglestone St PeterGrade II*1365906
St NicholasFyfieldGrade II*1182200
St GilesGreat WishfordGrade II*1182616
Holy CrossHankertonGrade II*1022241
St John the BaptistHanningtonGrade II*1023330
St AndrewHeddingtonGrade II*1261202
St KatherineHoltGrade II*1021796
St MaryHomingtonGrade II*1023807
St John the BaptistHorningshamGrade II*1364356
St LeonardKeevilGrade II*1262746
St MaryKilmingtonGrade II*1318459
St MaryKingston DeverillGrade II*1364367
St Michael and All AngelsKington St MichaelGrade II*1283509
St AndrewLandfordGrade II*1184023
All SaintsLeighGrade II*1356042
St Margaret of AntiochLeigh DelamereGrade II*1022289
St Nicholas of MiraLittle LangfordGrade II*1284230
All SaintsLittleton DrewGrade II*1022294
St Peter and St PaulLongbridge DeverillGrade II*1200661
All SaintsLydiard MillicentGrade II*1356045
St JamesMarston MeyseyGrade II*1023152
St PeterMilton LilbourneGrade II*1364687
St PeterMonkton FarleighGrade II*1285556
St NicholasNorth BradleyGrade II*1181520
St JamesNorth NewntonGrade II*1365549
St AndrewNuntonGrade II*1181836
St MaryOdstockGrade II*1023844
St GeorgeOgbourne St GeorgeGrade II*1284521
St GeorgeOrchestonGrade II*1024021
St MaryOrchestonGrade II*1181876
St PeterPittonGrade II*1135702
St AugustineRodbourneGrade II*1363874
St AndrewRollestoneGrade II*1181917
St MathewRowdeGrade II*1272866
St BartholomewRoyal Wootton BassettGrade II*1183969
St MathewRushallGrade II*1365552
St CatherineSedgehillGrade II*1198667
Christ ChurchShawGrade II*1194686
St MaryShrewtonGrade II*1023959
St NicholasSlaughterfordGrade II*1363574
St MarySopworthGrade II*1283124
St JamesSouth WraxallGrade II*1021864
St KatharineSt KatharinesGrade II*1183857
St GilesStanton St QuintinGrade II*1200437
All SaintsSutton BengerGrade II*1022403
All SaintsSutton MandevilleGrade II*1318693
St PeterSwallowcliffeGrade II*1263108
St MichaelTeffont EviasGrade II*1146266
St EdwardTeffont MagnaGrade II*1251111
St MichaelTidcombeGrade II*1299891
St GilesTockenhamGrade II*1200200
St Peter ad VinculaTollard RoyalGrade II*1146278
St PeterTownsendGrade II*1272991
St JamesTytheringtonGrade II*1036375
St NicholasTytherton LucasGrade II*1022442
St MaryUpton ScudamoreGrade II*1181692
St GeorgeWest HarnhamGrade II*1242798
St MaryWest KingtonGrade II*1022974
St MaryWest KnoyleGrade II*1199597
St Michael and All AngelsWest OvertonGrade II*1033801
All SaintsWest WinterslowGrade II*1299950
St MaryWhaddonGrade II*1262296
All SaintsWhiteparishGrade II*1300179
Holy CrossWilcotGrade II*1364663
St NicholasWilsfordGrade II*1320070
St NicholasWilsfordGrade II*1284143
St MaryWingfieldGrade II*1285304
St PeterWinterbourne StokeGrade II*1130975
St AndrewWootton RiversGrade II*1193633
St MaryWylyeGrade II*1146203
St MartinZealsGrade II*1131078
St MaryAlderburyGrade II1355757
St John the BaptistAllingtonGrade II1300482
St JamesAnstyGrade II1130713
St BanabasBeanacreGrade II1285597
St StephenBeechingstokeGrade II1181938
St John the BaptistBerwick St JohnGrade II1130720
St AnneBowden HillGrade II1363962
Christ ChurchBulkingtonGrade II1251283
St JamesButtermereGrade II1365465
Christ ChurchCadleyGrade II1193137
Holy TrinityCalneGrade II1270942
St MaryCalstone WellingtonGrade II1261809
St Philip and St James ChapmansladeGrade II1036527
All SaintsCharlton All SaintsGrade II1355720
All SaintsChickladeGrade II1318426
St MargaretCorsleyGrade II1285744
St Thomas of CanterburyCoulstonGrade II1364255
Holy TrinityEast GrimsteadGrade II1023819
All SaintsEast HarnhamGrade II1242276
Christ ChurchEast KennettGrade II1286148
All SaintsGarsdonGrade II1284841
St JohnGastardGrade II1198132
Holy TrinityHeywoodGrade II1364266
St Michael and All AngelsHilpertonGrade II1021792
St John the BaptistHindonGrade II1318810
St NicholasHuishGrade II1035682
St AndrewLaverstockGrade II1355734
St PeterLittle CheverellGrade II1035800
St MaryLower SeagryGrade II1200024
All SaintsMiddle WoodfordGrade II1197978
St Philip and St JamesNestonGrade II1181810
St CatherineNetherhamptonGrade II1181778
St AndrewNewton TonyGrade II1135699
All SaintsNortonGrade II1023214
All SaintsNorton BavantGrade II1183498
St NicholasPortonGrade II1183981
St FrancisSalisburyGrade II1243667
St LeonardSemleyGrade II1318799
St JamesSevenhamptonGrade II1023370
St AndrewSouth NewtonGrade II1146258
St ThomasSouthwickGrade II1364079
All SaintsStanton St BernardGrade II1365968
St PaulStavertonGrade II1021875
St NicholasUpper ChuteGrade II1035940
St John the EvangelistWest AshtonGrade II1262135
Borbach ChapelWest DeanGrade II1135718
St MaryWest DeanGrade II1135718
St Mary MagdaleneWinterbourne MonktonGrade II1033812
St Mary MagdaleneWoodboroughGrade II1035761