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Churches of Wiltshire

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43 : St Mary
38 : All Saints
17 : St John the Baptist
17 : St Peter
16 : St Andrew
14 : St James
14 : St Nicholas
8 : Holy Trinity
8 : St Michael and All Angels
6 : Holy Cross
6 : St Leonard
6 : St Michael
5 : Christ Church
5 : St Giles
4 : St George
4 : St Martin
4 : St Mary Magdalene
3 : St John
3 : St Katherine
3 : St Laurence
3 : St Margaret
3 : St Peter and St Paul
2 : no dedication
2 : St Bartholomew
2 : St Catherine
2 : St John the Evangelist
2 : St Margaret of Antioch
2 : St Mathew
2 : St Michael the Archangel
2 : St Philip and St James
1 : (dedication unknown)
1 : Borbach Chapel
1 : Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1 : Chapel
1 : Mount Zion Baptist Chapel
1 : St Aldhelm
1 : St Anne
1 : St Augustine
1 : St Augustine of Canterbury
1 : St Banabas
1 : St Christopher
1 : St Cosmos and St Damian
1 : St Cyriac
1 : St Editha
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Edward
1 : St Francis
1 : St Katharine
1 : St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and St Ethelbert
1 : St Mary and St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and St Melor
1 : St Mary and St Nicholas
1 : St Mary, St Katherine and All Saints
1 : St Nicholas of Mira
1 : St Paul
1 : St Peter ad Vincula
1 : St Sampson
1 : St Stephen
1 : St Swithin
1 : St Swithun
1 : St Thomas
1 : St Thomas and St Edmund
1 : St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : The Abbey
All SaintsAlton PriorsGrade IDetails
St Mary and St MelorAmesburyGrade IDetails
Holy CrossAshton KeynesGrade IDetails
St JamesAveburyGrade IDetails
St MartinBarford St MartinGrade IDetails
St JamesBerwick St JamesGrade IDetails
St MaryBishops CanningsGrade IDetails
St JohnBishopstoneGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistBishopstoneGrade IDetails
St AndrewBoscombeGrade IDetails
St MaryBoytonGrade IDetails
St LaurenceBradford on AvonGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsBrinkworthGrade IDetails
St PeterBritfordGrade IDetails
St MaryBurtonGrade I 
St AndrewCastle CombeGrade I 
St MaryCastle EatonGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistChirtonGrade IDetails
All SaintsChristian MalfordGrade I 
St PeterClyffe PypardGrade IDetails
St SwithinCompton BassettGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsCoombe BissettGrade IDetails
St SampsonCrickladeGrade IDetails
St MaryDintonGrade IDetails
St LaurenceDowntonGrade IDetails
All SaintsEnfordGrade IDetails
All SaintsFarleyGrade IDetails
All SaintsFonthill BishopGrade I 
(dedication unknown)FoxleyGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat BedwynGrade IDetails
St AndrewGreat DurnfordGrade IDetails
All SaintsHamGrade I 
St Michael and All AngelsHighworthGrade IDetails
St LaurenceHilmartonGrade IDetails
St SwithunHinton ParvaGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneHullavingtonGrade I 
All SaintsIdmistonGrade IDetails
St JohnIngleshamGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistLattonGrade IDetails
All SaintsLiddingtonGrade IDetails
St MichaelLittle BedwynGrade IDetails
St Mary and St EthelbertLuckingtonGrade I 
St JamesLudgershallGrade IDetails
St MaryLydiard TregozeGrade IDetails
All SaintsMaiden BradleyGrade IDetails
St PeterManningford BruceGrade I 
All SaintsMardenGrade I 
St MaryMarket LavingtonGrade I 
St John the BaptistMildenhallGrade IDetails
All SaintsNetheravonGrade I 
Holy CrossOgbourne St AndrewGrade IDetails
St MaryPotterneGrade IDetails
Holy CrossRamsburyGrade IDetails
Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin MarySalisburyGrade IDetails
St Thomas and St EdmundSalisburyGrade IDetails
St Cosmos and St DamianSherringtonGrade IDetails
Holy CrossSherstonGrade I 
St Mary MagdaleneSouth MarstonGrade IDetails
St MarySouth TidworthGrade IDetails
St LeonardStanton FitzwarrenGrade IDetails
St MaryStaplefordGrade IDetails
All SaintsSteeple LangfordGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistStocktonGrade IDetails
St PeterStourtonGrade IDetails
St LawrenceStratford Sub CastleGrade IDetails
St Mary and St LawrenceStratford TonyGrade I 
St John the EvangelistSutton VenyGrade IDetails
St MaryUpavonGrade IDetails
St LeonardUpper MinetyGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsUrchfontGrade IDetails
St AndrewWanboroughGrade IDetails
All SaintsWest LavingtonGrade IDetails
St Mary and St NicholasWiltonGrade I 
St KatherineWinterbourne BassettGrade IDetails
St MaryWinterbourne GunnerGrade IDetails
All SaintsYatesburyGrade IDetails
All SaintsAll CanningsGrade II*Details
St EdithaBaverstockGrade II*Details
St NicholasBaydonGrade II*Details
St NicholasBerwick BassettGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityBowerchalkeGrade II*Details
St Michael the ArchangelBrixton DeverillGrade II*Details
St LeonardBroad BlunsdonGrade II*Details
All SaintsBurbageGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistBurcombeGrade II*Details
St PeterCharlton St PeterGrade II*Details
St JamesCherhillGrade II*Details
St Margaret of AntiochChilmarkGrade II*Details
St MaryChilton FoliatGrade II*Details
St MaryCodford St MaryGrade II*Details
St PeterCodford St PeterGrade II*Details
St AndrewCollingbourne DucisGrade II*Details
St MaryCollingbourne KingstonGrade II*Details
St MichaelCompton ChamberlayneGrade II*Details
St AndrewDonhead St AndrewGrade II* 
All SaintsDurringtonGrade II*Details
St NicholasEast GraftonGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityEaston RoyalGrade II*Details
St AndrewEtchilhamptonGrade II*Details
St PeterEverleighGrade II*Details
St MartinFifield BavantGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsFigheldeanGrade II*Details
St NicholasFisherton de la MereGrade II*Details
All SaintsFittletonGrade II* 
Christ ChurchFosburyGrade II*Details
St GeorgeFovantGrade II* 
All SaintsFroxfieldGrade II*Details
St PeterFugglestone St PeterGrade II*Details
St NicholasFyfieldGrade II*Details
St GilesGreat WishfordGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistHanningtonGrade II*Details
St MaryHomingtonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistHorningshamGrade II* 
St LeonardKeevilGrade II*Details
St MaryKilmingtonGrade II*Details
St MaryKingston DeverillGrade II*Details
St AndrewLandfordGrade II*Details
All SaintsLeighGrade II*Details
St Nicholas of MiraLittle LangfordGrade II*Details
All SaintsLittleton DrewGrade II* 
All SaintsLydiard MillicentGrade II*Details
St JamesMarston MeyseyGrade II*Details
St PeterMilton LilbourneGrade II*Details
St JamesNorth NewntonGrade II*Details
St AndrewNuntonGrade II*Details
St MaryOdstockGrade II*Details
St GeorgeOgbourne St GeorgeGrade II*Details
St MaryOrchestonGrade II* 
St GeorgeOrchestonGrade II* 
St PeterPittonGrade II*Details
St AndrewRollestoneGrade II*Details
St BartholomewRoyal Wootton BassettGrade II*Details
St MathewRushallGrade II*Details
St NicholasSlaughterfordGrade II* 
St MarySopworthGrade II* 
St KatharineSt KatharinesGrade II*Details
St GilesStanton St QuintinGrade II*Details
St EdwardTeffont MagnaGrade II*Details
St MichaelTidcombeGrade II*Details
St GilesTockenhamGrade II*Details
St PeterTownsendGrade II*Details
St GeorgeWest HarnhamGrade II*Details
St MaryWest KnoyleGrade II* 
St Michael and All AngelsWest OvertonGrade II*Details
All SaintsWest WinterslowGrade II*Details
Holy CrossWilcotGrade II* 
St NicholasWilsfordGrade II* 
St NicholasWilsfordGrade II*Details
St PeterWinterbourne StokeGrade II* 
St AndrewWootton RiversGrade II*Details
St MaryWylyeGrade II*Details
St MartinZealsGrade II*Details
St MaryAlderburyGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistAllingtonGrade IIDetails
St StephenBeechingstokeGrade IIDetails
St LeonardBerwick St LeonardGrade II 
Christ ChurchBulkingtonGrade IIDetails
St JamesButtermereGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchCadleyGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityCalneGrade IIDetails
St MaryCalstone WellingtonGrade IIDetails
All SaintsCharlton All SaintsGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityEast GrimsteadGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchEast KennettGrade IIDetails
St NicholasHuishGrade IIDetails
St AndrewLaverstockGrade IIDetails
All SaintsMiddle WoodfordGrade II 
St CatherineNetherhamptonGrade IIDetails
St AndrewNewton TonyGrade IIDetails
All SaintsNortonGrade II 
St NicholasPortonGrade IIDetails
St FrancisSalisburyGrade IIDetails
St JamesSevenhamptonGrade IIDetails
St AndrewSouth NewtonGrade IIDetails
All SaintsStanton St BernardGrade IIDetails
St NicholasUpper ChuteGrade IIDetails
St MaryWest DeanGrade IIDetails
St Mary MagdaleneWinterbourne MonktonGrade IIDetails
St Mary MagdaleneWoodboroughGrade IIDetails