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Churches of Warwickshire
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27 : St Mary
18 : All Saints
17 : St Peter
12 : St John the Baptist
10 : St Michael
8 : St James
7 : Holy Trinity
6 : St Giles
6 : St Leonard
5 : St Lawrence
4 : St Michael and All Angels
4 : St Nicholas
4 : St Peter and St Paul
3 : St Botolph
3 : St Mary Magdalene
2 : dedication unknown
2 : St Andrew
2 : St Chad
2 : St Cuthbert
2 : St George
2 : St Gregory
2 : St James the Great
2 : St John
2 : St Mary and All Saints
2 : St Matthew
1 : Abbey
1 : Baptist Chapel
1 : Catholic Church
1 : Christ Church
1 : Holy Ascension
1 : Holy Cross
1 : Old Church of St Mary
1 : St Barnabas and St Nicholas
1 : St David
1 : St Denis
1 : St Denys
1 : St Editha
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Luke
1 : St Margaret
1 : St Mark
1 : St Martin
1 : St Mary and Holy Cross
1 : St Mary and St Margaret
1 : St Milburga
1 : St Nicholas and St Peter ad Vincula
1 : St Peter ad Vincula
1 : St Peter and St Clare
1 : St Swithin
1 : St Theobald and St Chad
1 : St Thomas Becket
1 : The Assumption of Our Lady
1 : The Mission
The Assumption of Our LadyAshowGrade I1035266
St MaryAstleyGrade I1184853
St John the BaptistAston CantlowGrade I1024581
St John the BaptistBagintonGrade I1116539
All SaintsBillesleyGrade I1382704
St ChadBishop's TachbrookGrade I1364940
All SaintsBurton DassettGrade I1035653
St LeonardCharlecoteGrade I1381830
St John the BaptistCheringtonGrade I1355498
St PeterCoughtonGrade I1024600
St MaryCubbingtonGrade I1364926
St Peter ad VinculaHampton LucyGrade I1382119
St MaryHasleyGrade I1115462
St John the BaptistHenley-in-ArdenGrade I1382379
St John the BaptistHonileyGrade I1329947
All SaintsHoningtonGrade I1355483
St MaryIlmingtonGrade I1024126
All SaintsLadbrokeGrade I1035567
St MaryLapworthGrade I1184159
St Peter and St PaulLong ComptonGrade I1355491
St James the GreatLong MarstonGrade I1382595
St SwithinLower QuintonGrade I1382665
St PeterMancetterGrade I1365169
St MaryMerevaleGrade I1365174
St BotolphNewbold on AvonGrade I1183970
St LawrenceOxhillGrade I1364748
St JamesPackington HallGrade I1034813
St MaryPreston on StourGrade I1382639
St MatthewSalford PriorsGrade I1355366
St JamesSnitterfieldGrade I1382171
St JamesSouthamGrade I1185823
St MaryStoneleighGrade I1035159
AbbeyStoneleigh ParkGrade I1035149
Holy TrinityStratford-upon-AvonGrade I1187824
St Mary MagdaleneTanworth-in-ArdenGrade I1382445
St GregoryTredingtonGrade I1024028
St MichaelWarmingtonGrade I1355583
St MaryWarwickGrade I1035500
St PeterWelford-on-AvonGrade I1382823
St MichaelWeston under WetherleyGrade I1325524
All SaintsWeston-on-AvonGrade I1382865
St MichaelWhichfordGrade I1355543
dedication unknownWindertonGrade I1024351
St PeterWootton WawenGrade I1382227
St PeterWormleightonGrade I1299347
St Mary and Holy CrossAlderminsterGrade II*1382684
St MaryAlderminsterGrade II*1382532
St JamesAnstyGrade II*1034889
St GilesAsh GreenGrade II*1186152
St NicholasAustreyGrade II*1365184
St JohnAvon DassettGrade II*1024250
St MichaelBaddesley ClintonGrade II*1035101
St MartinBarchestonGrade II*1024407
St PeterBarfordGrade II*1116437
St LawrenceBarton-on-the-HeathGrade II*1024311
All SaintsBedworthGrade II*1365052
St MarkBiltonGrade II*1183705
St John the BaptistBrinklowGrade II*1034957
St BotolphBurton HastingsGrade II*1034891
St Peter and St PaulButlers MarstonGrade II*1035541
St Theobald and St ChadCaldecoteGrade II*1034744
All SaintsChadshuntGrade II*1035627
St GilesChestertonGrade II*1364715
St LawrenceChurch EndGrade II*1365141
Holy TrinityChurchoverGrade II*1233438
St Michael and All AngelsClaverdonGrade II*1382061
St MaryClifton upon DunsmoreGrade II*1233440
St JohnCopston MagnaGrade II*1185719
St MaryCorleyGrade II*1299365
St Nicholas and St Peter ad VinculaCurdworthGrade II*1185754
St PeterDorsingtonGrade II*1382736
St BotolphFarnboroughGrade II*1299775
St Peter and St ClareFenny ComptonGrade II*1355534
St Mary and All SaintsFillongleyGrade II*1034830
St NicholasFranktonGrade II*1185518
St MaryHalfordGrade II*1185710
St Mary and All SaintsHaselorGrade II*1024525
Holy TrinityHattonGrade II*1035212
Christ ChurchHockley HeathGrade II*1382428
St James the GreatIdlicoteGrade II*1024344
St PeterKinetonGrade II*1381924
St MaryKinwartonGrade II*1183766
All SaintsLeamington HastingsGrade II*1299343
St DenisLittle ComptonGrade II*1355522
St Michael and All AngelsMaxstokeGrade II*1365128
St John the BaptistMiddletonGrade II*1034640
Holy CrossMoreton MorrellGrade II*1381945
Holy TrinityMorton BagotGrade II*1355449
St LawrenceNapton on the HillGrade II*1024444
St GeorgeNewbold PaceyGrade II*1381966
St MaryNewton RegisGrade II*1116451
Holy TrinityNorton LindseyGrade II*1186751
St GregoryOffchurchGrade II*1035084
St LeonardOver WhitacreGrade II*1115596
St GilesPackwoodGrade II*1035112
St MaryPillerton HerseyGrade II*1364769
St EdithaPolesworthGrade II*1252564
All SaintsPreston BagotGrade II*1382153
St MaryPriors HardwickGrade II*1024455
St PeterRatleyGrade II*1355550
All SaintsRoyal Leamington SpaGrade II*1381145
St MichaelRugbyGrade II*1183659
St LeonardRyton-on-DunsmoreGrade II*1034875
All SaintsSeckingtonGrade II*1252599
All SaintsSherbourneGrade II*1035139
St EdmundShipston-on-StourGrade II*1024091
St LaurenceShotteswellGrade II*1024180
St CuthbertShustokeGrade II*1320424
St MaryStanford on TemeGrade II*1173236
St Michael and All AngelsStocktonGrade II*1035601
All SaintsStretton-on-DunsmoreGrade II*1185612
St MaryStudleyGrade II*1024491
St Thomas BecketSutton-under-BrailesGrade II*1024275
dedication unknownTidmingtonGrade II*1024086
St MichaelUftonGrade II*1186020
Old Church of St MaryUllenhallGrade II*1382493
St John the BaptistUpper ShuckburghGrade II*1024436
St Mary MagdaleneWarwickGrade II*1117390
St PeterWhatcoteGrade II*1024347
St LeonardWilleyGrade II*1116337
St NicholasWilloughbyGrade II*1116454
St ChadWishawGrade II*1034654
All SaintsWithybrookGrade II*1034860
St MilburgaWixfordGrade II*1355369
St PeterWolfhampcoteGrade II*1034927
St MaryWolvertonGrade II*1382195
St John the BaptistWolveyGrade II*1116252
St JamesAlvestonGrade II1204420
Holy TrinityArrowGrade II1024724
Catholic ChurchAvon DassettGrade II1355548
The MissionBaxterleyGrade II1034739
St MaryBearleyGrade II1382044
St PeterBintonGrade II1382709
St LeonardBirdingburyGrade II1034962
St GilesBubbenhallGrade II1035229
St MichaelBudbrookeGrade II1035234
St Barnabas and St NicholasBurmingtonGrade II1024145
St PeterChurch LawfordGrade II1034904
St Mary and St MargaretCombrookGrade II1381849
St GeorgeDarlingscottGrade II1299472
St GilesExhallGrade II1300496
St PeterGalley CommonGrade II1389490
St Mary MagdaleneGreat AlneGrade II1024560
St MichaelGreat WolfordGrade II1024326
St MichaelGross GreenGrade II1364721
All SaintsHarborough MagnaGrade II1276550
All SaintsHarburyGrade II1184836
St MargaretHunninghamGrade II1184140
St John the BaptistLea MarstonGrade II1185796
All SaintsLeek WoottonGrade II1364956
St LawrenceLighthorneGrade II1185035
St John the BaptistLower ShuckburghGrade II1355437
All SaintsLuddingtonGrade II1382756
Holy AscensionMappleborough GreenGrade II1024490
St GilesNether WhitacreGrade II1034645
St DavidNewbold-on-StourGrade II1364704
St MaryNo Man's HeathGrade II1323721
St JamesNuneatonGrade II1185771
st JamesOld MilvertonGrade II1035192
St MaryOldberrowGrade II1355413
St DenysPailtonGrade II1233570
St LeonardPriors MarstonGrade II1374950
St NicholasRadford SemeleGrade II1364924
St PeterRadwayGrade II1184627
St MatthewShuttingtonGrade II1262206
St AndrewStratford-on-AvonGrade II1204451
St PeterStretton-on-FosseGrade II1024080
St MaryStudleyGrade II1024484
Baptist ChapelTemple GraftonGrade II1382787
St MaryUllenhallGrade II1382494
St JamesWalton D'EivileGrade II1381988
Holy TrinityWartonGrade II1252562
St John the BaptistWaspertonGrade II1035126
St Peter and St PaulWater OrtonGrade II1186230
St MaryWibtoftGrade II1116376
St AndrewWilmcoteGrade II1355412
St Peter and St PaulWindertonGrade II1024392