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Churches of Shropshire

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44 : St Mary
19 : Holy Trinity
19 : St Michael
18 : St John the Baptist
18 : St Peter
13 : All Saints
8 : St Andrew
7 : St Margaret
7 : St Michael and All Angels
6 : no dedication
6 : St Chad
5 : St Bartholomew
5 : St John
4 : Christ Church
4 : St George
4 : St Giles
4 : St Peter and St Paul
3 : Chapel
3 : Methodist
3 : St James
3 : St Leonard
3 : St Luke
3 : St Mary Magdalene
2 : St Alkmund
2 : St Catherine
2 : St Edith
2 : St Lawrence
2 : St Mark
2 : St Martin
2 : St Milburga
2 : St Oswald
2 : St Thomas
1 : All Hallows
1 : Chapel of the Epiphany
1 : Church of King Charles the Martyr
1 : Congregational
1 : dedication unknown
1 : Holy Innocents
1 : Red bbey
1 : St Anne
1 : St Calixtus
1 : St Eata
1 : St Edward
1 : St Gregory
1 : St John the Evangelist
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Lucia
1 : St Nicholas
1 : St Paul
1 : St Ruthen
1 : St Swintun
1 : St Swithun
1 : St Winifrede
1 : Temple
1 : United Reformed
St MaryActon BurnellGrade I1366700
St PeterAdderleyGrade I1055290
St EataAtchamGrade I1176664
St GilesBarrowGrade I1367837
All SaintsBatchcottGrade I1383775
All SaintsBerringtonGrade I1176997
St MaryBromfieldGrade I1291888
St MaryBurfordGrade I1383422
St JamesCardingtonGrade I1366702
St PeterChelmarshGrade I1188126
St MichaelChirburyGrade I1055048
All SaintsClaverleyGrade I1188258
St SwintunClunburyGrade I1367001
St PeterCoundGrade I1055560
St EdithEatonGrade I1383306
St PeterEdgmondGrade I1054183
St MaryEdstastonGrade I1236691
St MaryEllesmereGrade I1055505
St AndrewGreat NessGrade I1295352
St MichaelHigh ErcallGrade I1038604
St LukeHodnetGrade I1366827
Holy TrinityHoldgateGrade I1383399
St John the BaptistHope BagotGrade I1383523
St MaryHopesayGrade I1054961
St John the BaptistHughleyGrade I1366851
St John the BaptistKinletGrade I1053830
St Michael and All AngelsLilleshallGrade I1038247
St LeonardLinleyGrade I1176860
St MaryLongnorGrade I1055588
St MichaelLoppingtonGrade I1056050
St LaurenceLudlowGrade I1202794
St Michael and All AngelsLydbury NorthGrade I1054540
St PeterMelverleyGrade I1367171
St BartholomewMoreton CorbetGrade I1307235
St GregoryMorvilleGrade I1053840
St MichaelMunslowGrade I1383331
St MichaelPitchfordGrade I1177813
St MarySelattynGrade I1367376
St MaryShawburyGrade I1055376
St PeterStanton LacyGrade I1269832
St AndrewStanton upon Hine HeathGrade I1188128
St John the BaptistStokesayGrade I1269934
St BartholomewTongGrade I1053606
ChapelUpper HeathGrade I1383722
St AlkmundWhitchurchGrade I1177510
All SaintsWorthenGrade I1055014
St PeterWrockwardineGrade I1030939
St AndrewWroxeterGrade I1224008
St MargaretAbdonGrade II*1383593
St MaryActon RoundGrade II*1367846
St MargaretActon ScottGrade II*1383212
St Michael and All AngelsAlberburyGrade II*1055242
St Mary MagdaleneAlbrightonGrade II*1053700
St MaryAlveleyGrade II*1053191
St AndrewAshford BowdlerGrade II*1383609
St MaryAshford CarbonellGrade II*1383628
St MaryAstleyGrade II*1055176
St CalixtusAstley AbbottsGrade II*1367834
St MichaelAston BotterellGrade II*1053203
no dedicationAston EyreGrade II*1053204
St MaryBattlefieldGrade II*1246192
TempleBeambridgeGrade II*1383366
St MilburgaBeckburyGrade II*1367602
St BartholomewBenthall HallGrade II*1053209
St MaryBettws-y-crwynGrade II*1367242
St MaryBillingsleyGrade II*1053172
St John the BaptistBishop's CastleGrade II*1367186
St MaryBitterleyGrade II*1383652
St ChadBoningdaleGrade II*1053675
Holy TrinityBourtonGrade II*1189037
St LeonardBridgnorthGrade II*1178124
St MaryBridgnorthGrade II*1177357
All SaintsBroseleyGrade II*1053895
St MaryCaynhamGrade II*1383694
St SwithunCheswardineGrade II*1055352
St GilesChettonGrade II*1188141
St Michael and All AngelsChetwynd ParkGrade II*1054109
St MichaelChild's ErcallGrade II*1176104
St John the BaptistChurch PreenGrade II*1366863
St John the BaptistChurchtownGrade II*1176459
St MargaretClee St MargaretGrade II*1380326
St Peter and St PaulCleobury NorthGrade II*1053891
All SaintsCliveGrade II*1055420
Holy TrinityCoalbrookdaleGrade II*1280353
St John the EvangelistColemereGrade II*1055926
St PeterCoreleyGrade II*1383711
All SaintsCulmingtonGrade II*1269907
St PeterDiddleburyGrade II*1269882
St John the BaptistDitton PriorsGrade II*1053854
St CatherineEyton upon the MoorsGrade II*1038622
St Peter and St PaulFitzGrade II*1366947
St John the BaptistGreat BolasGrade II*1367430
St JamesGreeteGrade II*1383510
St Mary MagdaleneHadnallGrade II*1177680
St MaryHighleyGrade II*1188722
St MichaelHopton WafersGrade II*1383537
St MaryHordleyGrade II*1055883
St John the BaptistIghtfieldGrade II*1366502
St John the BaptistKenleyGrade II*1055258
St MaryKinnerleyGrade II*1054675
St MaryKnockinGrade II*1054683
St ChadKynnersleyGrade II*1374541
St PeterLee BrockhurstGrade II*1366483
St MaryLeebotwoodGrade II*1177258
St MaryLeightonGrade II*1055265
St MartinLittle NessGrade II*1055114
St LawrenceLittle WenlockGrade II*1208381
Holy TrinityLydhamGrade II*1054512
St MaryMarket DraytonGrade II*1366835
St GeorgeMilsonGrade II*1383558
Holy TrinityMinsterleyGrade II*1055228
St PeterMonkhoptonGrade II*1367522
St ChadMontfordGrade II*1055118
St PeterMoreGrade II*1054594
St MargaretMoreton SayGrade II*1056059
St John the BaptistMyndtownGrade II*1054598
St John the BaptistNashGrade II*1383565
St MaryNeen SavageGrade II*1053802
All SaintsNeen SollarsGrade II*1383573
All SaintsNorburyGrade II*1367199
St ChadNorton in HalesGrade II*1366459
St MichaelOniburyGrade II*1269840
St OswaldOswestryGrade II*1054332
dedication unknownPettonGrade II*1055887
St GeorgePontesburyGrade II*1055633
St MartinPreston GubbalsGrade II*1175242
St EdithPulverbatchGrade II*1055078
St Mary MagdaleneQuatfordGrade II*1374848
St AndrewQuattGrade II*1367569
St PeterRushburyGrade II*1383373
St LukeSambrookGrade II*1205992
St Peter and St PaulSheintonGrade II*1175850
St MarySheriffhalesGrade II*1053645
St JamesShiptonGrade II*1367573
St MaryShrawardineGrade II*1366943
St ChadShrewsburyGrade II*1246491
St AlkmundShrewsburyGrade II*1254774
Holy TrinityShrewsburyGrade II*1271121
Holy TrinitySidburyGrade II*1053776
St MichaelSilvingtonGrade II*1383760
St Michael and All AngelsStanton LongGrade II*1367577
St John the BaptistStapletonGrade II*1176071
St ChadStocktonGrade II*1053743
St MilburgaStoke St MilboroughGrade II*1383737
St MarySutton HallGrade II*1367564
St CatherineTugfordGrade II*1383393
Holy TrinityUppingtonGrade II*1273575
St LuciaUpton MagnaGrade II*1267600
St MichaelWentnorGrade II*1054608
St MichaelWest FeltonGrade II*1367365
St MaryWestburyGrade II*1366907
St MaryWhittonGrade II*1383589
St JohnWilleyGrade II*1053169
Holy TrinityWistanstowGrade II*1269808
ChapelWoodcoteGrade II*1292305
St Michael and All AngelsWoolstastonGrade II*1366699
St PeterWorfieldGrade II*1293886
St John the BaptistAlbrightonGrade II1055159
Christ ChurchAsh MagnaGrade II1055997
MethodistAsterleyGrade II1055658
no dedicationAston HallGrade II1177122
St GilesBadgerGrade II1053665
St MargaretBetton StrangeGrade II1055547
Holy TrinityBictonGrade II1055149
MethodistBlackfordGrade II1383751
no dedicationBorastonGrade II1383416
ChapelBroadstoneGrade II1383354
St John the BaptistBrownhillGrade II1307358
St MaryBucknellGrade II1366998
Holy TrinityBuildwasGrade II1366860
Holy TrinityCalverhallGrade II1056028
St MichaelCardestonGrade II1055215
St MAryChapel LawnGrade II1175111
St AndrewChurch AstonGrade II1054124
St MaryCleeton St MaryGrade II1383665
Christ ChurchCressageGrade II1295354
St JohnDoddingtonGrade II1383554
St EdwardDorringtonGrade II1366638
St MaryDudlestonGrade II1176489
no dedicationEardistonGrade II1367173
St PeterEasthopeGrade II1053862
St MaryEaton ConstantineGrade II1175563
St MichaelEdgtonGrade II1176157
St PaulFardenGrade II1383675
St GilesFarlowGrade II1188651
St MichaelFordGrade II1175741
St MarkFrodesleyGrade II1307283
St BartholomewGlazeleyGrade II1188677
All SaintsGrinshillGrade II1055423
St MaryHabberleyGrade II1177028
St ThomasHalfordGrade II1269927
St ThomasHanwoodGrade II1176182
St MaryHarleyGrade II1055289
St OswaldHinstockGrade II1308042
Holy TrinityHopeGrade II1366983
St AndrewHope BowdlerGrade II1383320
St LukeIronbridgeGrade II1374904
St AndrewKembertonGrade II1273840
St JohnLawleyGrade II1367388
Holy TrinityLeatonGrade II1366911
All SaintsLittle StrettonGrade II1383240
St MaryLlanfair WaterdineGrade II1176366
St MichaelLlanyblodwelGrade II1054658
St RuthenLongdenGrade II1055631
St BartholomewLongdon on TernGrade II1351606
no dedicationLoughtonGrade II1383759
Christ ChurchMarket DraytonGrade II1055302
St MarkMartonGrade II1366951
St John the BaptistMiddleton ScrivenGrade II1053833
St PeterMyddleGrade II1295092
St JohnNewcastleGrade II1054466
St NicholasOldburyGrade II1431512
Chapel of the EpiphanyPeplowGrade II1055346
MethodistPlealeyGrade II1055638
St LawrencePreston upon the Weald MoorsGrade II1292622
St MargaretRatlinghopeGrade II1054604
Red bbeyRed AbbeyGrade II1055240
St MaryRed LakeGrade II1038629
St GeorgeRodingtonGrade II1352000
Holy TrinityRorringtonGrade II1055057
All HallowsRowtonGrade II1374391
no dedicationRytonGrade II1239528
All SaintsShelveGrade II1055026
St AnneShorthillGrade II1055630
St WinifredeShrewsburyGrade II1416160
St GeorgeShrewsburyGrade II1344942
St MichaelSibdon CarwoodGrade II1269818
St Michael and All AngelsSmethcottGrade II1177711
St PeterSnedshillGrade II1033297
St PeterStoke on TernGrade II1055316
St Peter and St PaulTasleyGrade II1294012
Holy TrinityTelfordGrade II1367385
All SaintsTibbertonGrade II1033309
Christ ChurchTilstockGrade II1177184
Holy InnocentsTuckhillGrade II1393154
Holy TrinityUffingtonGrade II1239499
St MichaelWaters UptonGrade II1033310
St MichaelWelshamptonGrade II1177141
CongregationalWeston RhynGrade II1054208
Holy TrinityWestoncommonGrade II1055964
St John the BaptistWhittingtonGrade II1367372
St MaryWhixallGrade II1237211
United ReformedWistanswickGrade II1055321
St JohnWollastonGrade II1055175
Church of King Charles the MartyrWolverleyGrade II1236696
St LeonardWooreGrade II1177785
Holy TrinityYockletonGrade II1390740
St MaryYortonGrade II1055416