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Churches of Oxfordshire

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64 : St Mary
25 : All Saints
18 : St Peter
15 : St Nicholas
12 : St Andrew
12 : St James
10 : Holy Trinity
9 : St Giles
9 : St John the Baptist
9 : St Peter and St Paul
8 : St Michael
7 : St Michael and All Angels
6 : St Helen
6 : St Laurence
5 : St Bartholomew
5 : St John the Evangelist
5 : St Lawrence
5 : St Leonard
5 : St Margaret
5 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St John
3 : St James the Great
2 : Christ Church
2 : Holy Cross
2 : Holy Rood
2 : St Denys
2 : St George
2 : St Kenelm
2 : St Martin
2 : St Paul
2 : St Swithun
1 : Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary
1 : Congregational Church
1 : dedication unknown
1 : Holy Ascension
1 : Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1 : St Agatha
1 : St Anne
1 : St Augustine of Canterbury
1 : St Barnabas
1 : St Blaise
1 : St Britius
1 : St Catherine
1 : St Edburg
1 : St Edmund & St George
1 : St Edward the Confessor
1 : St Etheldreda
1 : St Faith
1 : St Gregory
1 : St Katharine
1 : St Leonard and St Catherine
1 : St Leonard and St James
1 : St Margaret of Antioch
1 : St Mary and St Edburga
1 : St Mathew
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Michael the Archangel
1 : St Nicholas and St Swithun
1 : St Olave
1 : St Oswald
1 : St Peter ad Vincula
1 : St Philip
1 : St Stephen
St NicholasAbingdonGrade I1048110
St HelenAbingdonGrade I1300979
St MaryAdderburyGrade I1200012
St Michael and All AngelsAlkertonGrade I1300845
St MaryAshburyGrade I1048770
St MaryBamptonGrade I1053559
St MaryBanburyGrade I1369519
St MichaelBarford St MichaelGrade I1284140
St NicholasBaulkingGrade I1048680
St MaryBeckleyGrade I1047650
St EdburgBicesterGrade I1199769
St Margaret of AntiochBinseyGrade I1047335
St MaryBlack BourtonGrade I1367683
St Michael the ArchangelBlewburyGrade I1368625
St MaryBloxhanGrade I1284130
St BartholomewBrightwell BaldwinGrade I1059763
St PeterBroadwellGrade I1199110
St MaryBucklandGrade I1181905
St PeterBucknellGrade I1200258
St MaryBuscotGrade I1368093
St PeterCassingtonGrade I1367949
St MaryChalgroveGrade I1284879
St MaryChalgroveGrade I1284879
St MaryCharlburyGrade I1053232
St MaryCharlton-on-OtmoorGrade I1370086
St PeterCharney BassettGrade I1182087
St MaryChildreyGrade I1048743
St AndrewChinnorGrade I1368881
St MaryChipping NortonGrade I1052637
St MaryCholseyGrade I1059283
St AndrewChurch EndGrade I1052792
St Peter and St PaulChurch HanboroughGrade I1052991
St LaurenceCombeGrade I1283757
St LaurenceCombe LongaGrade I1283757
St MaryCropredyGrade I1216164
St Mary MagdaleneCrowmarsh GiffordGrade I1059582
All SaintsCuddesdonGrade I1047709
St MichaelCumnorGrade I1048342
St Peter and St PaulDorchesterGrade I1193595
St BartholomewDucklingtonGrade I1183324
St AndrewEast HagbourneGrade I1047927
St MaryEwelmeGrade I1059360
All SaintsFaringdonGrade I1199147
St PeterGreat HaseleyGrade I1047529
St MaryGreat MiltonGrade I1369258
St MaryGreat MiltonGrade I1369258
St AndrewGreat RollrightGrade I1052792
St Michael and All AngelsGreat TewGrade I1193136
St PeterHanwellGrade I1216364
St MatthewHarwellGrade I1048238
St BartholomewHoltonGrade I1047596
St PeterHook NortonGrade I1369840
St EtheldredaHorleyGrade I1216504
St John the BaptistHorntonGrade I1227940
St NicholasIdburyGrade I1367780
St NicholasIslipGrade I1046574
St MaryKidlingtonGrade I1291046
St MathewLangfordGrade I1053385
St MaryLauntonGrade I1369735
St MargaretLewknorGrade I1182190
St MaryLong WittenhamGrade I1368798
St MaryLongworthGrade I1048616
St MargaretMapledurhamGrade I1059519
St NicholasMarstonGrade I1181921
St SwithunMertonGrade I1369750
St KenelmMinster LovellGrade I1053434
St GilesNewingtonGrade I1193229
St MaryNorth LeighGrade I1283536
All SaintsNorth MoretonGrade I1181258
St MaryNorth StokeGrade I1059577
St DenysNorthmoorGrade I1048936
St MaryOxfordGrade I1047319
St FaithShellingfordGrade I1368447
St MaryShipton under WychwoodGrade I1182700
St AndrewShrivenhamGrade I1284309
St JamesSomertonGrade I1225707
St JamesSouth LeighGrade I1199106
St Peter ad VinculaSouth NewingtonGrade I1277633
Holy CrossSparsholtGrade I1048702
St DenysStanford in the ValeGrade I1048607
St MichaelStanton HarcourtGrade I1053164
St John the BaptistStanton St JohnGrade I1182305
St Mary and St EdburgaStratton AudleyGrade I1046404
All SaintsSutton CourtenayGrade I1182209
St Peter and St PaulSwalcliffeGrade I1199016
St NicholasTadmartonGrade I1369852
St MaryThameGrade I1194053
St MaryUffingtonGrade I1198865
St Peter and St PaulWantageGrade I1048567
St Mary MagdaleneWardingtonGrade I1228671
St MaryWaterperryGrade I1047587
Holy TrinityWest HendredGrade I1200322
St MaryWestwellGrade I1357134
St AndrewWheatfieldGrade I1059672
St GilesWiggingtonGrade I1052175
St BartholomewYarntonGrade I1290230
St PeterAlvescotGrade II*1198102
St MaryAmbrosdenGrade II*1046525
St LawrenceAppletonGrade II*1048421
Holy TrinityArdingtonGrade II*1048189
St MaryArdleyGrade II*1046881
Holy TrinityAscott-under-WychwoodGrade II*1368158
St NicholasAsthallGrade II*1053514
St Peter and St PaulAston RowantGrade II*1368878
St MichaelAston TirroldGrade II*1286159
All SaintsAston UpthorpeGrade II*1369068
St MaryBalscoteGrade II*1299831
St JohnBarford St JohnGrade II*1046238
St MichaelBegbrokeGrade II*1291232
St HelenBensonGrade II*1369032
St HelenBerrick SalomeGrade II*1059273
St LawrenceBessels LeighGrade II*1048397
St GilesBletchingdonGrade II*1220032
St John the BaptistBodicoteGrade II*1277948
St AgathaBrightwell-cum-SotwellGrade II*1181581
St BritiusBrize NortonGrade II*1368227
St John the BaptistBurfordGrade II*1266497
St LaurenceCaversfieldGrade II*1046533
St NicholasChadlingtonGrade II*1368037
St MaryChastletonGrade II*1183347
St MaryChestertonGrade II*1300898
St KatharineChiselhamptonGrade II*1193807
St KenelmChurch EnstoneGrade II*1052805
All SaintsChurchillGrade II*1053342
St StephenClanfieldGrade II*1053402
St James the GreatClaydonGrade II*1287785
St Michael and All AngelsClifton HampdenGrade II*1368837
All SaintsColeshillGrade II*1368120
St SwithunCompton BeauchampGrade II*1198176
St MaryCottisfordGrade II*1046439
St John the BaptistCurbridgeGrade II*1368232
St Peter and St PaulDeddingtonGrade II*1365859
St JamesDenchworthGrade II*1048582
All SaintsDidcotGrade II*1047918
St PeterDrayton (near Abingdon)Grade II*1052771
St PeterDrayton (near Banbury)Grade II*1369591
St PeterEasingtonGrade II*1059753
St NicholasEast ChallowGrade II*1048593
St Augustine of CanterburyEast HendredGrade II*1048169
All SaintsEast LockingeGrade II*1368679
St Michael and All AngelsEaton HastingsGrade II*1182735
St NicholasEmmingtonGrade II*1368901
St AnneEpwellGrade II*1369555
St LeonardEynshamGrade II*1048964
St John the BaptistFifieldGrade II*1283580
St PeterFilkinsGrade II*1199479
St MaryFreelandGrade II*1367941
St OlaveFritwellGrade II*1046892
St JamesFulbrookGrade II*1199969
St NicholasFyfieldGrade II*1368546
St MaryGarsingtonGrade II*1284943
All SaintsGooseyGrade II*1368468
St GilesGreat CoxwellGrade II*1368112
St MaryHampton PoyleGrade II*1220144
St AndrewHeadingtonGrade II*1348376
St MaryHenley on ThamesGrade II*1218999
St MargaretHinton WaldristGrade II*1048641
St GilesHorspathGrade II*1047462
St GeorgeKelmscottGrade II*1199126
St GeorgeKencotGrade II*1053501
St NicholasKiddingtonGrade II*1198490
St AndrewKinghamGrade II*1283232
St HelenKirtlingtonGrade II*1300872
St MichaelLeafieldGrade II*1367730
St Michael and All AngelsLetcombe BassettGrade II*1253889
St AndrewLetcombe RegisGrade II*1368706
St MaryLittle CoxwellGrade II*1048820
St PhilipLittle RollrightGrade II*1251364
St PeterLittle WittenhamGrade II*1285238
St MaryLongcotGrade II*1048781
St MaryLower HeyfordGrade II*1225457
St MaryLyfordGrade II*1199327
All SaintsMarchamGrade II*1048354
St PeterMarsh BaldonGrade II*1048056
All SaintsMiddleton StoneyGrade II*1276839
All SaintsMixburyGrade II*1192977
All SaintsMollingtonGrade II*1228026
St MaryNewnham MurrenGrade II*1285860
St GilesNokeGrade II*1369713
St MaryNorth AstonGrade II*1200620
Holy TrinityNuffieldGrade II*1059326
All SaintsNunehamGrade II*1286134
St AndrewOddingtonGrade II*1369717
St NicholasPiddingtonGrade II*1233014
All SaintsPuseyGrade II*1368423
St MaryPyrtonGrade II*1059730
St JamesRadleyGrade II*1048324
St NicholasRotherfield GreysGrade II*1047387
All SaintsRotherfield PeppardGrade II*1369298
St Leonard and St JamesRoushamGrade II*1199466
St MartinSandford St MartinGrade II*1052510
St AndrewSandford-on-ThamesGrade II*1047633
Holy TrinitySheningtonGrade II*1183960
Holy RoodShiltonGrade II*1357113
St Peter and St PaulShiplakeGrade II*1059595
All SaintsShorthamptonGrade II*1053112
Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin MarySouldernGrade II*1046428
St LaurenceSouth HinkseyGrade II*1048297
St AndrewSouth StokeGrade II*1193919
All SaintsSpelsburyGrade II*1251447
St GilesStandlakeGrade II*1367885
St Peter and St PaulSteeple AstonGrade II*1357162
St MarySteeple BartonGrade II*1052931
St PeterStoke LyneGrade II*1193248
St James the GreatStonesfieldGrade II*1053074
St LeonardSunningwellGrade II*1182736
St MarySwerfordGrade II*1193995
St MarySwinbrookGrade II*1053441
St MarySydenhamGrade II*1180738
St NicholasTackleyGrade II*1281634
St John the EvangelistTayntonGrade II*1300575
St LawrenceToot BaldonGrade II*1193957
St MaryWallingfordGrade II*1182404
St LeonardWallingfordGrade II*1048505
St LaurenceWarboroughGrade II*1181123
St LeonardWatlingtonGrade II*1059424
St James the GreatWest HanneyGrade II*1300859
St Edward the ConfessorWestcott BartonGrade II*1285863
St MaryWeston-on-the-GreenGrade II*1233027
St MaryWheatleyGrade II*1284661
St MaryWhitchurch on ThamesGrade II*1059494
St OswaldWidfordGrade II*1300619
St PeterWilcoteGrade II*1367959
St Mary MagdaleneWoodstockGrade II*1262223
All SaintsWoolstoneGrade II*1199074
St MaryWoottonGrade II*1052899
All SaintsWroxtonGrade II*1300046
St Nicholas and St SwithunYelfordGrade II*1198970
St MaryAdwellGrade II1059703
St HelenAlburyGrade II1047466
St Peter and St PaulApplefordGrade II1052766
St JamesAstonGrade II1052435
St JohnBanburyGrade II1046906
St JamesBixGrade II1047423
St MartinBladonGrade II1053025
All SaintsChiltonGrade II1048229
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin MaryCrowellGrade II1285359
St PaulCulhamGrade II1059792
Holy RoodCuxhamGrade II1059751
St Leonard and St CatherineDrayton St LeonardGrade II1194604
St HelenDry SandfordGrade II1368572
St Mary MagdaleneDuns TewGrade II1369849
St JohnFernhamGrade II1048819
St Michael and All AngelsFinmereGrade II1192662
Holy TrinityFinstockGrade II1367876
St MichaelFringfordGrade II1369783
St MaryGlymptonGrade II1367896
Holy TrinityGodingtonGrade II1046448
St John the EvangelistHaileyGrade II1367964
St MargaretHarpsdenGrade II1181036
St MaryHarwickGrade II1192837
St John the EvangelistHemptonGrade II1046341
St Edmund & St GeorgeHetheGrade II1286396
St MaryHolwellGrade II1225785
St BarnabasHorton-cum-StudleyGrade II1046569
St John the BaptistKidmore EndGrade II1059508
St John the BaptistKingston BagpuizeGrade II1368533
Holy TrinityLewGrade II1053510
St JamesLittle MiltonGrade II1369190
St John the EvangelistLittle TewGrade II1368194
Holy AscensionLittleworthGrade II1283126
St LaurenceMilcombeGrade II1046265
St BlaiseMiltonGrade II1277729
St John the BaptistMoulsfordGrade II1059262
St JamesNether WortonGrade II1052460
St BartholomewNettlebedGrade II1369329
St Michael and All AngelsNewton PurcellGrade II1046423
Holy TrinityOver WortonGrade II1368238
dedication unknownPishillGrade II1194362
St JamesRamsdenGrade II1367900
St MarySalfordGrade II1053310
St JamesSarsdenGrade II1200325
St MaryShiffordGrade II1284386
Holy CrossShipton on CherwellGrade II1210563
All SaintsShirburnGrade II1284215
Holy TrinitySibford GowerGrade II1184512
St JohnStadhamptonGrade II1193931
St John the EvangelistStoke RowGrade II1369052
St Mary MagdaleneStoke TalmageGrade II1059697
St GilesTetsworthGrade II1059662
St CatherineTowerseyGrade II1181108
St LawrenceTubneyGrade II1048405
St PeterUpper WolvercoteGrade II1047300
St GilesWendleburyGrade II1046559
St PeterWolvercoteGrade II1047300
All SaintsWythamGrade II1048274