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Churches of Northamptonshire

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46 : St Mary
33 : All Saints
16 : St John the Baptist
16 : St Peter and St Paul
13 : St Peter
11 : St Andrew
10 : St Nicholas
8 : St Michael
7 : St James
6 : St Leonard
6 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St Botolph
4 : St Lawrence
4 : St Michael and All Angels
3 : Holy Cross
3 : Holy Trinity
3 : St Denys
3 : St Helen
3 : St Margaret
2 : St Edmund
2 : St Giles
2 : St James the Great
2 : St John the Evangelist
2 : St Laurence
2 : St Martin
2 : St Mary and All Saints
1 : All Hallows
1 : Catholic Cathedral church of Our Lady Immaculate and St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : Methodist
1 : Mount Pleasant Baptist
1 : St Bartholomew
1 : St Catherine
1 : St Etheldreda
1 : St Faith
1 : St George
1 : St Guthlac
1 : St John
1 : St Ledger
1 : St Luke
1 : St Mary and St Peter
1 : St Peter with st James
1 : St Rumbold
1 : St Rumwold
All SaintsAldwincleGrade I1191528
St PeterAldwincleGrade I1040308
St LeonardApethorpeGrade I1371995
St MaryAshleyGrade I1052127
St LeonardAston le WallsGrade I1040412
St MichaelAynhoGrade I1371796
St AndrewBarnwellGrade I1040245
St BotolphBarton SeagraveGrade I1051640
St MaryBozeatGrade I1040795
St Peter with st JamesBrackleyGrade I1371808
St MaryBrampton AshGrade I1052135
St AndrewBrigstockGrade I1371950
All SaintsBrixworthGrade I1054866
St NicholasBulwickGrade I1191576
St MaryBurton LatimerGrade I1372364
Holy CrossByfieldGrade I1343540
St MaryCanons AshbyGrade I1187152
St Mary MagdaleneCastle AshbyGrade I1294095
St Peter and St PaulChacombeGrade I1041190
St Peter and St PaulChipping WardenGrade I1041206
St MichaelChurch StoweGrade I1343558
All SaintsClipstonGrade I1067033
St AndrewCotterstockGrade I1040253
All SaintsCottesbrookeGrade I1067102
All SaintsCroughtonGrade I1192503
St MaryDodfordGrade I1075249
All SaintsEarls BartonGrade I1294226
St PeterEast CarltonGrade I1192313
St John the BaptistEast FarndonGrade I1054010
St Peter and St PaulEaston MauditGrade I1189610
St MaryEaston Neston ParkGrade I1189210
St Mary MagdaleneEctonGrade I1294128
St JamesEdgcoteGrade I1041169
St MaryEverdonGrade I1076554
St MichaelFarthinghoeGrade I1192622
St MaryFawsleyGrade I1343552
St MaryFinedonGrade I1371745
St Mary MagdaleneGeddingtonGrade I1052076
St JamesGrafton UnderwoodGrade I1052049
St AndrewGreat BillingGrade I1039722
St MaryGreat BringtonGrade I1067622
St AndrewGreat CransleyGrade I1213539
St JamesGrettonGrade I1051731
St Peter and St PaulHanningtonGrade I1067000
St AndrewHarlestoneGrade I1067076
St John the BaptistHarringworthGrade I1040119
Holy TrinityHinton-in-the-HedgesGrade I1040479
St Mary and All SaintsHolcotGrade I1045863
St NicholasIslipGrade I1040326
All SaintsKing's CliffeGrade I1225733
St Peter and St PaulKings SuttonGrade I1226135
St LukeKislingburyGrade I1041048
All SaintsLamportGrade I1367031
All SaintsLilbourneGrade I1287539
St MaryLittle AddingtonGrade I1040336
St PeterLowickGrade I1040265
St PeterLuttonGrade I1040231
St LawrenceMarston St LawrenceGrade I1371489
St NicholasMarston TrussellGrade I1216629
St Peter and St PaulMoultonGrade I1356515
St Mary and All SaintsNassingtonGrade I1065930
St Michael and All AngelsNewnhamGrade I1076538
St PeterNewton BromswoldGrade I1371900
St GilesNorthamptonGrade I1052403
All SaintsNortonGrade I1076507
St AndrewOldGrade I1376651
St GuthlacPassenhamGrade I1041642
All SaintsPolebrookGrade I1040232
All SaintsPytchleyGrade I1288885
St LawrenceRadstoneGrade I1190302
St PeterRaundsGrade I1192206
St BotolphSlaptonGrade I1189807
St NicholasStanford on AvonGrade I1228501
St PeterStanionGrade I1193621
St LaurenceStanwickGrade I1192232
St MaryStavertonGrade I1203555
St MaryTansorGrade I1040253
St MaryThenfordGrade I1371503
St John the BaptistThorpe MandevilleGrade I1293503
St MaryTitchmarshGrade I1265555
St LawrenceTowcesterGrade I1371638
St John the BaptistUpper BoddingtonGrade I1041214
St MichaelUptonGrade I1372152
St John the BaptistWakerleyGrade I1234011
St EdmundWarktonGrade I1192374
St MaryWarmingtonGrade I1191333
St Peter and St PaulWatfordGrade I1077018
St MaryWeekleyGrade I1192452
All SaintsWest HaddonGrade I1229379
St MaryWhistonGrade I1190018
St MaryWoodfordGrade I1225983
St John the BaptistAchurchGrade II*1040142
St MargaretAldertonGrade II*1190752
St AndrewArthingworthGrade II*1067030
St Michael and All AngelsAshtonGrade II*1190600
St MaryBarbyGrade II*1076479
All SaintsBarnwellGrade II*1294446
St MaryBlakesleyGrade II*1371622
Holy TrinityBlatherwyckeGrade II*1040093
St John the BaptistBlisworthGrade II*1371587
St MichaelBraddenGrade II*1294406
St LaurenceBrafield-on-the-GreenGrade II*1041597
All SaintsBraybrookeGrade II*1289123
St AndrewBroughtonGrade II*1289054
St Michael and All AngelsBugbrookeGrade II*1041055
St John the BaptistCaldecottGrade II*1040380
St BotolphChurch BramptonGrade II*1067098
St DenysCold AshbyGrade II*1216470
St AndrewCollywestonGrade II*1374873
St John the BaptistCorbyGrade II*1372547
St Peter and St PaulCourteenhallGrade II*1040983
St JohnCranford St JohnGrade II*1191477
St MaryCulworthGrade II*1189875
St MaryDallingtonGrade II*1039692
St PeterDeeneGrade II*1040134
St MargaretDentonGrade II*1041584
All SaintsDingleyGrade II*1372349
St CatherineDraughtonGrade II*1067038
St MaryDuddingtonGrade II*1040104
St MaryEast HaddonGrade II*1356896
St NicholasEydonGrade II*1040476
St MaryFarthingstoneGrade II*1054931
All SaintsFloreGrade II*1055753
St BartholomewFurthoGrade II*1191073
St MaryGaytonGrade II*1041071
All SaintsGreat AddingtonGrade II*1040381
St NicholasGreat DoddingtonGrade II*1189920
All SaintsGreat HarrowdenGrade II*1040771
St MichaelGreat OakleyGrade II*1372544
St HelenGreat OxendonGrade II*1367480
St PeterGreatworthGrade II*1192679
St MaryGrendonGrade II*1190552
St EtheldredaGuilsboroughGrade II*1067072
St EdmundHardingstoneGrade II*1039756
St LeonardHardwickGrade II*1040750
All HallowsHargraveGrade II*1191820
All SaintsHarpoleGrade II*1041038
St Peter and St PaulHarringtonGrade II*1213602
St John the BaptistHartwellGrade II*1040826
St MichaelHaselbechGrade II*1067001
St Mary MagdaleneHelmdonGrade II*1371508
St Peter and St PaulHemingtonGrade II*1040226
All SaintsHoldenbyGrade II*1281660
St Mary MagdaleneHortonGrade II*1190174
St DenysKelmarshGrade II*1370062
St FaithKilsbyGrade II*1031370
All SaintsLaxtonGrade II*1233912
St MartinLitchboroughGrade II*1371572
St MaryLittle HarrowdenGrade II*1371694
St MaryLittle HoughtonGrade II*1041558
St PeterLittle OakleyGrade II*1052023
St LeonardLoddingtonGrade II*1288918
St MaryLower BenefieldGrade II*1189042
St MargaretLuddington in the BrookGrade II*1040228
St Peter and St PaulMaidfordGrade II*1371650
St MaryMaidwellGrade II*1067857
All SaintsMears AshbyGrade II*1040692
Holy CrossMilton MalsorGrade II*1040957
St MaryMoreton PinkneyGrade II*1293734
All SaintsNasebyGrade II*1343441
St Peter and St PaulNether HeyfordGrade II*1041021
St JamesNewbottleGrade II*1265911
St MaryOrlingburyGrade II*1040666
St MaryOverthorpeGrade II*1226297
Holy CrossPattishallGrade II*1371539
St James the GreatPaulerspuryGrade II*1041108
St John the BaptistPiddingtonGrade II*1190138
All SaintsPiltonGrade II*1294190
All SaintsPitsfordGrade II*1067059
St Peter and St PaulPreston CapesGrade II*1075292
St John the BaptistQuintonGrade II*1371303
St DenysRavensthorpeGrade II*1227982
St MaryRoadeGrade II*1294257
St LeonardRockinghamGrade II*1286197
St Peter and St PaulRothersthorpeGrade II*1191724
All SaintsRushtonGrade II*1052039
St Peter and St PaulScaldwellGrade II*1343570
St HelenSibbertoftGrade II*1228308
St John the BaptistSliptonGrade II*1040269
St MarySouthwickGrade II*1190967
St BotolphStoke AlbanyGrade II*1372373
St MaryStoke BruerneGrade II*1040946
St RumboldStoke DoyleGrade II*1040178
All SaintsSudboroughGrade II*1226485
St James the GreatSyreshamGrade II*1190438
St Peter and St PaulSywellGrade II*1040676
St HelenThornbyGrade II*1228640
All SaintsThorpe MalsorGrade II*1214178
St JamesThrapstonGrade II*1265715
St NicholasTwywellGrade II*1226021
St MaryWappenhamGrade II*1190507
St PeterWeedon BecGrade II*1076520
St Mary and St PeterWeedon LoisGrade II*1371888
St MaryWelfordGrade II*1228655
St MartinWeltonGrade II*1077025
St PeterWeston FavellGrade II*1294161
St MaryWhittleburyGrade II*1371529
St John the EvangelistWickenGrade II*1371267
All SaintsWilbarstonGrade II*1293981
St MaryWilbyGrade II*1040680
St Michael and All AngelsWinwickGrade II*1229677
St MaryWoodford HalseGrade II*1203286
St AndrewYardley HastingsGrade II*1041535
St MaryYarwellGrade II*1225878
St John the BaptistAbthorpeGrade II1371598
All SaintsAdstoneGrade II1371603
St John the BaptistBoughtonGrade II1356634
All SaintsBraunstonGrade II1342987
St PeterCloptonGrade II1189528
Holy TrinityDeanshangerGrade II1190706
St GeorgeEvenleyGrade II1040543
Catholic Cathedral church of Our Lady Immaculate and St Thomas of CanterburyNorthamptonGrade II1372183
St NicholasOverstoneGrade II1075356
St NicholasOverstoneGrade II1075356
St John the BaptistPlumptonGrade II1293444
St MichaelSilverstoneGrade II1190408
St RumwoldStrixtonGrade II1040670
All SaintsSutton BassettGrade II1052109
St JamesUpper StoweGrade II1075257
St MaryWeston by WellandGrade II1294037
St John the EvangelistWhitfieldGrade II1190537
St LeonardYardley GobionGrade II1293405