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Churches of Lincolnshire

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71 : All Saints
53 : St Andrew
43 : St Peter
39 : St Mary
25 : St Nicholas
22 : St Margaret
20 : St Helen
19 : St Peter and St Paul
18 : St Michael
15 : St John the Baptist
14 : St Martin
11 : St Lawrence
8 : St Oswald
7 : Holy Trinity
7 : St James
5 : St Bartholomew
5 : St Botolph
5 : St Edith
5 : St Leonard
5 : St Mary Magdalene
5 : St Swithin
5 : St Thomas a Becket
4 : Methodist
4 : St Benedict
4 : St Clement
4 : St Denys
4 : St Luke
4 : St Michael and All Angels
4 : St Paul
3 : Holy Cross
3 : St Chad
3 : St Edmund
3 : St Guthlac
3 : St John
3 : St Stephen
3 : St Wilfrid
2 : All Hallows
2 : St Edward the Confessor
2 : St Faith
2 : St Hybald
2 : St John the Evangelist
2 : St Mary and All Saints
2 : St Mary and St Peter
2 : St Pancras
2 : St Thomas
2 : St Vincent
1 : Chapel
1 : Christ Church
1 : Holy Ascension
1 : Holy Trinity and Holy Mary the Virgin
1 : St Alkmund
1 : St Andrew and St Mary
1 : St Barbara
1 : St Catherine
1 : St Cornelius
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Etheldreda
1 : St Firmin
1 : St Frances de Sales
1 : St Genwys
1 : St George
1 : St German
1 : St Gilbert
1 : St Giles
1 : St Helena
1 : St Hilary
1 : St James and St John
1 : St Julian
1 : St Lawrence and Bishop Edward King
1 : St Lawrence and St George
1 : St Leodegar
1 : St Lucia
1 : St Margaret of Antioch
1 : St Mark
1 : St Mary & St Peter
1 : St Mary and St Nicholas
1 : St Mary by the Sea
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Maurice
1 : St Medard
1 : St Nicolas
1 : St Olave
1 : St Peter and St Lawrence
1 : St Philip
1 : St Radegund
1 : St Vedest
1 : St Wilfred
1 : St Wulfram
St NicholasAddlethorpeGrade I1359681
St WilfridAlfordGrade I1063026
St Peter and St PaulAlgarkirkGrade I1164857
St John the BaptistAlkboroughGrade I1241758
St OswaldAlthorpeGrade I1083258
St MartinAncasterGrade I1062422
St EdithAnwickGrade I1061829
St AndrewAsgarbyGrade I1061832
St JamesAslackbyGrade I1062757
St DenysAswarbyGrade I1360619
St LawrenceAylesbyGrade I1161566
St LawrenceBardneyGrade I1359500
St MartinBarholmGrade I1360165
St NicholasBarkstonGrade I1317449
St MaryBarnetby le WoldGrade I1103677
St HelenBarnoldby le BeckGrade I1103486
Holy TrinityBarrow upon HumberGrade I1346864
All SaintsBarrowbyGrade I1194848
St PeterBarton-upon-HumberGrade I1083103
St PeterBarton-upon-HumberGrade I1083103
St Thomas a BecketBassingthorpeGrade I1062858
St John the BaptistBastonGrade I1062701
St SwithinBaumberGrade I1063173
All SaintsBeckinghamGrade I1360525
St Peter and St PaulBeltonGrade I1298472
All SaintsBeningtonGrade I1062077
St SwithinBickerGrade I1062014
All SaintsBigbyGrade I1063405
St AndrewBillingboroughGrade I1317596
St MichaelBillinghayGrade I1204770
St AndrewBirthorpeGrade I1241280
St Mary MagdaleneBitchfieldGrade I1062863
St MaryBloxholmGrade I1261473
St AlkmundBlyboroughGrade I1063375
St MartinBlytonGrade I1064159
St AndrewBoothby PagnellGrade I1062868
St BotolphBostonGrade I1388844
St MargaretBraceboroughGrade I1360151
St HelenBrant BroughtonGrade I1147497
All SaintsBrocklesbyGrade I1165503
St MaryBroughtonGrade I1161801
St Thomas a BecketBurton-le-CogglesGrade I1317197
St MichaelBurwellGrade I1063684
St AndrewButterwickGrade I1308528
All SaintsCadneyGrade I1083706
All SaintsCanwickGrade I1205100
St StephenCarebyGrade I1360059
St StephenCarlbyGrade I1360153
St NicholasCarlton ScroopGrade I1062428
St MaryCarlton-le-MoorlandGrade I1360553
St JamesCastle BythamGrade I1360095
St VincentCaythorpeGrade I1317320
St Peter and St PaulCherry WillinghamGrade I1064018
St MargaretChurch EndGrade I1147013
St MAryChurch EndGrade I1063052
St MaryClaxbyGrade I1359789
St PeterClaypoleGrade I1062912
St EdithCoatesGrade I1146742
All SaintsColebyGrade I1164829
St JohnColsterworthGrade I1360309
St JohnCorby GlenGrade I1309158
St LawrenceCorringhamGrade I1064162
St MaryCowbitGrade I1064482
St AndrewCranwellGrade I1254166
St PeterCreetonGrade I1166154
All SaintsCroftGrade I1223215
St OswaldCrowleGrade I1346672
St Thomas a BecketDigbyGrade I1254176
St PeterDoddingtonGrade I1061958
St James and St JohnDorringtonGrade I1254085
St ChadDunholmeGrade I1064139
All SaintsDunsbyGrade I1165123
St PeterEast HaltonGrade I1103729
St Michael and All AngelsEdenhamGrade I1146587
St AndrewEpworthGrade I1068692
St AndrewEwerbyGrade I1360562
All SaintsFentonGrade I1062914
St GuthlacFishtoftGrade I1147452
St ClementFiskertonGrade I1064020
St Mary MagdaleneFleetGrade I1146568
St AndrewFolkinghamGrade I1062733
St PeterFostonGrade I1360062
St MaryFramptonGrade I1360476
St JamesFreistonGrade I1308415
St NicholasFulbeckGrade I1166164
All SaintsGainsboroughGrade I1147378
St Mary MagdaleneGedneyGrade I1359231
St Peter and St PaulGlenthamGrade I1165045
All SaintsGoxhillGrade I1288450
St ClementGrainthorpeGrade I1308429
St WulframGranthamGrade I1062501
St John the BaptistGreat HaleGrade I1168767
St PeterGreat LimberGrade I1359817
Holy CrossGreat PontonGrade I1062347
St Thomas a BecketGreatfordGrade I1317480
St EdithGrimoldbyGrade I1359986
St NicolasGrimsbyGrade I1379843
St BarbaraHacebyGrade I1147773
St AndrewHaconbyGrade I1360134
St BenedictHalthamGrade I1215674
St AndrewHannahGrade I1147204
St Mary & St PeterHarlaxtonGrade I1187962
St ChadHarpswellGrade I1309029
St MaryHatcliffeGrade I1103493
St LeonardHaughGrade I1168562
St NicholasHaxeyGrade I1241103
St AndrewHeckingtonGrade I1360590
St MichaelHeydourGrade I1166347
St MaryHogsthorpeGrade I1063615
All SaintsHolton cum BeckeringGrade I1064035
St WilfridHoningtonGrade I1062413
St AndrewHorblingGrade I1165999
St MauriceHorkstowGrade I1103736
All SaintsHoughamGrade I1062889
All SaintsHough-on-the-HillGrade I1360316
St AndrewImminghamGrade I1310011
St Peter and St PaulIngoldmellsGrade I1204941
St AndrewIrby upon HumberGrade I1161130
St AndrewIrnhamGrade I1308771
St BartholomewKeelbyGrade I1063367
St AndrewKelbyGrade I1360583
St PeterKingerbyGrade I1063432
St Mary and All SaintsKirkby UnderwoodGrade I1166122
St LeonardKirksteadGrade I1288191
St Peter and St PaulKirtonGrade I1062022
St MargaretLacebyGrade I1346952
St MichaelLangtoftGrade I1062653
St Peter and St PaulLangtonGrade I1063677
St HelenLeaGrade I1146567
St SwithinLeadenhamGrade I1147388
All SaintsLegbourneGrade I1063692
St PeterLentonGrade I1253206
St HelenaLevertonGrade I1062072
All SaintsLincolnGrade I1388470
St CorneliusLinwoodGrade I1166212
St MedardLittle BythamGrade I1062772
St MichaelLittle CoatesGrade I1379845
St GuthlacLittle PontonGrade I1062312
St SwithinLong BenningtonGrade I1062891
St MaryLong SuttonGrade I1064562
St MaryLudboroughGrade I1063122
St PeterLusbyGrade I1166335
St NicholasLuttonGrade I1359229
St GuthlacMarket DeepingGrade I1165217
St MaryMarshchapelGrade I1063124
St MaryMarstonGrade I1146946
St Margaret of AntiochMartonGrade I1359484
St John the BaptistMortonGrade I1166383
All SaintsMoultonGrade I1147325
St PeterNavenbyGrade I1147458
All SaintsNettlehamGrade I1064111
St BotolphNewtonGrade I1061795
St PeterNormanby-by-SpitalGrade I1064189
St MaryNorth CockeringtonGrade I1261895
St DenysNorth KillingholmeGrade I1103701
St PeterNorth RaucebyGrade I1360606
St MaryNorth WithamGrade I1360327
St John the BaptistNorthorpeGrade I1165812
St PeterNorton DisneyGrade I1360555
Holy Trinity and Holy Mary the VirginOld CleeGrade I1379405
St MaryOld LeakeGrade I1147754
St Peter and St PaulOwmby-by-SpitalGrade I1165122
St MartinOwston FerryGrade I1083261
St AndrewPickworthGrade I1253286
St MaryPinchbeckGrade I1064433
St AndrewRedbourneGrade I1346524
St AndrewRippingaleGrade I1260603
St PeterRopsleyGrade I1261821
St Mary MagdaleneRothwellGrade I1165336
St ClementRowstonGrade I1064293
All SaintsRuskingtonGrade I1261375
All SaintsSaltfleetbyGrade I1063055
St HelenSaxbyGrade I1064193
St BotolphSaxilbyGrade I1359490
St PeterScotterGrade I1064133
St GenwysScottonGrade I1165912
St LawrenceSedgebrookGrade I1236949
St MargaretSibseyGrade I1063533
St DenysSilk WilloughbyGrade I1061769
St BotolphSkidbrookeGrade I1165864
St JamesSkillingtonGrade I1168300
St LawrenceSnarfordGrade I1165955
St John the BaptistSouth CarltonGrade I1359493
St LeonardSouth CockeringtonGrade I1309123
St LeonardSouth OrmsbyGrade I1168707
St PeterSouth SomercotesGrade I1063023
St PaulSpaldingGrade I1306702
St Lawrence and St GeorgeSpringthorpeGrade I1146616
St Andrew and St MaryStoke RochfordGrade I1147858
St MaryStowGrade I1146624
St MichaelStragglethorpeGrade I1061900
St LawrenceSurfleetGrade I1064403
St MichaelSwatonGrade I1061820
St MarySwinesheadGrade I1232860
St MarySwinsteadGrade I1360128
St LawrenceTallingtonGrade I1360195
Holy TrinityTattershallGrade I1215320
All SaintsTealbyGrade I1063475
St LeodegarThe VinneriesGrade I1147881
All SaintsTheddlethorpe All SaintsGrade I1062991
St LawrenceThornton CurtisGrade I1227786
St PeterThorpe St PeterGrade I1223796
St PeterThreekinghamGrade I1306911
St FirminThurlbyGrade I1062615
St MaryTydd St MaryGrade I1204871
St Michael and All AngelsUffingtonGrade I1062590
St MartinWaitheGrade I1359965
St NicholasWalcotGrade I1360637
All SaintsWalesbyGrade I1063484
St ChadWelbournGrade I1061852
St BartholomewWelbyGrade I1253411
St MargaretWellGrade I1359700
All SaintsWellingoreGrade I1308424
All SaintsWest AshbyGrade I1252247
St AndrewWest DeepingGrade I1165761
All SaintsWest RasenGrade I1063400
All SaintsWestboroughGrade I1253495
St Peter and St PaulWigtoftGrade I1237405
St HelenWilloughbyGrade I1063629
St MaryWilsfordGrade I1360639
All SaintsWinteringhamGrade I1117040
All SaintsWintertonGrade I1117004
St MaryWinthorpeGrade I1229941
St AndrewWitham on the HillGrade I1240073
St AndrewWoottonGrade I1204699
St Mary and St NicholasWrangleGrade I1308367
St MaryWrawbyGrade I1281035
St John the BaptistYarburghGrade I1063089
St BartholomewApplebyGrade II*1083728
St PeterAshby cum FenbyGrade II*1346925
St HybaldAshby de la LaundeGrade II*1307159
St AndrewAshby PuerorumGrade II*1147719
St PeterAsterbyGrade II*1063682
St Thomas a BecketAunsbyGrade II*1061790
St MargaretBag EnderbyGrade II*1147744
St Michael and All AngelsBassinghamGrade II*1061923
St AndrewBeesbyGrade II*1308650
St John the BaptistBelleauGrade II*1063630
Holy TrinityBilsbyGrade II*1360007
St HelenBiscathorpeGrade II*1168152
St PeterBishop NortonGrade II*1064181
St OswaldBlankneyGrade II*1064285
St AndrewBonbyGrade II*1346882
St NicholasBostonGrade II*1388859
All SaintsBracebridgeGrade II*1388566
St MargaretBracebyGrade II*1360324
St GeorgeBradleyGrade II*1346948
ChapelBrandonGrade II*1062416
All SaintsBranstonGrade II*1360529
St Peter and St PaulBratoftGrade II*1267661
St CuthbertBrattlebyGrade II*1063378
St HelenBrigsleyGrade II*1103490
St MargaretBucknallGrade II*1359927
St HelenBurgh on BainGrade II*1359948
St VincentBurton-by-LincolnGrade II*1308689
St MichaelBuslingthorpeGrade II*1359510
St NicholasCabourneGrade II*1359766
St Michael and All AngelsCammeringhamGrade II*1063342
All HallowsClixbyGrade II*1359798
St BartholomewCovenham St MaryGrade II*1063108
St John the EvangelistCroxtonGrade II*1204608
St NicholasCuxwoldGrade II*1165350
St AndrewDonington on BainGrade II*1063688
St AndrewDowsbyGrade II*1164977
St JamesDry DoddingtonGrade II*1253449
St MaryEast BarkwithGrade II*1063096
St HelenEast KealGrade II*1166170
St NicholasEast KirkbyGrade II*1168096
All SaintsElshamGrade II*1103684
St MaryEvedonGrade II*1168557
St AndrewFillinghamGrade II*1359847
MethodistFriskney EaudykeGrade II*1267369
All SaintsGautbyGrade II*1359914
Holy TrinityGedney HillGrade II*1146771
St MichaelGlentworthGrade II*1309078
St RadegundGrayinghamGrade II*1063350
All SaintsGreat SturtonGrade II*1063098
St PeterGunbyGrade II*1359687
St MichaelHackthornGrade II*1359449
Holy TrinityHagworthinghamGrade II*1063670
St AndrewHalton FensideGrade II*1267204
St AndrewHalton HolegateGrade II*1359727
All SaintsHarmstonGrade II*1164892
St MaryHarringtonGrade II*1063676
All SaintsHaughamGrade II*1063691
St MargaretHawerby HallGrade II*1310283
All SaintsHemswellGrade II*1166242
St PeterHolton le ClayGrade II*1308396
St WilfridHolywell HallGrade II*1360080
St OswaldHowellGrade II*1061833
All SaintsIrby in the MarshGrade II*1223593
St MargaretKeddingtonGrade II*1359987
St FaithKelsternGrade II*1307119
St AndrewKirkbyGrade II*1166092
St DenysKirkby la ThorpeGrade II*1360592
St HelenKirmingtonGrade II*1204677
St SwithinLincolnGrade II*1388543
All SaintsLincolnGrade II*1064023
St Peter and St PaulLittle LondonGrade II*1346978
St John the BaptistLondonthorpeGrade II*1253207
St MaryManbyGrade II*1063043
All SaintsMareham on the HillGrade II*1262409
St PeterMarkbyGrade II*1063009
St MichaelMarket StaintonGrade II*1359971
St MichaelMartinGrade II*1146950
St MichaelMavis EnderbyGrade II*1166344
St PeterMiddle RasenGrade II*1166238
St AndrewMintingGrade II*1146858
St PaulMortonGrade II*1063516
St JamesMoulton ChapelGrade II*1359293
St John the BaptistNettletonGrade II*1063424
St MichaelNewton by ToftGrade II*1166203
All SaintsNoctonGrade II*1061911
St PeterNormanby le WoldGrade II*1359768
St NicholasNormanton-on-CliffeGrade II*1146921
St LukeNorth CarltonGrade II*1064070
St NicholasNorth CotesGrade II*1063126
St EdithNorth RestonGrade II*1308718
St Peter and St PaulOld BolingbrokeGrade II*1359705
St Mary MagdaleneOld SomerbyGrade II*1261872
All SaintsOrbyGrade II*1280972
St NicholasPartneyGrade II*1063679
All SaintsPilhamGrade II*1317137
St BotolphQuarringtonGrade II*1360452
St OswaldRandGrade II*1308352
St EdmundRibyGrade II*1146937
St MargaretRoughtonGrade II*1308751
St PeterSaltfleetby St PeterGrade II*1063060
St John the BaptistScamptonGrade II*1359492
Holy CrossScopwickGrade II*1064299
St Peter and St PaulScrembyGrade II*1063620
St BenedictScrivelsbyGrade II*1252195
St ClementSkegnessGrade II*1229943
St MargaretSomerbyGrade II*1359824
St MargaretSomersbyGrade II*1147772
St NicholasSouth FerribyGrade II*1288277
St MichaelSouth HykehamGrade II*1061957
St AndrewSouth ThoresbyGrade II*1063600
St MartinSouth WillinghamGrade II*1359955
St AndrewStainfieldGrade II*1359526
St AndrewStewtonGrade II*1359976
St HelenStickfordGrade II*1063536
St LukeStickneyGrade II*1063538
All SaintsStroxtonGrade II*1360365
St OswaldStrubbyGrade II*1062988
St MartinStubtonGrade II*1360092
St Edward the ConfessorSudbrookeGrade II*1064127
Holy TrinitySwallowGrade II*1165346
St Mary and All SaintsSwarbyGrade II*1147542
St NicholasSwayfieldGrade II*1360127
St MarySystonGrade II*1147012
St VedestTathwellGrade II*1359666
St MaryTetfordGrade II*1205243
St HelenTheddlethorpe St HelenGrade II*1147259
All SaintsThornton le MoorGrade II*1063439
St PeterTorkseyGrade II*1064078
All SaintsUptonGrade II*1146810
St Mary and St PeterWaddinghamGrade II*1359451
St MaryWainfleet BankGrade II*1224403
St MaryWalesbyGrade II*1063483
St MartinWelton le MarshGrade II*1063626
St MartinWelton le WoldGrade II*1307089
St EtheldredaWest HaltonGrade II*1260344
St HelenWest KealGrade II*1146806
St JohnWhittonGrade II*1117354
St Peter and St LawrenceWickenbyGrade II*1359477
St FaithWilsthorpeGrade II*1062675
St PeterAisthorpeGrade II1359462
St MarkAmcottsGrade II1083283
St AndrewAnderbyGrade II1147116
St HelenAshby by PartneyGrade II1063607
St HelenAswardbyGrade II1359688
St PeterAubournGrade II1360538
St Edward the ConfessorBarlingsGrade II1064015
St AndrewBeelsbyGrade II1103488
St Peter and St PaulBelchfordGrade II1359659
St JulianBenniworthGrade II1063091
St AndrewBoothby GraffoeGrade II1061976
All SaintsBrauncewellGrade II1254135
St PhilipBrinkhillGrade II1063633
St GilbertBrothertoftGrade II1360445
All SaintsBroxholmeGrade II1064095
St AndrewBurton PedwardineGrade II1061836
St NicholasCaenbyGrade II1317511
St BenedictCandlesbyGrade II1359683
St PaulCarringtonGrade II1359721
St LeonardChapel St LeonardsGrade II1359684
St AndrewClaxby St AndrewGrade II1063660
St Lawrence and Bishop Edward KingDalbyGrade II1359689
Christ ChurchDawsmereGrade II1392649
St NicholasDeeping St NicholasGrade II1359260
St LuciaDemblebyGrade II1061791
All SaintsEagleGrade II1061994
St MartinEast RavendaleGrade II1346950
St PeterEast StockwithGrade II1317217
St MichaelEast TorringtonGrade II1359514
St HelenEdlingtonGrade II1063178
All SaintsFaldingworthGrade II1064141
St PeterFarforthGrade II1063698
St AndrewFarlesthorpeGrade II1204902
St AndrewFirsbyGrade II1267350
All SaintsFlixboroughGrade II1103756
All SaintsFosdykeGrade II1360494
St MichaelFrampton West EndGrade II1147659
St PeterFriesthorpeGrade II1359511
St PeterFrithvilleGrade II1307173
St AndrewFulletbyGrade II1063663
St LawrenceFulstowGrade II1063110
St HelenGate BurtonGrade II1064087
St PeterGayton le WoldGrade II1063138
All SaintsGoulcebyGrade II1063689
St John the BaptistGreat CarltonGrade II1360012
All SaintsGreat SteepingGrade II1267242
All SaintsGreethamGrade II1147285
St Mary by the SeaGrimsbyGrade II1379849
St NicholasGunbyGrade II1147928
St MargaretHabroughGrade II1346976
St AndrewHagnabyGrade II1168130
St Frances de SalesHaintonGrade II1308552
All SaintsHameringhamGrade II1062996
St Peter and St PaulHarebyGrade II1063576
St StephenHattonGrade II1147392
St Peter and St PaulHealingGrade II1103466
St MargaretHemingbyGrade II1307152
St HybaldHibaldstowGrade II1083707
St John the BaptistHigh ToyntonGrade II1062998
All SaintsHolland FenGrade II1062080
St LukeHolton le MoorGrade II1166017
All SaintsHorsingtonGrade II1063154
St PeterHundle HousesGrade II1215327
St MaryHundlebyGrade II1063577
St Peter and St PaulKettlethorpeGrade II1064107
Holy CrossKirkby GreenGrade II1359365
St MaryKirkby on BainGrade II1288189
St MartinKirmond le MireGrade II1359767
St MargaretLangrickGrade II1359725
St MargaretLangtonGrade II1252132
St GilesLangton by WragbyGrade II1063104
St ThomasLegsbyGrade II1166208
St HelenLittle CawthorpeGrade II1359663
St EdithLittle GrimsbyGrade II1063120
St OswaldLuddingtonGrade II1083179
St Mary and St PeterLudfordGrade II1307123
St MaryMablethorpeGrade II1359994
Holy TrinityMartinGrade II1205493
St PeterMidvilleGrade II1359743
Holy AscensionNew BarnetbyGrade II1204679
St PaulNew LeakeGrade II1168168
All SaintsNorth HykehamGrade II1164652
St NicholasNorth KelseyGrade II1359811
St LukeNorth KymeGrade II1281048
St MartinNorth OwersbyGrade II1166156
St ThomasNorth WillinghamGrade II1064043
All SaintsOxcombeGrade II1280874
St AndrewPantonGrade II1063106
St BartholomewPinchbeck WestGrade II1308708
St AndrewPotterhanworthGrade II1309173
St PeterRaithbyGrade II1063699
St GermanRanbyGrade II1063064
St LawrenceRevesbyGrade II1215306
St JamesRigsbyGrade II1168596
St OlaveRucklandGrade II1280828
St MargaretSalebyGrade II1063011
MethodistSaltfleetGrade II1165896
St NicholasSappertonGrade II1166329
St AndrewSausthorpeGrade II1063638
All SaintsSaxby All SaintsGrade II1103702
St MartinScamblesbyGrade II1205227
St AndrewScott WilloughbyGrade II1308448
St AndrewScredingtonGrade II1306729
St NicholasSearbyGrade II1063371
All SaintsSixhillsGrade II1359515
St LawrenceSkellingthorpeGrade II1317649
St Peter and St PaulSkendlebyGrade II1063641
All SaintsSnellandGrade II1166277
St NicholasSnitterbyGrade II1165208
St MarySouth KelseyGrade II1309038
MethodistSpilsbyGrade II1063551
St EdmundSpital in the StreetGrade II1063353
St HilarySpridlingtonGrade II1165996
St PeterStainbyGrade II1147921
St John the BaptistStainton by LangworthGrade II1064046
St AndrewStainton le ValeGrade II1063504
All SaintsStaplefordGrade II1168219
St NicholasStenigotGrade II1063700
St PeterStixwouldGrade II1063163
St MatthewSutton BridgeGrade II1064532
St EdmundSutton St EdmundGrade II1064538
St NicholasSwabyGrade II1063601
St HelenSwinhopeGrade II1359772
St MargaretThimblebyGrade II1147090
St MaryThoreswayGrade II1165474
All SaintsThorganbyGrade II1063481
St WilfredThorntonGrade II1262381
St MichaelThorpe on the HillGrade II1061970
All SaintsToynton All SaintsGrade II1063558
St PeterTrusthorpeGrade II1359993
St MargaretUsselbyGrade II1166119
St MargaretWaddingworthGrade II1359920
All SaintsWainfleet All SaintsGrade II1224246
St OswaldWalcottGrade II1061750
St MaryWest TorringtonGrade II1147481
St John the EvangelistWeston HillsGrade II1064469
St John the BaptistWhaplode DroveGrade II1147611
St HelenWillingham by StowGrade II1146826
St AndrewWilloughtonGrade II1064176
St MargaretWispingtonGrade II1063170
St MartinWithcallGrade II1307095
All HallowsWold NewtonGrade II1161343
All SaintsWood EnderbyGrade II1287679
St BenedictWood EnderbyGrade II1215328
MethodistWrangle LowgateGrade II1147859
All SaintsWyhamGrade II1307075
St CatherineWyvilleGrade II1062301