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Churches of Leicestershire
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32 : St Mary
30 : All Saints
29 : St Peter
14 : St Andrew
12 : St John the Baptist
10 : St Michael
7 : St James
7 : St Michael and All Angels
6 : St Nicholas
5 : St Helen
4 : Holy Trinity
4 : St Bartholomew
4 : St Leonard
4 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St Peter and St Paul
3 : Baptist Chapel
3 : St Botolph
3 : St Giles
3 : St Luke
2 : Methodist
2 : St Guthlac
2 : St John the Evangelist
2 : St Martin
2 : St Matthew
2 : St Thomas
2 : St Thomas a Becket
1 :
1 : Baptist Church
1 : Chapel
1 : Christ Church
1 : Church of Christ
1 : Our Lady of Lourdes
1 : Sr Edith
1 : St Barnabas
1 : St Botolph & St John
1 : St Catherine
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Denis
1 : St Denys
1 : St Egelwin
1 : St George
1 : St James the Greater
1 : St John
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Margaret
1 : St Mary and St Hardulph
1 : St Mary in the Elms
1 : St Michael and All Saints
1 : St Michale
1 : St Simon and St Jude
1 : St Wilfrid
1 : St Wistan
All SaintsAsfordbyGrade I1360866
St MaryAshby FolvilleGrade I1061267
St HelenAshby-de-la-ZouchGrade I1188344
St MaryBarkbyGrade I1074500
St MaryBottesfordGrade I1075095
St Mary and St HardulphBreedon on the HillGrade I1361364
St John the BaptistBuckminsterGrade I1061281
St JamesBurton LazarsGrade I1360836
St PeterClaybrooke ParvaGrade I1209153
St John the BaptistCold OvertonGrade I1075150
St AndrewCostonGrade I1061273
St Michael and All AngelsEdmondthorpeGrade I1075128
St MaryFreebyGrade I1360855
St LukeGaddesbyGrade I1307542
St MaryGarthorpeGrade I1307476
St DenysGoadby MarwoodGrade I1360902
St Peter and St PaulGreat BowdenGrade I1061277
St MichaelHallatonGrade I1360624
All SaintsHobyGrade I1075004
St John the BaptistKing's NortonGrade I1360627
St PeterKirby BellarsGrade I1261717
All SaintsLeicesterGrade I1074012
St NicholasLockingtonGrade I1074178
All SaintsLubenhamGrade I1061473
St MaryLutterworthGrade I1211040
ChapelNoseleyGrade I1360652
Sr EdithOrton-on-the-HillGrade I1188352
St AndrewOwstonGrade I1074871
All SaintsPeatling MagnaGrade I1061529
St Mary MagdalenePeckletonGrade I1074235
All SaintsPickwellGrade I1360851
St MaryQueniboroughGrade I1074484
All SaintsScraptoftGrade I1188364
St Mary MagdaleneStaplefordGrade I1176947
Holy TrinityStaunton HaroldGrade I1074386
St PeterStockerstonGrade I1360696
St MargaretStoke GoldingGrade I1074214
St Peter and St PaulSystonGrade I1074467
St PeterThorntonGrade I1074115
St PeterTilton on the HillGrade I1074839
St JamesTwycrossGrade I1074217
St AndrewTwyfordGrade I1307264
St Mary MagdaleneWaltham on the WoldsGrade I1188847
St PeterWitherleyGrade I1188486
St MaryWymeswoldGrade I1074543
St PeterWymondhamGrade I1177844
St JamesAb KettlebyGrade II*1295154
St PeterAllextonGrade II*1061661
St Michael and All AngelsAppleby MagnaGrade II*1177814
St PeterArnesbyGrade II*1178306
St MaryAshby MagnaGrade II*1061550
St PeterAshby ParvaGrade II*1209141
St AndrewAylestoneGrade II*1074054
St Peter and St PaulBarkestone-le-ValeGrade II*1188593
All SaintsBeebyGrade II*1177337
St MaryBitteswellGrade II*1292319
St GuthlacBranstonGrade II*1188319
St NicholasBringhurstGrade II*1180300
St MichaelBrooksbyGrade II*1188473
All SaintsBrooksbyGrade II*1188547
St MaryBroughton AstleyGrade II*1061557
St CatherineBurbageGrade II*1295212
St MaryBurrough on the HillGrade II*1307340
St AndrewBurton OveryGrade II*1061587
All SaintsCadebyGrade II*1074283
St MaryCarlton CurlieuGrade II*1180137
St ThomasCatthorpeGrade II*1061441
St MaryChadwellGrade II*1075015
St PeterChurch LangtonGrade II*1061497
St MaryColeortonGrade II*1073571
St MaryCongerstoneGrade II*1074210
All SaintsCossingtonGrade II*1228032
St MaryCotesbachGrade II*1061446
St MichaleCranoeGrade II*1061695
St Botolph & St JohnCroxton KerrialGrade II*1360916
St JamesDadlingtonGrade II*1361304
St MartinDesfordGrade II*1361378
St MichaelDiseworthGrade II*1068865
All SaintsDunton BassettGrade II*1360702
St Simon and St JudeEarl ShiltonGrade II*1074259
St Michael and All AngelsEastwellGrade II*1075029
St Michael and All AngelsFenny DraytonGrade II*1361313
St BartholomewFostonGrade II*1177157
St AndrewFoxtonGrade II*1360775
St NicholasFrolesworthGrade II*1061563
St PeterGaulbyGrade II*1074849
St John the BaptistGoadbyGrade II*1115490
St CuthbertGreat GlenGrade II*1061596
St GilesGreat StrettonGrade II*1074853
St John the BaptistGrimstonGrade II*1188442
St HelenGumleyGrade II*1061467
St Michael and All AngelsHarstonGrade II*1295028
St Peter and St PaulHathernGrade II*1320287
St John the BaptistHeatherGrade II*1073579
St PeterHigham on the HillGrade II*1178178
St MaryHinckleyGrade II*1361297
St LeonardHolwellGrade II*1295131
St PeterHorningholdGrade II*1360671
St Michael and All AngelsHoseGrade II*1075081
All SaintsHusbands BosworthGrade II*1360720
St Michael and All AngelsIllston on the HillGrade II*1180301
All SaintsKeyhamGrade II*1188270
St WilfridKibworth HarcourtGrade II*1061566
All SaintsKimcoteGrade II*1180212
All SaintsKirkby MalloryGrade II*1074237
St PeterKnossingtonGrade II*1177524
St PeterLeireGrade II*1061523
St JamesLittle DalbyGrade II*1176630
St John the BaptistLittle StrettonGrade II*1294797
St MichaelLoddingtonGrade II*1361009
All SaintsLowesbyGrade II*1295216
St PeterMarket BosworthGrade II*1307453
St LaurenceMeashamGrade II*1295291
St GilesMedbourneGrade II*1294816
St LeonardMistertonGrade II*1294954
St NicholasMowsleyGrade II*1061483
St John the BaptistMustonGrade II*1360899
All SaintsNailstoneGrade II*1361277
All SaintsNarboroughGrade II*1074720
St MaryNether BroughtonGrade II*1075069
St LukeNewton HarcourtGrade II*1061548
All SaintsNewtown LinfordGrade II*1074679
Holy TrinityNormanton le HeathGrade II*1074376
St AndrewNorth KilworthGrade II*1360794
Holy TrinityNorton-Juxta-TwycrossGrade II*1294757
St John the BaptistOld DalbyGrade II*1187998
St MaryOsgathorpeGrade II*1074377
St AndrewPeatling ParvaGrade II*1061533
St HelenPlungarGrade II*1075010
St AndrewPrestwoldGrade II*1074561
All SaintsRagdaleGrade II*1188553
All SaintsRatcliffe CuleyGrade II*1188508
St BotolphRatcliffe on the WreakeGrade II*1278781
St MichaelRavenstoneGrade II*1074380
St MichaelRearsbyGrade II*1307375
St PeterRedmileGrade II*1075013
St JohnRollestonGrade II*1086988
St HelenSaddingtonGrade II*1188153
St PeterSaxbyGrade II*1176759
St PeterSaxelbyeGrade II*1075032
St EgelwinScalfordGrade II*1075018
All SaintsSeagraveGrade II*1230528
St PeterShackerstoneGrade II*1188168
St NicholasShangtonGrade II*1061581
All SaintsShawellGrade II*1061424
St Mary MagdaleneShearsbyGrade II*1061491
All SaintsSheepy MagnaGrade II*1177853
St John the EvangelistShentonGrade II*1074247
St BotolphSibsonGrade II*1177977
St Thomas a BecketSkeffingtonGrade II*1360995
All SaintsSlawstonGrade II*1334372
St John the BaptistSouth CroxtonGrade II*1361188
St NicholasSouth KilworthGrade II*1061427
St BartholomewSproxtonGrade II*1294595
St MartinStapletonGrade II*1074234
St GuthlacStathernGrade II*1074997
St PeterStonesbyGrade II*1360956
St DenisStonton WyvilleGrade II*1061650
St MaryStoughtonGrade II*1360631
St MichaelStretton en le FieldGrade II*1074318
St JamesSutton CheneyGrade II*1074245
St PeterSwepstoneGrade II*1178132
All SaintsSwinfordGrade II*1188455
St LeonardSwithlandGrade II*1177875
St MaryThorpe ArnoldGrade II*1360948
Holy TrinityThrussingtonGrade II*1230701
All SaintsThurcastonGrade II*1074627
All SaintsThurlastonGrade II*1177364
St MichaelThurmastonGrade II*1307276
St Thomas a BecketTugbyGrade II*1326673
St AndrewTur LangtonGrade II*1061583
St MichaelWartnabyGrade II*1075141
St BartholomewWelby VillageGrade II*1075115
St AndrewWelhamGrade II*1104871
St John the BaptistWhitwickGrade II*1178164
St MaryWilloughby WaterleysGrade II*1180279
St WistanWistowGrade II*1188263
St Mary in the ElmsWoodhouseGrade II*1074611
St MatthewWorthingtonGrade II*1361236
St MaryAnsteyGrade II1074664
Our Lady of LourdesAshby-de-la-ZouchGrade II1294521
St PeterAston FlamvilleGrade II1361065
St PeterBardonGrade II1295209
St GilesBlastonGrade II1061663
St MaryBrentingbyGrade II1061255
St MaryBruntingthorpeGrade II1061506
St AndrewCarltonGrade II1074289
St MatthewChilcoteGrade II1074336
St PeterCopt OakGrade II1376012
Baptist ChapelCountesthorpeGrade II1361042
St Michael and All SaintsCroftGrade II1074691
St John the EvangelistDonisthorpeGrade II1361232
St JamesDraytonGrade II1061628
St MAryElmesthorpeGrade II1074693
St PeterGlenfieldGrade II1361056
St John the BaptistGloostonGrade II1320341
HathernGrade II1435555
All SaintsIsley WaltonGrade II1084396
St LukeLaughtonGrade II1294913
St MaryLeicesterGrade II1074015
St PeterLeicesterGrade II1074062
St BarnabasLeicesterGrade II1185229
Christ ChurchMountsorrelGrade II1278917
St James the GreaterOaks in CharnwoodGrade II1361341
St GeorgePeggs GreenGrade II1074350
St MaryPotters MarstonGrade II1177892
Baptist ChurchQuornGrade II1278812
St PeterSaltbyGrade II1294598
MethodistSapcoteGrade II1389711
St HelenSharnfordGrade II1074701
St BotolphShepshedGrade II1074494
Church of ChristSmeeton WesterbyGrade II1294192
St BartholomewSnarestoneGrade II1074317
Baptist ChapelSutton in the ElmsGrade II1360700
Baptist ChapelTheddingworthGrade II1061494
St LeonardThorpe LangtonGrade II1189660
St MichaelThorpe SatchvilleGrade II1061249
St AndrewThringstoneGrade II1061386
St MaryWalton on the WoldsGrade II1074568
St MaryWigston ParvaGrade II1295237
St ThomasWillesleyGrade II1189011
St MaryWyfordbyGrade II1061258