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Churches of Herefordshire
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39 : St Mary
25 : St Michael
16 : St John the Baptist
14 : St Peter
12 : St Andrew
7 : All Saints
7 : St Bartholomew
7 : St James
6 : St Mary Magdalene
4 : St George
4 : St Giles
4 : St Peter and St Paul
3 : Holy Trinity
3 : St Dubricius
3 : St John
3 : St Lawrence
3 : St Leonard
3 : St Margaret
3 : St Michael and All Angels
2 : dedication unknown
2 : St David
2 : St Faith
2 : St Luke
2 : St Nicholas
1 : (dedication unknown)
1 : Abbey church of St Michael and All Angels
1 : Ballingham Parish Church
1 : Chapel
1 : Christ Church
1 : Holy Family
1 : Holy Rood
1 : Methodist
1 : Priory Church of St Peter and St Paul
1 : St Andrew and St Mary
1 : St Anne
1 : St Barnabas
1 : St Beuno & St Peter
1 : St Bridget
1 : St Catherine
1 : St Clydog
1 : St Cuthbert
1 : St Deinst
1 : St Dennis
1 : St James the Great
1 : St John the Baptist and St Alkmund
1 : St John the Evangelist
1 : St Junabius
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Martin
1 : St Mary and St David
1 : St Mary and Thomas a Becket
1 : St Matthew
1 : St Peter and St Thomas
1 : St Philip and St James
1 : St Silas
1 : St Swithin
1 : St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : St Tysilio
1 : St Weonard
1 : unknown
St MaryAlmeleyGrade IDetails
St John the Baptist and St AlkmundAymestreyGrade IDetails
St PeterBirleyGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityBosburyGrade IDetails
St BarnabasBrampton BryanGrade IDetails
St AndrewBridge SollersGrade IDetails
St GeorgeBrinsopGrade IDetails
St PeterBromyardGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistByfordGrade IDetails
St LawrenceCanon PyonGrade IDetails
St MichaelCastle FromeGrade IDetails
All SaintsClehongerGrade IDetails
St ClydogClodockGrade IDetails
St MaryCredenhillGrade IDetails
St MichaelCroftGrade IDetails
St MaryDilwynGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneEardisleyGrade IDetails
St JohnEasthamptonGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistEastnorGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsEaton BishopGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulEyeGrade IDetails
St MaryFownhopeGrade IDetails
St MaryFoyGrade IDetails
St AndrewHampton BishopGrade IDetails
St CuthbertHightreesGrade IDetails
St MaryHitchinGrade IDetails
St CatherineHoarwithyGrade IDetails
St BartholomewHolmerGrade IDetails
St MichaelKenchesterGrade IDetails
St Mary and St DavidKilpeckGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistKing's CapleGrade IDetails
St MaryKing's PyonGrade IDetails
St MaryKingtonGrade IDetails
St JamesKinnersleyGrade IDetails
St MichaelLedburyGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneLeintwardineGrade IDetails
Priory Church of St Peter and St PaulLeominsterGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistLettonGrade IDetails
St AndrewLeystersGrade IDetails
St MaryLintonGrade IDetails
St DeinstLlangarronGrade IDetails
St MaryMardenGrade IDetails
St MaryMiddleton on the HillGrade IDetails
St MichaelMoccasGrade IDetails
St MaryMonnington on WyeGrade IDetails
St MaryMuch CowarneGrade IDetails
St DavidMuch DewchurchGrade IDetails
St BartholomewMuch MarcleGrade IDetails
St GeorgeOrletonGrade IDetails
All SaintsPeartree GreenGrade IDetails
St MaryPembridgeGrade IDetails
St PeterPeterchurchGrade IDetails
St GilesPipe AstonGrade IDetails
St BartholomewRichards CastleGrade IDetails
St MaryRoss-on-WyeGrade IDetails
St PeterRowlestoneGrade IDetails
St MarySarnesfieldGrade IDetails
St TysilioSellackGrade IDetails
St MargaretSt MargaretsGrade IDetails
St WeonardSt WeonardsGrade IDetails
St MaryStaunton on WyeGrade IDetails
St BartholomewThruxtonGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistUpton BishopGrade IDetails
St MichaelWalfordGrade IDetails
St MargaretWellingtonGrade IDetails
St MaryWelsh NewtonGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulWeobleyGrade IDetails
St BartholomewWesthideGrade IDetails
St JamesWigmoreGrade IDetails
St GilesActon BeauchampGrade II*Details
unknownAmberleyGrade II*Details
St BartholomewAshpertonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistAston InghamGrade II*Details
(dedication unknown)AyltonGrade II*Details
St FaithBactonGrade II*Details
Ballingham Parish ChurchBallinghamGrade II*Details
Abbey church of St Michael and All AngelsBelmont AbbeyGrade II*Details
St MaryBishops FromeGrade II*Details
St LawrenceBishopstoneGrade II*Details
St MichaelBodenhamGrade II*Details
St MichaelBrampton AbbottsGrade II*Details
St AndrewBredwardineGrade II*Details
St BridgetBridstowGrade II*Details
St MaryBrilleyGrade II*Details
St MichaelBrimfieldGrade II*Details
St MaryCliffordGrade II*Details
All SaintsCoddingtonGrade II*Details
St JamesColwallGrade II*Details
St JamesCradleyGrade II*Details
St MaryCraswallGrade II*Details
St MaryCusopGrade II*Details
St MichaelDewsall CourtGrade II*Details
St BartholomewDocklowGrade II*Details
St PeterDormingtonGrade II*Details
St FaithDorstoneGrade II*Details
St MaryEardislandGrade II*Details
St MichaelEdwyn RalphGrade II*Details
St AndrewEvesbatchGrade II*Details
All SaintsEytonGrade II*Details
St GilesGoodrichGrade II*Details
St LeonardHatfieldGrade II*Details
St PeterHerefordGrade II*Details
St MichaelHope MansellGrade II*Details
St MaryHope under DinmoreGrade II*Details
St Andrew and St MaryHow CapleGrade II*Details
St MaryHumberGrade II*Details
St Thomas of CanterburyHuntingtonGrade II*Details
St DubriciusKilpeckGrade II*Details
St JamesKimboltonGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsKingstoneGrade II*Details
St MichaelKnillGrade II*Details
St DubriciusKynastonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistLeaGrade II*Details
St AndrewLeinthall EarlsGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneLeinthall StarkesGrade II*Details
St MaryLittle BirchGrade II*Details
St DavidLittle DewchurchGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneLittle HerefordGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistLlanwarneGrade II*Details
St PeterLugwardineGrade II*Details
St MichaelLyonshallGrade II*Details
St MichaelMansel LacyGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistMathonGrade II*Details
St MichaelMichaelchurch EscleyGrade II*Details
All SaintsMonklandGrade II*Details
Holy RoodMordifordGrade II*Details
dedication unknownMoreton JeffriesGrade II*Details
St DennisNethertonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistNewtownGrade II*Details
St NicholasNorton CanonGrade II*Details
St James the GreatOcle PychardGrade II*Details
St JohnOrcopGrade II*Details
St PeterPeterstowGrade II*Details
St PeterPipe and LydeGrade II*Details
St AndrewPixleyGrade II*Details
St LaurencePreston on WyeGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityPreston WynneGrade II*Details
St PeterPudlestonGrade II*Details
St SilasQuebbGrade II*Details
ChapelRotherwasGrade II*Details
St MichaelSollers HopeGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistSt Maughans GreenGrade II*Details
St JamesStanford BishopGrade II*Details
St LukeStoke PriorGrade II*Details
St MichaelSutton St MichaelGrade II*Details
St NicholasSutton St NicholasGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneSwainshillGrade II*Details
St Philip and St James TarringtonGrade II*Details
St JamesTedstone DelamereGrade II*Details
St AnneThornburyGrade II*Details
St JunabiusTurkey TumpGrade II*Details
St MaryTurnastoneGrade II*Details
St MaryTybertonGrade II*Details
St LukeUllingswickGrade II*Details
All SaintsUpper KinshamGrade II*Details
St MichaelUpper SapeyGrade II*Details
St MargaretWelsh BicknorGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistWeston BeggardGrade II*Details
St LawrenceWeston under PenyardGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistWhitbourneGrade II*Details
St DubriciusWhitechurchGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulWhitney-on-WyeGrade II*Details
St MichaelWinfortonGrade II*Details
St PeterWithingtonGrade II*Details
St AndrewWolferlowGrade II*Details
St GeorgeWoolhopeGrade II*Details
St MaryWormsleyGrade II*Details
St LeonardYarpoleGrade II*Details
St AndrewAdfortonGrade IIDetails
St LeonardBlakemereGrade IIDetails
St AndrewBredenburyGrade IIDetails
St MatthewBrelston GreenGrade IIDetails
St GilesBringewood ForgeGrade IIDetails
St PeterBullinghopeGrade IIDetails
St PeterBurcherGrade IIDetails
St GeorgeBurringtonGrade IIDetails
St MaryBytonGrade IIDetails
St MaryCallowGrade IIDetails
St MaryCollingtonGrade IIDetails
St MichaelCrozenGrade IIDetails
St AndrewDinedorGrade IIDetails
St MaryDonningtonGrade IIDetails
St MaryEdvin LoachGrade IIDetails
St MaryEltonGrade IIDetails
St MichaelEwyas HaroldGrade IIDetails
St SwithinGanarewGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistGrendon BishopGrade IIDetails
Holy TrinityHardwickeGrade IIDetails
St MartinHerefordGrade IIDetails
St Mary MagdaleneHuntingtonGrade IIDetails
St MAryKentchurchGrade IIDetails
St MichaelLingenGrade IIDetails
dedication unknownLittle CowarneGrade IIDetails
St Michael and All AngelsLittle MarcleGrade IIDetails
Christ ChurchLlangroveGrade IIDetails
St Beuno & St PeterLlanveynoeGrade IIDetails
St MichaelLower BreintonGrade IIDetails
Holy FamilyLower BroxwoodGrade IIDetails
MethodistMadleyGrade IIDetails
St MichaelMichaelchurchGrade IIDetails
St AndrewMoreton on LuggGrade IIDetails
St Mary and Thomas a BecketMuch BirchGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistNewtonGrade IIDetails
St JohnPencombeGrade IIDetails
All SaintsPerrystone HillGrade IIDetails
St PeterStaunton on ArrowGrade IIDetails
St Peter and St PaulStoke LacyGrade IIDetails
St John the EvangelistStorridgeGrade IIDetails
St MaryTretireGrade IIDetails
St Peter and St ThomasWormbridgeGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistYarkhillGrade IIDetails