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Churches of Essex

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83 : St Mary
49 : All Saints
28 : St Andrew
16 : St Nicholas
15 : St Peter
10 : St Peter and St Paul
9 : Holy Trinity
8 : St Michael
7 : St John the Baptist
7 : St Margaret
5 : St James
5 : St John the Evangelist
4 : dedication unknown
4 : St Giles
4 : St John
3 : St Katherine
3 : St Lawrence
3 : St Margaret of Antioch
3 : St Mary and All Saints
3 : St Mary Magdalene
3 : St Michael and All Angels
2 : Holy Cross
2 : St Augustine of Canterbury
2 : St Barnabas
2 : St Botolph
2 : St Catherine
2 : St Leonard
2 : St Stephen
1 : (dedication unknown)
1 : All Saints and St Faith
1 : Augustinian Priory
1 : Baptist Church
1 : Chapel
1 : Christ Church
1 : Holy Innocents
1 : St Anne & St Laurence
1 : St Banabas
1 : St Christopher
1 : St Edmund
1 : St Edmund and St Mary
1 : St Edmund King and Martyr
1 : St Edward, King and Martyr
1 : St Ethelbert and All Saints
1 : St Etheldreda
1 : St George
1 : St Germain
1 : St Germanus
1 : St Giles and All Saints
1 : St Gregory and St George
1 : St James the Great
1 : St James the Less
1 : St John and St Giles
1 : St Laurence
1 : St Laurence and All Saints
1 : St Lawrence and All Saints
1 : St Leonard at The Hythe
1 : St Luke
1 : St Margaret & St Catherine
1 : St Margaret and St Clement
1 : St Martin
1 : St Mary and St Christopher
1 : St Mary and St Edward
1 : St Mary and St Lawrence
1 : St Mary and St Margaret
1 : St Mary Magdalene and St Mary the Virgin
1 : St Paul
1 : St Peter and St Thomas
1 : St Peter-on-the-Wall
1 : St Thomas
1 : St Thomas of Canterbury
1 : St Thomas the Apostle
1 : The Abbey
St BanabasAlphamstoneGrade IDetails
All SaintsAshdonGrade IDetails
St Augustine of CanterburyAshenGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulBardfield SalingGrade IDetails
St Ethelbert and All SaintsBelchamp OttenGrade IDetails
St MaryBelchamp WalterGrade IDetails
st NicholasBerdenGrade IDetails
St MaryBockingGrade IDetails
St AndrewBorehamGrade IDetails
dedication unknownBorleyGrade IDetails
St PeterBoxtedGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityBradwellGrade IDetails
All SaintsBrightlingseaGrade IDetails
St AndrewBulmerGrade IDetails
St MaryBulphanGrade I 
St NicholasCastle HedinghamGrade IDetails
St BarnabasChappelGrade IDetails
St MaryChickneyGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityChrishallGrade IDetails
St AndrewChurch StreetGrade IDetails
St Margaret and St ClementClaveringGrade IDetails
The AbbeyCoggeshallGrade IDetails
St PeterCoggeshallGrade IDetails
St AndrewColne EngaineGrade IDetails
St Michael and All AngelsCopford HallGrade IDetails
St MaryCorringhamGrade I 
All SaintsCressingGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistDanburyGrade IDetails
St MaryDebdenGrade IDetails
St MaryDedhamGrade IDetails
All SaintsDoddinghurstGrade IDetails
St AndrewEarls ColneGrade IDetails
St Edmund King and MartyrEast MerseaGrade IDetails
St CatherineEast TilburyGrade IDetails
St MaryEasthorpeGrade IDetails
St Anne & St LaurenceElmsteadGrade IDetails
St MaryElsenhamGrade IDetails
St MaryFairsteadGrade IDetails
St GermanusFaulkbourneGrade IDetails
All SaintsFeeringGrade IDetails
Holy CrossFelstedGrade IDetails
St JohnFinchingfieldGrade IDetails
St AndrewFingringhoeGrade IDetails
St MichaelFobbingGrade IDetails
All SaintsFordhamGrade IDetails
St MaryFryerningGrade IDetails
St MaryGestingthorpeGrade IDetails
St PeterGoldhangerGrade IDetails
St KatherineGosfieldGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat BaddowGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat BentleyGrade IDetails
St GeorgeGreat BromleyGrade IDetails
St Mary MagdaleneGreat BursteadGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat CanfieldGrade IDetails
All SaintsGreat ChesterfordGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat DunmowGrade IDetails
St GilesGreat MaplesteadGrade IDetails
All SaintsGreat OakleyGrade IDetails
St MichaelGreat SampfordGrade IDetails
St BarnabasGreat TeyGrade IDetails
St Mary and St LawrenceGreat WalthamGrade IDetails
St MaryGreat WarleyGrade IDetails
St AndrewGreat YeldhamGrade IDetails
St AndrewGreenstedGrade IDetails
St BotolphHadstockGrade IDetails
St AndrewHalsteadGrade IDetails
St MichaelHarwichGrade IDetails
St MaryHenhamGrade IDetails
St MaryHigh EasterGrade IDetails
St MaryHigh OngarGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulHorndon on the HillGrade IDetails
St Edmund and St MaryIngatestoneGrade IDetails
All SaintsInworthGrade IDetails
St MaryKelvedonGrade IDetails
St NicholasLaindon with DuntonGrade IDetails
Holy InnocentsLamarshGrade IDetails
St MaryLawfordGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistLayer de la HayeGrade IDetails
St MaryLayer MarneyGrade IDetails
dedication unknownListonGrade IDetails
St MaryLittle BaddowGrade IDetails
St KatherineLittle BardfieldGrade IDetails
St MaryLittle BentleyGrade IDetails
St NicholasLittle BraxtedGrade IDetails
St MaryLittle DunmowGrade IDetails
St MaryLittle EastonGrade IDetails
St MaryLittle SampfordGrade IDetails
St James the LessLittle TeyGrade IDetails
All SaintsLittle TothamGrade IDetails
St PeterLittle WarleyGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityLittleburyGrade IDetails
All SaintsMaldonGrade IDetails
St MaryMaldonGrade IDetails
St MargaretMargaret RodingGrade IDetails
St AndrewMarks TeyGrade IDetails
All SaintsMiddletonGrade IDetails
St JohnMount BuresGrade IDetails
St GilesMountnessingGrade IDetails
St MaryMundonGrade IDetails
St Thomas the ApostleNavestockGrade IDetails
All SaintsNazeingGrade IDetails
St MaryNorth StiffordGrade IDetails
St Giles and All SaintsOrsettGrade IDetails
St John the BaptistPebmarshGrade IDetails
St MaryPeldonGrade IDetails
St Gregory and St GeorgePentlowGrade IDetails
St MaryPrittlewellGrade IDetails
All SaintsPurleighGrade IDetails
All SaintsRayneGrade IDetails
All SaintsRettendonGrade IDetails
All SaintsRicklingGrade IDetails
St Mary and All SaintsRivenhallGrade IDetails
St PeterRoydonGrade IDetails
St MaryRunwellGrade IDetails
St MarySaffron WaldenGrade IDetails
St AndrewShalfordGrade IDetails
St MarySheeringGrade IDetails
St Lawrence and All SaintsSouthend-on-SeaGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulSt OsythGrade IDetails
St Peter and St ThomasStambourneGrade IDetails
St Margaret of AntiochStanford-le-HopeGrade IDetails
St MaryStebbingGrade IDetails
St MarySteeple BumpsteadGrade IDetails
All SaintsStistedGrade IDetails
All SaintsStockGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulStondon MasseyGrade IDetails
St MaryStratford St MaryGrade IDetails
St MaryStrethallGrade IDetails
St MarySturmerGrade IDetails
Holy TrinityTakeleyGrade IDetails
St JohnThaxtedGrade IDetails
All SaintsTheydon GarnonGrade IDetails
St MichaelTheydon MountGrade IDetails
St MargaretTilbury Juxta ClareGrade IDetails
St MaryTiltyGrade IDetails
St NicholasTolleshunt D'ArcyGrade IDetails
St NicholasTolleshunt MajorGrade IDetails
St Margaret of AntiochToppesfieldGrade IDetails
Holy CrossWaltham AbbeyGrade IDetails
St MaryWendens AmboGrade IDetails
St MaryWest BergholtGrade IDetails
St Peter and St PaulWest MerseaGrade IDetails
St Mary Magdalene and St Mary the VirginWethersfieldGrade IDetails
St EtheldredaWhite NotleyGrade IDetails
All SaintsWimbishGrade IDetails
St NicholasWithamGrade IDetails
St MaryWoodham FerrersGrade IDetails
St AndrewWormingfordGrade IDetails
St AndrewAbbertonGrade II*Details
St Margaret & St CatherineAldhamGrade II*Details
St AndrewAlthorneGrade II*Details
St MaryArdleighGrade II*Details
St MaryArkesdenGrade II*Details
St AndrewAshingdonGrade II*Details
St MaryAythorpe RodingGrade II*Details
All SaintsBarlingGrade II*Details
St AndrewBarnstonGrade II*Details
St BotolphBeauchamp RodingGrade II*Details
St Augustine of CanterburyBirdbrookGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulBlack NotleyGrade II*Details
St GermainBobbingworthGrade II*Details
St MargaretBowers GiffordGrade II*Details
St Thomas of CanterburyBrentwoodGrade II*Details
All SaintsBrentwoodGrade II*Details
St MaryBrentwoodGrade II*Details
St MaryBroomfieldGrade II*Details
St MaryBroxtedGrade II*Details
St MaryBurnham-On-CrouchGrade II*Details
St MaryButtsburyGrade II*Details
St NicholasCanewdonGrade II*Details
St NicholasChignall SmealyGrade II*Details
St JamesChignall St JamesGrade II*Details
St MaryChigwellGrade II*Details
St Leonard at The HytheColchesterGrade II*Details
All SaintsEast HorndonGrade II*Details
St NicholasElmdonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistEppingGrade II*Details
All SaintsEpping UplandGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulFoxearthGrade II*Details
St MaryFrinton-On-SeaGrade II*Details
St NicholasFyfieldGrade II*Details
St AndrewGood EasterGrade II*Details
All SaintsGreat BraxtedGrade II*Details
St John and St GilesGreat EastonGrade II*Details
St GilesGreat HallingburyGrade II*Details
St MaryGreat HennyGrade II*Details
All SaintsGreat HollandGrade II*Details
St James the GreatGreat SalingGrade II*Details
St Mary and All SaintsGreat StambridgeGrade II*Details
St PeterGreat TothamGrade II*Details
St StephenGreat WigboroughGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityHalsteadGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityHalsteadGrade II*Details
St NicholasHarwichGrade II*Details
St AndrewHelions BumpsteadGrade II*Details
St AndrewHempsteadGrade II*Details
All SaintsHigh LaverGrade II*Details
All SaintsHigh RodingGrade II*Details
St Peter and St PaulHockleyGrade II*Details
St NicholasIngraveGrade II*Details
St MichaelKirby-le-SokenGrade II*Details
St GilesLangfordGrade II*Details
St John the EvangelistLangleyGrade II*Details
St MichaelLeaden RodingGrade II*Details
St MaryLindsellGrade II*Details
St MaryLittle BromleyGrade II*Details
St MaryLittle BursteadGrade II*Details
St MaryLittle ChesterfordGrade II*Details
St JamesLittle ClactonGrade II*Details
St MaryLittle HallingburyGrade II*Details
St JohnLittle LeighsGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistLittle MaplesteadGrade II*Details
St MaryLittle WakeringGrade II*Details
St NicholasLittle WigboroughGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneMagdalen LaverGrade II*Details
St MaryManudenGrade II*Details
St Margaret of AntiochMargarettingGrade II*Details
dedication unknownMashburyGrade II*Details
St MaryMatchingGrade II*Details
All SaintsMessingGrade II*Details
St MaryMoretonGrade II*Details
St John the BaptistMuckingGrade II*Details
All SaintsNorth BenfleetGrade II*Details
St AndrewNorth Weald BassettGrade II*Details
All SaintsNorton MandevilleGrade II*Details
St MaryOvingtonGrade II*Details
St PeterPagleshamGrade II*Details
St Mary and St ChristopherPanfieldGrade II*Details
St MaryPattiswickGrade II*Details
Holy TrinityPlesheyGrade II*Details
dedication unknownQuendonGrade II*Details
St MaryRadwinterGrade II*Details
St MaryRamsden BellhouseGrade II*Details
St AndrewRochfordGrade II*Details
St Michael and All AngelsRoxwellGrade II*Details
St MarySalcott-cum-VirleyGrade II*Details
St AndrewSandonGrade II*Details
St PeterSible HedinghamGrade II*Details
St PeterSouth HanningfieldGrade II*Details
St PeterSouth WealdGrade II*Details
St AndrewSouthend-on-SeaGrade II*Details
St LeonardSouthminsterGrade II*Details
St MargaretStanford RiversGrade II*Details
St MaryStansted MountfitchetGrade II*Details
St MaryStapleford TawneyGrade II*Details
St Mary and St MargaretStow MariesGrade II*Details
All SaintsSuttonGrade II*Details
St Edward, King and MartyrTendringGrade II*Details
All SaintsTerlingGrade II*Details
St MichaelThorpe-le-SokenGrade II*Details
St Mary MagdaleneThorringtonGrade II*Details
St PeterThundersleyGrade II*Details
St NicholasTillinghamGrade II*Details
St MaryTollesburyGrade II*Details
All SaintsTolleshunt KnightsGrade II*Details
St John the EvangelistTwinsteadGrade II*Details
St PeterUgleyGrade II*Details
All SaintsUltingGrade II*Details
St ThomasUpshireGrade II*Details
St AndrewWeeleyGrade II*Details
St Mary and St EdwardWest HanningfieldGrade II*Details
St JamesWest TilburyGrade II*Details
St AndrewWhite ColneGrade II*Details
St MartinWhite RodingGrade II*Details
St MargaretWicken BonhuntGrade II*Details
All SaintsWickham St PaulGrade II*Details
St MaryWiddingtonGrade II*Details
St ChristopherWillingaleGrade II*Details
St MichaelWoodham WalterGrade II*Details
All SaintsWrabnessGrade II*Details
All SaintsWrittleGrade II*Details
St EdmundAbbess RodingGrade IIDetails
St LawrenceAsheldhamGrade IIDetails
St LeonardBeaumontGrade IIDetails
St PaulBentleyGrade IIDetails
All SaintsBerners RodingGrade IIDetails
Augustinian PrioryBicknacreGrade IIDetails
St PeterBirchGrade IIDetails
ChapelBonhuntGrade IIDetails
St LawrenceBradfieldGrade IIDetails
St John the EvangelistBush EndGrade IIDetails
Baptist ChurchColchesterGrade IIDetails
All SaintsCreekseaGrade IIDetails
St JamesDengieGrade IIDetails
St MargaretDownhamGrade IIDetails
All SaintsEast HanningfieldGrade IIDetails
St MaryFarnhamGrade IIDetails
St John the EvangelistFord EndGrade IIDetails
All SaintsFoster StreetGrade IIDetails
St Michael and All AngelsGalleywoodGrade IIDetails
St Peter and St PaulGraysGrade IIDetails
All SaintsGreat HorkesleyGrade IIDetails
St JamesGreenstead GreenGrade IIDetails
St NicholasKelvedon HatchGrade IIDetails
All SaintsLittle CanfieldGrade IIDetails
St Peter and St PaulLittle HorkesleyGrade IIDetails
St John the BaptistLittle YeldhamGrade IIDetails
(dedication unknown)Lofts HallGrade IIDetails
St MaryMistleyGrade IIDetails
St PeterShelleyGrade IIDetails
St LawrenceSt LawrenceGrade IIDetails
St MaryStapleford AbbottsGrade II 
St Mary and All SaintsWestleigh HeightsGrade IIDetails
St PeterWickham BishopsGrade IIDetails
St MaryWidfordGrade IIDetails
St MaryWixGrade IIDetails
St MargaretWoodham MortimerGrade IIDetails