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Churches of Anglesey
St Beuno  
St Eleth  
St Peter  
St Mary & St Nicholas  
St Mary and St Nicholas  
St Edern  
St Mary  
St Twrog  
St David  
St David  
St Ceinwen  
St Gwenllwfo  
St Morhaiarn  
St Cybi  
St Allgo  
St Pabo  
St Patrick  
St Peter  
St Peulan  
St Deinol  
St Marcellus and St Marcellinus  
St Dyfnan  
St Tegfan  
St Trygarn  
St Tyfrydog  
St Edwen  
St Eilian  
St Mary  
St Eugrad  
St Maethlu  
St Mary  
St Mary  
(dedication unknown)  
(dedication unknown)  
St Cadwaladr  
St Caffo  
St Joseph  
St Ceinwen  
St Cawrdaf  
St Cristiolus  
St Cwyfan  
St Cwyllog  
St Nidan  
St Lestyn  
St Afran, St Ieuan and St Sannan  
St Cynfarwy  
St Anne  
St Seiriol  
St Gredifael  
St Michael  
St Ceidio  
St Mary  
St Caian  
St Rhwydrys  

Do you know of an old church not on this list then please add it
5 : St Mary
2 : (dedication unknown)
2 : St Ceinwen
2 : St David
2 : St Peter
1 : St Afran, St Ieuan and St Sannan
1 : St Allgo
1 : St Anne
1 : St Beuno
1 : St Cadwaladr
1 : St Caffo
1 : St Caian
1 : St Cawrdaf
1 : St Ceidio
1 : St Cristiolus
1 : St Cwyfan
1 : St Cwyllog
1 : St Cybi
1 : St Cynfarwy
1 : St Deinol
1 : St Dyfnan
1 : St Edern
1 : St Edwen
1 : St Eilian
1 : St Eleth
1 : St Eugrad
1 : St Gredifael
1 : St Gwenllwfo
1 : St Joseph
1 : St Lestyn
1 : St Maethlu
1 : St Marcellus and St Marcellinus
1 : St Mary & St Nicholas
1 : St Mary and St Nicholas
1 : St Michael
1 : St Morhaiarn
1 : St Nidan
1 : St Pabo
1 : St Patrick
1 : St Peulan
1 : St Rhwydrys
1 : St Seiriol
1 : St Tegfan
1 : St Trygarn
1 : St Twrog
1 : St Tyfrydog
Accessing Ordnance Survey Open Data, gave this site location data of over 22,000 places of worship. This was a good building block on which a lot of the data in this was is based. However, the huge task of processing this data e.g. adding name/dedication to the historic churches and rooting out and deleting the modern churches is still on going and we expect this will be for a couple of years to come. In the mean time we offer up this information in the hope that someone can provide names / dedications to the historic churches in this list. Information as to which are modern churches and therefore can be removed from this site is equally as important. Once all the data for a particular county has been sorted, then this page will be removed for that county.

We thank you for any help you can give us